How Do I Share the Whatsapp Location

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WhatsApp is networking application built to perform on multiple mobile operating systems. Users of the application gain the chance to communicate with others using the same app over the internet. The application allows the users to share current location with the contacts existing in the phone book. In addition to it, one can even share other locations such as restaurants or parks. The handy feature allows people to eliminate confusion when there is a need to meet at a particular place such as a coffee shop, bar, or a pizza joint.

WhatsApp Location Sharing on iPhone

Step 1 Downloading the application

Find the WhatsApp application from the Apple store and download. Follow the onscreen instructions to install the app on the phone. The application uses the phone number and name to register and begin communicating with the available contacts present in the phonebook. Users have the opportunity to upload a display picture and status. They can change the picture and status from time to time by visiting the profile section under the settings menu.

Downloading whatsapp

Step 2 Synchronizing contacts

After installation completes, the application asks for verification. It sends a code to the entered phone number to verify. After successful verification, it is time to synchronize the contacts. Refreshing the favorites list will help in synchronizing the available contacts in the iPhone. The contacts displayed within the WhatsApp application are those who already have downloaded the app and using. If any new contact downloads the app, they will appear automatically in the WhatsApp contact list. It is important to turn on the contacts synchronization under the privacy settings to allow addition of the contacts to the app.

Synchronizing whatsapp contacts

Step 3 Selecting contact to send a message

Open WhatsApp application and select the preferred contact to send a message. The app also allows creating a group to send a single message to multiple contacts at a time. Create the group by opening the Chats screen and selecting the New Group option. Define a name to the group. Add contacts to the group by tapping on the + button. End the creation of the group by selecting the create button.

Selecting whatsapp contact to send a message

Step 4 Selecting the arrow icon

Tap the arrow icon appearing at the left side of the text bar. It is essential to select this button only after opening a conversation with a contact or a group, where sharing the location is the need.

Step 5 Choosing 'Share My Location'

After hitting the arrow icon, a pop up list appears. The Share Location option appears in the second line of the pop-up list. Tap it to activate the underlying options.

Step 6 Sharing the location

After selecting the Share Location option, WhatsApp directs to another screen consisting of three options – Share for one hour, Share until the end of the day, and Share indefinitely. The GPS picks the exact location or a list appears with common attractions near the place. Users can select from the list and WhatsApp inserts the same into the conversation. Alternatively, they can select any other location by searching from the map and inserting it to the conversation window.

Sharing whatsapp location

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Whatsapp Location Sharing on Android phones

Step 1 Downloading the application from Play Store

Download the app from the Play Store and follow the onscreen instructions to set up the app. WhatsApp registers the application by seeking phone number and the name of the user. Key in the details to activate the app. Users can upload a picture and status to the profile.

Downloading android whatsapp application

Step 2 Synchronizing the contacts

After installation of the application, open the Contacts tab that appears on the screen. Go to the Menu button and refresh. The process synchronizes the available contacts in the phonebook to the WhatsApp application. The application displays the contacts that are already using WhatsApp. When a new contact downloads the application, WhatsApp displays the contact automatically in the contacts list.

Synchronizing the contacts

Step 3 Opening the chat window

WhatsApp allows users to create group to send a single message to multiple users. Selecting the group or an individual contact opens the chat window in the application. Selecting the user will open a new conversation window or an existing window. Users can create a group by selecting the Menu button and choosing the New Group option. The option allows the user to add multiple contacts and provide a name to the group. Selecting '+' button completes the creation of the group.

Step 4 Selecting the attachment icon

Within the conversation window, users will locate the attachment icon (paperclip icon) on the top right side of the window. Multiple choices appear when a user taps the icon. In order to send location details, it is necessary to choose the Location option that appears in the list.

Selecting the attachment icon

Step 5 Sending the location

After tapping the Location option, WhatsApp provides the chance to send the exact location to the chosen group or individual contact. In addition, the application also provides nearby and saved places. Users also have the option to select a particular place from the available list and send to the contacts. Selection of the location will insert it automatically in the conversation.

The simple steps explained will provide an easy method for new users to learn about sharing their location using WhatsApp.

Sending the location

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Friendly reminders for Sharing WhatsApp Location

Sharing location on WhatsApp is the easiest way to attend a meeting, conference, wedding, or party. However, it is important to share the current location with people who are family members and those who are trustworthy. There is a need to understand the circumstances before sharing the location to ensure privacy and protection. A careful approach and thoughtful act will prevent unwanted hurdles that comprise security of the user.

The simple steps explained will provide an easy method for new users to learn about sharing their location using WhatsApp.

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