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MirrorGo for iOS is an advanced tool to control your iPhone from a computer and record your iPhone screen besides mirroring it. It's easy to use for those who're not tech-savvy.

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Only For Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

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Easy to control your iPhone with a mouse from the PC
Control your iPhone screen on the computer
• Control your iPhone screen using a mouse on the computer.
• Open and use mobile apps on the iPhone when you work on the computer.
• Collaborative working with phone and PC. Amazing!
Mirror phone screens to a PC
Mirror iPhone screens to a computer with Wi-Fi
• Mirror your iPhone screen to the computer with Wi-Fi.
• No cable is needed. It only requires your iPhone and computer with the same Wi-Fi network.
• It is an excellent way to cast a presentation from mobile onto a computer.
Record your iPhone on your PC
Record iOS screen on a computer without delay.
• Press 'Record' and record the iPhone screen directly.
• Maximize the phone screen on the computer for a larger view.
• Easy to record a lecture tutorial, presentation video, etc.
Take screenshots directly on a PC
Take screenshots on the PC and save to the clipboard or PC.
• Take screenshots of the phone in one-click.
• Save screenshots to the clipboard.
• CTRL+C & CTRL+V, screenshots to your computer directly!
• Choose to save screenshots to a specific folder on the PC.
Applicable situations
Collaborative work with phone and PC
Presentation on a large screen in work
Display mobile in the big-screen in the classroom
Home Entertainment
Want to mirror Android to PC? Try MirrorGo for Android
• Control Android on a PC
• Mirror Android screen to a massive screen
• Use game keyboard and map keys to the phone screenNew
• Transfer files with drag & drop
• Record phone screen and save to the PC
Find how to mirror Android to PC>>>

Loved by Over 50 Million Customers

​​Great app! I had tried several mirror apps, but only this one met my needs. I need to cast an iPhone screen to PC via Wi-Fi to do an app presentation. Moreover, its built-in screen recorder is useful. I can record my presentation. Wonderful app!​  Thank you for making it easier to use both my phone and computer at the same time. By Santo  2020.10

How to mirror the iPhone screen to PC?

iPhone can easily mirror screen to a computer after they are connected in the same network. But with MirrorGo, you can enjoy more. After mirroring the phone screen to the PC, easily control and access phone content from the computer with a mouse's aid. It is quite cool.

connect phone to pc

Step 1. Install MirrorGo software on the computer.

sign in wondershare inclowdz

Step 2. Connect your iPhone and computer with same Wi-Fi.

start transfer

Step 3. Start to mirror your phone screen to a PC.

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Wondershare MirrorGo (iOS)

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Tech Specs


1GHz (32 bit or 64 bit)


256 MB or more of RAM (1024MB Recommended)

Hard Disk Space

200 MB and above free space


For reverse control feature: iOS 14, iOS 13
For screen mirror feature: iOS 14, iOS 13, iOS 12/12.3, iOS 11, iOS 10.3, iOS 10, iOS 9 and former

Hard Disk Space
Windows: Win 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

MirrorGo (iOS) FAQs

MirrorGo is an excellent choice to control the iPhone from the PC. You can use the phone easily on the big-screen computer. Follow the steps below:
  • Step 1. Install and open MirrorGo on PC
  • Step 2. Connect your iPhone and PC in the same Wi-Fi
  • Step 3. Start to mirror or control the iPhone
  • You can use Wondershare MirrorGo to view iPhone photos on a PC. After you cast the iPhone screen to PC, you can view the iPhone data such as photos on the large-screen computer.
  • Solution 1. Swipe the Home screen to the right. Type in Settings in the Search option on the top of iPhone screen. You will go to Settings.
  • Solution 2. Using MirrorGo, you can mirror your iPhone screen to a computer and control it on the PC. Use the mouse to operate and go to Settings.
  • Yes, you can manage iPhone apps on the computer using MirrorGo. After installing the PC application, open it, and connect your iPhone and PC with the same Wi-Fi network. Then you can reverse control the iPhone apps on PC.

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