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How to Send Gif on WhatsApp for iPhone and Android Users?

James Davis

Sep 01, 2023 • Filed to: Manage Social Apps • Proven solutions

GIF or Graphics interchange format are animated emoticons that are used to express emotions or moods. They have become a necessity nowadays in all social media platforms, including WhatsApp, where there is a whole range of categories of GIFs for every emotion. Lately, WhatsApp has also created a whole new range of GIFs allowing its users to send GIFs on WhatsApp via iPhone. This article is going to clear all your doubts about GIF like how to send gifs on WhatsApp basis various phone formats, and give you ideas to create new ones. Let's take a look at how?

Part 1: How to send a gif on WhatsApp on iPhone?

1. Send existing gifs

Existing GIFs are saved in your phone's memory or camera memory as they have been a part of your inbox messages and have been included in that message. This allows a collection of GIFs collected over a period of time, allowing you access to a vast GIF collection for every kind of emotion. For sending this, you need to launch WhatsApp and choose the chat you want to send GIF to. Hit the “+” > “Photo & Video Library” > “GIF”. You can now choose the one you want to send.

send a gif on whatsapp on iphone 1

2. Send Giphy GIFs

To send Giphy Gif's, open your WhatsApp app, and click on the sticker's icon. The 'stickers icon' is present on the right-hand side of the Chat entry box. Once you click on that, a small window opens and click on the GIF option at the bottom. This will allow a whole list of pre-existing GIF's to open up. You can, therefore, select as per your choice. For selecting a particular GIF, click on the magnifying glass icon and type the keyword for a more specific search.

send a gif on whatsapp on iphone 2

3. Send gifs from the web

There are a lot of GIFs that are found over the web that you might like intently and want to add to your GIF library. Web-based GIF is found on the usual Giphy site or on the internet. To add a new web-based GIF to your collection, open the website, and long-press on the icon until the copy option appears. Once that is done, open your WhatsApp and long press on the type text bar till the paste option appears. Once you do that, the selected GIF will appear, which you can send it to the desired person.

send a gif on whatsapp on iphone 3

4. Convert a video to gif

A video Gif can be used only if that is less than 6 seconds in length, or else, it won't get converted into a GIF. You cannot change this criterion. But, if you want to convert a video to GIF, open your WhatsApp web and go to any chat. Select the '+' icon at the bottom of the screen. This will display the videos and gallery option, click on that, and once your video options open, select the video that you want to send. Once you select the video and click on send, an option with a highlighted camera and the GIF appears on the timeline.

send a gif on whatsapp on iphone 4

If you don't have a 6 seconds video and wish to create a video as a 6 second Gif, all you have to do is extend and stretch the timeline to fit the 6-second bar, which can then be clipped using the crop tool along with some other options like adding emojis, and texts, etc. once all is done, click on the send option and there you have you all new created GIF which will help play around in a loop.

5. Send live photos as gifs

Sending live photos has been an option for the iPhone 6 or 6s Plus onwards. This feature garnered a lot of attention as it allows you to be creative and funny with it. To send live photos as GIFs, open your WhatsApp app, and click on the ‘+’ icon of the text field. Click on the option of “Photos & Video Library” and click on the folder of ‘live photos.’ Once you do that, press longer on a photo till it pops out. Then slide the screen towards the top, allowing a menu with the Gif option to appear. Click on that and press send.

send a gif on whatsapp on iphone 5

Part 2: How to send gifs on WhatsApp on Android?

The technology used in Androids allows easy sharing of gif's over WhatsApp than other comparable technologies. If you are not getting editing options on your WhatsApp, then maybe the version needs to be updated from the play store. Let's take a look at the various ways how you can send GIF over WhatsApp.

