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Top 12 WhatsApp Alternative Apps

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Messaging apps have become one of the talks of the towns nowadays. People from young to old ages depend on their messaging apps greatly because these apps help them connect with the whole world, especially with their near and dear ones. Messaging apps like WhatsApp is a widely popular name though, in this article, we are going to talk about 12 WhatsApp alternatives. You will find that each of the WhatsApp alternative apps has great features.

Now we will enter into the world of great messaging apps like WhatsApp, which are being elaborately discussed. We are giving the numerical numbers as to make a sequence though the numbers do not mean the ascending apps are better than the rest.

1. Viber

This app is a competent WhatsApp alternative. Viber can probably be considered as the most similar alternative to WhatsApp that uses the mobile number for identifying the users. Viber service is widely available across Android, Blackberry, iOS, Symbian, Windows Phone, Bada, and more. Viber was primarily developed for the iPhone. The immense popularity of the Viber, with more than 200 million users across the globe, has turned it to a messaging powerhouse today. Starting your messaging and calls is very easy with Viber. Registering with a simple code, you can connect with the address book of your phone – instant connection with all contacts that are connected with the Viber already. Viber allows you instant messaging, calls, sharing of files easily. More interestingly, you can enjoy group messaging service with the Viber with up to 100 contacts with the use of colorful emojis. Viber has no bothering ads, and it's completely FREE.

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WhatsApp alternative viber


Another great WhatsApp alternative is LINE is a tremendously popular service to its more than 300 million users across the world. LINE is available in most of the countries – over 232 countries and its users base are expanding every day. It is available on many platforms in the way of making it accessible, conveniently to anyone having a smartphone. LINE was developed by the Naver Corporation, Japan. It registers users based on the mobile contact number, which is similar to other apps like WhatsApp or Viber. Having registered, you can connect all LINE users of your phone contacts. With LINE, you can exchange messages, graphic messages, audio, and videos. In addition, you also call by the LINE app to other LINE users only with an internet connection with your phone. Exceptionally, LINE gives you the advantage of the use of it by installing it in PC and macOS if you are registered with an email account with LINE. LINE is FREE and compatible with iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and ASHA.

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WhatsApp alternatives line

3. Skype

Skype is a perfectly reliable app that allows quality calls among Skype contacts around the world. The applications of Skype have been merged with Hotmail or MSN and facilitates you to connect with your contacts by email. Besides giving a wonderful call experience, Skype allows text messaging as well. Skype is different in registering users. It doesn't use your mobile contact number. It is connected through a user name and email with password protection. As a reliable and stable service app, Skype is a better replacement among WhatsApp alternatives.

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WhatsApp alternative skype

4. Hangouts

Google brings Hangouts, and it has become the newest appeal in the messaging world. It's a cross-platform service for messaging that ties all Google accounts across the world. Google Hangouts is compatible with Android and iOS, and through Google+ or Gmail, it works on the Web. For the users, it is the answer to all of the messaging, although not widely used as WhatApp or Viber yet.

Hangouts allow the exchange of text messages, photos, videos, making phone calls (the U.S. and Canada), group chat, and sending emojis and stickers.

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WhatsApp alternative hangouts

5. WeChat

WeChat is an app like WhatsApp, which is a widely used and very popular messaging app. When Facebook acquired WhatApps, it is WeChat, which has been much talked about the alternative. According to a report, the WeChat platform has its more than 600 million users across the globe. The number of users is more than even WhatsApp's 450 million user base. User registration with WeChat is easy and similar to that of WhatsApp or Viber using a phone contact number through a verification code. With WeChat, you can connect to your email and Facebook account, allowing people to find you easily. In addition to messaging, image sharing and video chat are available with WeChat.

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WhatsApp alternative wechat

6. ChatON

ChatON messaging app developed by Samsung. It's a basic level messaging app with no features for calling. The app is expanding its way into the market. Sign in is possible with the Samsung account or by entering your user name. After verification of the phone number, the app will check all your contacts to locate who is on ChatON. You can start with fellow ChatON users.

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WhatsApp alternative chaton

7. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is another great app that can be taken as an alternative to WhatsApp. The Facebook Messenger can be used with both Android and IOS. You can chat interactively with this app. Group chat is also allowed with it. But Facebook Messenger has its one drawback; it can not be used with someone who is not on Facebook.

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WhatsApp alternatives facebook messenger

8. Tango

Tango is a free messaging app with much fun, allowing you to connect your friends in an easy manner and also facilitating to make new friends. Tango offers you instant messaging, free voice calls, and video calls with friends. Registration is like LINE or Viber with a mobile contact number verification. It has over 150 million users and can be an alternative to WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp alternative tango

9. Kik Messenger

Kik Messenger is a free messaging platform with basic features. This a simple app and good to send messages to individuals or groups. Registration with the Kik Messenger requires a unique name and email. The app is supported by a large number of mobile systems.

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WhatsApp alternative kik

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10. KakaoTalk Messenger

KakaoTalk Messenger is another good app like WhatsApp allows text messaging for individuals and groups, exchanging pictures, audio files, and calls as well with an internet connection. Users can register by verifying 4-digit code using their phone contact number as like as WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp alternative kakaotalk

11. LiveProfile

LiveProfile is a simple messaging app with no calling facility from it. It registers with an email account. Every user is provided with a PIN number against a phone contact number. The app facilitates you to share the PIN without providing your phone number. So, it is more secure. Group messaging is allowed with LveProfile.

GooglePlay Store link:

WhatsApp alternative liveprofile

12. Telegram

Telegram is a promising app in the world of the messaging service. It's a cloud-based service allowing service from both device and web. This free messaging app offers some unique features, such as Secret Chats, allowing chat reading only by the desired recipient. The app needs very light data for sending messages, so it can run on the weak internet as well.

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Apple Store:

WhatsApp alternative telegram

There are many apps like WhatsApp out there on different stores, but the mentioned messaging apps are a choice of good picks that you can use seamlessly. So choose the perfect WhatsApp alternatives to harness all your way.

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