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How to Control PowerPoint from Android?

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While giving a presentation during a meeting have you ever felt the need to control PowerPoint from Android device? PowerPoint is a strong tool that gives your presentation an attractive visual outlook that gains the attention of your audience. But if we will be able to control PowerPoint from the phone during a live presentation, it will make our life much easier. Just imagine that one day during a special meeting your fancy pointer is not working and the keyboard is inaccessible to you. In such situations, if your mobile phone can become a remote device to control your presentation then it will save your day. There are some easy to use ways that will help to control PowerPoint from a Smartphone.

Part 1. Microsoft’s Office Remote

If you want to control Powerpoint from Android device then Microsoft's Office Remote is the best app. It will make your phone a remote that will control your PowerPoint presentation. Bu using this app there is no fear of standing to one place as you can move freely during a presentation. You must have Microsoft Office (MO) 2013 to use this app as it is not compatible with earlier versions. It is also only compatible with Android version 4.0 or the latest.

Here is a list of features of this app that will tell what you can do from your android device to control PowerPoint.

1) You can start a PowerPoint presentation.

2) You can move to the next slides.

3) Control the laser pointer by the touch of your finger.

4) You can easily view the slide number and presentation timer.

5) You can see speaker notes too.

6) You can even move to word files and excel sheets too.

If you want to control PowerPoint from Android follow the given below simple steps.

a) Download the MO 2013 having Office Remote installed already.

b) Turn on Bluetooth on your computer and pair your phone with it.

c) On your Android device, install Office Remote for Android.

d) Then go to the PowerPoint presentation you want to control from android.

e) Click on “Office Remote” and turn it on.

f) Go to your desktop and open the presentation.

g) Run Office Remote from your Android phone.

h) Now you can present a presentation by controlling it from the phone.

Part 2. PPT Remote

PPT remote is another easy to use app that will help you to control PowerPoint from Android. It will convert your Android device to a remote. This app is compatible with Mac and Windows. Follow the simple instructions to enjoy the features of this app.

1) Download the app from PPT for your computer and Android phone.

2) Install and launch the app.

3) Select the IP of your Wi-Fi in the app interface on the computer.

4) Make sure that both devices are on the same network.

5) Open the app on the phone it will automatically detect your PC.

6) Your computer and phone are connected now.

7) You can control your presentation simply through your phone by using app arrows.

8) You can tap on arrows to move to the next or previous slide.

9) To move pointer you can use the touch of a finger on mobile.

Note: This app can also work for iOS.

Part 3. Remote for PowerPoint Keynote

Powerpoint Keynote remote is a free app that you can use to control PowerPoint from Android. It is compatible with iOS and Android. You can easily control your PowerPoint and Keynote on Mac and Windows. You can connect both devices through Bluetooth o Wi-Fi. Both devices should be on the same network. You can move to the next slides by using the volume button or swiping on the phone screen. To use this app follow these simple steps. 1) Download and install the app on the phone and computer.

2) Connect devices on the same Wi-Fi network.

3) Open the app on the phone and connect the IP address.

4) It will automatically connect to your respective computer.

5) You can now launch and control your presentation easily.


Here is a list of features of this app that will help you to control PowerPoint from Android.

1) You can completely control your slides and animations.

2) Images and notes can easily be displayed on your phone.

3) You can use mouse mode too.

4) Finger touch can be used as a pointer.

5) You can keep track of time-lapse.


6) You can switch between landscape and portrait mode.


7) During the presentation, you can do even audio recordings.

8) No configuration is required.


To control Powerpoint from Android device is not a laborious task. There are some apps like discussed above that can make your presentation a lot easier. You can control your presentation during a meeting or lecture by roaming in the room freely. There is no need to panic now if your keyboard fails to work on the spot. By using such handy apps you can turn your phone into a remote that will control your presentation completely.

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