1. Send existing GIFs:

To send existing GIFs in the form of photos from Android is less complicated than the iPhone. Open your WhatsApp app and click on the chat with whom you intend to send the GIF. Once you open the chat, click on the attachment tab, which is an icon in the form of a paper pin. Once you click on that, the various option will be displayed. Click on the 'Gallery' tab and select the Gif folder. This folder has all the pre-existing GIFs. Select the one you want and hit send.

send a gif on whatsapp on android 1

2. Send Giphy gifs

To send GIFs from the Giphy, click on the text bar to whom the GIF is intended. Click on the emoticon's icon, and at the bottom of the screen, select the “GIF” option, and all the pre-existing GIFs from the Giphy collection will appear. Select the one that you want and hit click. If you are not in the mood to search, type the keyword on the type bar, and on those particular GIFs basis, the word will appear. Click on send.

send a gif on whatsapp on android 2

Part 3: How to add gif on WhatsApp and share

Well, we also have some other ways to send gif on WhatsApp. There are two popular apps that we are going to use here and will show you how you can send gif on WhatsApp of your choice through these. Please have a look at the apps.


This app is available for iOS and Android both. One of the well-known apps, it offers a simple way to get the job done. Here is how.

  • Install and open the app. Allow permissions and choose the “GIF” tab from the main screen.
    send a gif on whatsapp on android 3
  • There are various options ranging from “Edit” to “Merge” that you can choose.
    send a gif on whatsapp on android 4
  • While you choose one, you will be directed to the Gallery of your device. Here, choose the option (like video or gif) and proceed as per your requirements. Once done, tap the Share icon and choose “WhatsApp” from the options.
    send a gif on whatsapp on android 5
  • Choose the contact and send it.
    send a gif on whatsapp on android 6


Here is the other app that can help you get your desire fulfilled. The steps are as follows:

  • Simply launch the app after installing it. You will see the interface like this.
    send a gif on whatsapp on android 7
  • Now, you can either scroll and browse for what you want or you can type the keyword to get better results. You get the options from “GIF”, “Stickers” and “Text”.
    send a gif on whatsapp on android 8
  • After typing the keyword, tap the magnifying glass icon and you will notice a good variety of results related to the searched GIF.
  • Choose the one you like and tap on “Save GIF”.
    send a gif on whatsapp on android 9
  • It will save in your Gallery and you can now share it on WhatsApp by simply using the attachment icon on the WhatsApp chat.
    send a gif on whatsapp on android 10

Part 4: The best solution to backup WhatsApp media on PC: Dr.Fone - WhatsApp Transfer

Wondershare has created Dr.Fone - WhatsApp Transfer, a tool to make the lives of Android and iOS users easier. Usually, this comes in handy when you want to transfer data from your old phone to a new phone, no matter between iOS and Android. The tool can be used to transfer data, back up data, and can also be used to back up and read WhatsApp messages over the phone. Not just WhatsApp, you can get your WeChat, Viber, and Line chat history saved as well. Let's take an insight into how you can back up your WhatsApp Media through this tool.

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Step 1: Open the Program

Start with downloading and installing the tool on your PC. Launch it now and select “WhatsApp Transfer” from the main screen.

drfone home

Step 2: Choose the Option

A panel on the left will appear where the option of “WhatsApp” will be displayed. Go to the “WhatsApp” column and click on the option of ‘Backup WhatsApp Messages.'

backup iphone whatsapp by Dr.Fone on pc

Step 3: Connect Device

Now, you can connect your phone to the PC through a USB cable or if you are connecting iPhone, simply use the lightning cable for connection.

Step 4: Backup WhatsApp

When you see that the device is detected by the program, the backup will begin automatically.

ios whatsapp backup 03

Step 5: View Backup

Wait until the backup is getting finished. You will see a message “Backup successfully” when the process is over. You can click on the “View” button to see the backup if it’s an iPhone backup.

read ios whatsapp backup

This Dr.Fone - WhatsApp Transfer is a trustworthy tool that can help transfer and create a backup that is compatible with all phone formats, therefore, making it a very popular tool. Moreover, you can restore the data anytime.

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