How to Control Phone from PC?

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Over the last couple of days, technology has completely redefined our lives. There's probably n number of things for which we use technology in our day to day lives. For instance, used to control PC from phone, but the question arises if we can also control phone from PC or not? Though to control phone from pc is not as common, this article is to help a user understand how to control phones by PC. Moreover, we have also collated all the relevant information that will allow a user to know of all the apps that will make things easy for you.

So, read on.

Part 1: How can I control my phone from my PC?

One can easily control their phone through their PC by installing an app that supports this feature. There are various apps available in the market. Some of them cost a bit while some of them cost nothing. So, in case, you are looking for some great options to install in your PC to operate your phone then these are the options that you must consider to control phone from pc.

Part 2: AirDroid

AirDroid is one of the easiest ways to control your phone from PC. This is a great app that allows user to send messages, share clipboard as well as upload files through a control panel. This powerful app will also allow you to mirror your screen, keyboard, and even your mouse!

This app has many things for free. However, if a person wants to enjoy the benefits of premium services then the person has to pay the cost which is $2.99 per month. Also, this premium account will let you have 30 MB storage limit.

How can you control your phone from PC?

One can control their phone from PC via two options:

Option 1: Use AirDroid Desktop Client

1. The user can download and install this AirDroid app on their phone.

2. Post this, the user needs to "sign in" to their AirDroid account.

3. Then the user needs to install the Airdroid desktop client on their PC.

4. After this, the user needs to "sign in" to same AirDroid account.

5. The user can now open AirDroid desktop client, afterwards hit the “Binoculars” that is on the left panel.

6. Finally, the user can choose their device and opt for the option of "Remote Control" to get a connection established.


Option 2: Use AirDroid Web Client

1. The user needs to install the "Airdroid app" on their phone. Then "sign in" to their AirDroid account.

2. Now, log into the same account over your AirDroid Web Client.

3. Finally, hit on the option of “Control (Binocular)” icon to get a connection established.


Part 3: AirMirror

Get the quick setup by nine pin guide via Airmirror. This app allows you the option of a one-way Audio that provides you with screen monitoring as well as remote camera. A user will be able to control phone from pc easily through this device. One can also connect tehir android phone with other phone through this app. Also, it will allow the option of screen mirroring as one can check the device screen anytime.

One can easily use Airmirror by following the below mentioned steps:

1. "Download" the app AirMirror on your PC and AirDroid app on your phone that you wish to control.

2. Then you can "Sign in" to the same AirDroid account on both AirMirror and AirDroid app.


3. Now, tap on the device followed by “Control” and you can easily use the Airmirror app to control phone from pc.


Part 4: Vysor

There is an option of installing Vysor for those who want an effortless way of having their PC control their phones. This app is actually great. You can count on its speed as well as its performance. It is one of the fastest ways that will allow you to operate your phone via your PC. There are also some of the great add on options that a user can enjoy on this app which will allow the user to share a single android device with multiple users. It will allow you to control phone from pc.

This app allows the user to choose between the paid as well as the free option. Ofcourse, there are better options in the paid version. Wireless is only supported in the paid version while for a free version you need to connect your device to the PC using a USB cable. Also, this app gives a high quality mirroring.

Vysor can be easily installed by the following steps:

1. Connect your phone to PC using a USB cable and install Vysor on your PC.

2. Once done, an app will automatically be installed over your phone.

3. As soon as it is done, launch Vysor on your PC and hit on View button next to your device name.


4. Your device will now be mirrored to your PC and you can easily control your phone from PC.


Part 5: TeamViewer QuickSupport

TeamViewer QuickSupport is one great app that will help you control your phone from PC. This service does exactly what it promises, quick support. You can easily control your phone from PC with Teamviewer Quick Support. A user can also get the tech support quickly through this app which is its best feature. This app enables a person to get remote access, control etc.

With this app you can manage to establish incoming as well as outgoing connections between devices. It will provide you with remote access and support. Moreover, you can also hold meetings and chat with other people with this app.

Easily download Teamviewer Quicksupport. This is how you can do that.

1. "Download" Teamviewer Quicksupport app on your Phone and launch the app. Meanwhile, install TeamViewer.exe on your PC and launch it.


2. Then, key in the device ID of your phone into the TeamViewer over your PC. Now, hit on “Allow” button followed by “Start now”.


Part 6: How to choose these apps?

The user can choose these apps as per their requirements. All of these apps will offer you a support for controlling phone from your PC. Though, there are different features that one can avail from it. Some of them are free apps.


Thus, these are some of the best apps that will help someone access their phone from their PC. These apps will be an easy way to help you to control phone from pc effortlessly. We hope that it has been a great guide for you that will help you easily control phone from your PC.

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