4 Facts You Must Know about Discord for PC

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A Discord is a software that gives an individual the power to explore on his PC. Almost every person nowadays uses a PC for entertainment and socializing on many social platforms across the world. A social platform needs special specifications and system software to run smoothly on a PC. For this very purpose, we all need Discord for PCs. Discords serve many purposes for socializing through texts, voice, and even voice calls. Even the latest version of Discord allows you to make seamless video calling.

Millions of people across the world use social media and apps on their PCs. A computer alone cannot serve the unique needs and specifications that a social platform requires. Discord is a software that helps the PC to be eligible for a social platform. Most of us run Facebook, WhatsApp, or Instagram on our PCs. In this era of online social life, everyone is bound to these apps. So, using them on PCs is also essential. But running these apps on the PC can sometimes be a headache as they will not run conveniently on PC without a Discord. So, for a better experience of online social life on PC, a Discord for PC is mostly recommendable.

Here, we will discuss the facts and features of using Discord as a social platform on our computers. We will provide you the process of downloading, installing, and correctly using Discord for the computer. These facts will surely help you to run social media platforms on the PC. With these facts in your knowledge, you can be a pro at using a Discord for PC. So, here are the facts about Discord for computer,

Part 1. What is PC Discord?

Discord is a software designed by an American VoIP. It is designed for instant messaging and digital distribution. To create online social communities and groups, we need Discord for the computer. The users of Discord get the opportunity of connecting through text messages, voice calls, and video calls. A user receives separate chat rooms and persistent voice chat channels for privacy through Discord on PC. Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and web browsers can run Discord for PC. Discord is the innovation of Jason Citron, the founder of OpenFeint. In the beginning, Discord was only designed for texting or calling, but now Discord is also useful for integrated gamer-focused services. A persistent chat room is called servers in the Discord.

A user can create any server for free and can manage the privacy of these servers. The voice and video call channels allow the user to call each other privately. The privacy settings of these channels can be changed at any time the user wants. A Discord for PC will be safe and secure to use as it needs a genuine email address to open an account. The user can also put on a display picture of their choice. A screen sharing option another attractive feature of Discord. The live streaming of your screen can be shown to anyone you want. Nowadays, Discord has become the most popular platform for gamers to communicate across the world. A large community of pro gamers communicates through Discord. However, any online community can use Discord as the primary source for interacting. Over a quarter billion people use Discord to speak, according to the records estimated in 2019.

Part 2. Does Microsoft Store have Discord?

The best way for chatting online with friends through your PC has made its entry to the Microsoft Store. Thanks to a third-party developer for bringing Discord to the Microsoft store. A developer called MobileDiscord PTB has brought Discord to the Microsoft store. This developer made Discord a mobile-friendly software that can also be accessed for the PC. But, the controversy lies as MobileDiscord PTB is an unofficial port of Discord in the Microsoft store. Many people are cautious about using unofficial source software on their computers. Until now, not many complaints have aroused any discomfort for Discord from the Microsoft store. It works as smoothly as any other Discord downloaded from other genuine sources. MobileDiscord PTB is a port for Discord on the computer. This developer only ports the Discord software to the Microsoft store and does not natively build software parts. The general benefit of using the Microsoft store Discord is that it gives you a one-click download option and ease of installation. You can now download Discord for PC any time through the Microsoft store. This gives you the convenient option of uninstalling Discord at any time you want. Chatting seems easy as you can type using the keyboard or voice. Microsoft store Discord also gives update versions from time to time.

Part 3. How to install Discord on Windows

As a Discord user, you should know that installing the official app from the Microsoft store and using it is better in every aspect. If your PC is capable enough, go for downloading Discord for the computer. Downloading and installing the application from random third-party websites can harm your PC. Instead, go for official software from genuine websites. Always use Microsoft store to download Discord for windows. It will ensure the security of your Discord account and computer from external viruses and threats. If you want to install Discord for PC and install it, then read up,

Step 1 To download the official Discord application for PC, at first, you need to click on the “start” button. It will open the start menu bar of your computer.

discord for pc 1

Step 2 After the start menu has opened, move your cursor to the Microsoft store icon and click on that to open the Microsoft store.

discord for pc 2

Step 3 After entering the Microsoft store, move your cursor to the search bar. Click on the search bar and search for "Discord."

discord for pc 3

Step 4 Click on “get the app” to download and install the Discord app for free on your PC.

discord for pc 4

Step 5 After downloading the Discord app for windows, you will see an open button. Click on the button to get started with the application. After opening the app, type in your email address and password in the specific places and click on “Login” to open your Discord account.

discord for pc 5

Step 6 Suppose you don't have an account; click on the register button and fill up all the credentials needed to open the account. After completing, click on "Continue" to create a new account.

discord for pc 6

Step 7 After creating or logging in to the account, your discord account will look like this.

discord for pc 7

This way, you can easily download and install Discord for PC and create or log in to your account for a seamless experience.

Part 4. Is there any alternative to use Discord for PC without PC Discord?

There is an alternative way to use Discord on your PC other than downloading it. If you don’t have enough space or do not require the Discord app for long-term use, you don't need to download it. You can run the application on your mobile and present the screen on your PC. This will work exactly like the genuine version of Discord for the computer.

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All you need is to follow the steps mentioned here,

  • At first, download the application "MirrorGo" on your PC.
    connect android phone to pc 1
  • Launch the MirrorGo app on your computer.
  • Connect your phone with the computer.
    connect android phone to pc 3
  • After that, go to the Discord app on your phone and login into your account. The PC will present the screen of your mobile. This way, the mirroring will continue as long as you want.

There are two options for stopping the mirroring process. These are,

  • Disconnect your phone with the computer
  • Go to the MirrorGo app on your PC and close the application.


This article will be useful for all the gamers in the world. Discord has the equal potential of connecting any online community apart from gaming. Any community which needs constant connections are recommended to use Discord for PC. Discord can allow a secure and safe path to interact, it is preferred to billions of people worldwide. Here, we tried to provide information about Discord for the computer as much as we could. These facts will surely help a beginner with basic knowledge about this application. These must-know facts are useful for any community. Apart from these facts, there are numerous other facts about Discord. We tried our best for you to know about this app more deeply. We wish these facts empowered you t make the most of your Discord for PC.

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