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[Fixed]]How to Control Android with Broken Screen from PC?

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You might have come across a smartphone that would have a broken screen and would be regarded as useless. On the other hand, with smartphones ruling the technological world for quite a while now, you might have owned quite a number of different phones over time. In this period, there might have been a smartphone that would've had fallen from your hands and have its screen shattered. You would have regarded it as an unusable entity; however, many users fail to understand that the device can be consumed, whatsoever is the condition of the screen. This article looks forward to providing a detailed guide on how to control Android with a broken screen from PC.

Part 1. Can I use an Android phone with a broken screen?

If you have ever come across an Android phone that is completely broken and has no functional screen, you might have wondered the usability of such phones in entirety. However, if we consider the technological advancements the world has seen, you would not be surprised over the existence of different platforms that allow you to control Android with a broken screen. Considering a user who is in search of platforms that provide him the ability to control his Android's broken screen, he can opt for mirroring platforms. The mirroring platforms are quite common in the market, integrated with impressive qualities and features that allow you to manage your smartphone across a bigger screen. While mirroring software has other practical applications in mind, they can be explicitly used for mirroring a broken screen Android to PC. However, for Samsung users in specific, they can opt for a progressive platform that is particularly configured for such smartphones. This explains to us the fact that any user with a broken screen can have their Android phone controlled for different purposes, benefitting its existence for the users.

Part 2. Control Android with broken screen-Samsung SideSync(Samsung only)

If you are a Samsung user and have a smartphone that is highly damaged and has no operable screen, you do not have to beat around the bush and find the best platform that would suit your needs. As we identify the fact that the number of mirroring applications in the market is beyond comprehension, the search for the application to control Android smartphone with a broken screen is made simple and straightforward for Samsung users.

Samsung SideSync provides you with the ability to cast your Samsung smartphone onto a PC with ease. The use of this application integrates the simplistic operations of organizing and utilizing the applications of your need. You can control your phone with the help of a mouse and a keyboard. With these features, it really makes it easier for Samsung users to have their mobile mirrored onto a PC. However, for effectively managing your mobile through this application, it is significant to have your USB debugging enabled. With the stated options enabled, you need to follow the set of guidelines provided below.

Step 1: You need to search for the SideSync desktop application on the browser and have it installed on your PC.

Step 2: After installing the platform, connect your Android device with the PC through a USB cable.

Step 3: The PC will recognize the device in a while, and the SideSync will launch automatically.

Step 4: A pop-up window will appear with the option of ‘Phone Screen Sharing’ for casting the screen of our smartphone.

samsung side sync interface

Part 3. Mirror Broken Screen Android to PC

However, for users who have smartphones other than Android and have a broken screen that needs to be controlled with a mirroring application, this article considers one of the best options that could guide you on how to control your Android with a broken screen from PC.

MirrorGo is one efficient platform designed by Wondershare that provides a high-definition result to its users. You can now simply operate anything across the platform with ease and serenity. While providing the option to control your smartphone's applications through a mouse and a keyboard, MirrorGo allows you to record, capture, and share the screen of the smartphone of different platforms. Having this mirroring application specified for managing your Android smartphone, you can run through different errands without a functional screen of your smartphone. There are a series of different benefits that are to be considered while rampaging through the Internet in search of the most optimal mirroring application for your broken smartphone.

  • MirrorGo provides you the ability to back up the data off your phone and send different text messages through the available platforms.
  • You can take screenshots off the screen of your phone with the help of MirrorGo.
  • It is supported across all the major Windows OS.
  • A free platform with keen management of device essentials.

Before connecting your phone to a PC via USB connection through MirrorGo, it is important to have the option of USB debugging enabled on your smartphone.

Step 1: You need to download the MirrorGo Android Recorder application on your desktop and have it launched.

Step 2: Connect the smartphone to the PC with the help of a USB.

Step 3: The PC shall automatically detect the device and have the platform launched on the PC automatically.

Step 4: Your Android device is successfully mirrored on your PC and can be effectively used.

mirror phone to pc via usb


This article has provided a detailed guide on how to control your Android with a broken screen from PC. This has been successfully executed with the help of different mirroring applications that provide proficient features to mirror a broken screen onto a PC easily. You need to follow the guidelines to develop an understanding.

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