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How to Hack WhatsApp Account to Confirm Your Children's Safety

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Most children these days spend their time glued to their mobile screens, eagerly waiting for someone’s reply or perhaps, maybe something else. Though children understand the usage of the internet and apps like WhatsApp and Facebook, they do not tend to understand the security thread these apps possess, and, about how careful one should be when conversing with someone we don’t know or maybe sharing some sensitive information with them.

That’s where your role as a parent begins. As a guardian, it’s normal for you to worry about your child’s security and safety regarding social networks. You may worry what would happen if they sometimes, take a step to far and probably land in trouble.

You can avoid such things from happening by keeping track of your children’s WhatsApp conversations. It will keep you updated about his/her communication with other people and will help with keeping them under your protective guidance.

I know your kids won’t probably let you have a look at their personal messages on WhatsApp. To provide an alternative method, you can do this by using some third party apps and websites which allow you to hack into your child’s phone without them letting know. They allow us to secretly spy on some other person’s phone without them knowing.

Part 1: How to Hack Whatsapp Account Online?

Whatsapp Hacking as of now has become a child’s play. Anyone is now capable of hacking Whatsapp and that too, without ever getting caught. This is an online method to hack into your children’s WhatsApp that means it does not require any kind of software download into your PC or mobile. The host mobile phone may be working on any kind of OS; it doesn’t matter, as it works on every platform.

However, this method will require you to have a running internet connection. Follow the steps given below to be able to successfully hack a Whatsapp account.

1. Begin the process by going to and initiate a Whatsapp hacking account.

hack whatsapp account

2. Enter the mobile number you wish to hack along with the country code for example +91 for India.

hack whatsapp account

3. Select the type of files you wish to hack and the browsing history period. It will also ask you the format in which you wish to save the file once it has been hacked and obtained completely. Choose as per your choice.

hack whatsapp account

4. Click on continue and it will begin the hacking process which will take around 2-3 minutes.

Part 2. How to hack WhatsApp using PC?

You need both a PC and a mobile for this. This method is concerned with the hacking of a mobile number’s WhatsApp messages using a computer. It involves installation of software to the computer which will do the hacking. The software we are talking about here is MaxxSpy which has to be installed on the target phone and then can be tracked using PC. It’s very easy and will save you all the hassle.

Maxxspy is a hidden tracking device; it won't show up on the mobile phone in which it is installed and hence, your kids would never come to know that they are being monitored. It can be done in the following steps -

1. Before installing or downloading the software, you need to configure your device. The device must allow installation of third-party or non-market apps. To configure that go to Settings > Security > Check Unknown sources.

hack whatsapp account

2. Secondly, you need to turn off “Scan Device for Security Threats” from the Google Settings in your device.

hack whatsapp account

hack whatsapp account

3. Maxx spy software can be found on Download and install the software. Your phone should have a working internet connection for this.

4. To register your device, you need to call to Maxxspy UI and to do that you need to dial #777* from your mobile phone.

hack whatsapp account

5. You now need to register a new account on MaxxSpy.

hack whatsapp account

6. In the several options given, you have to check mark only on WhatsApp and remove the others in order to hack into the WhatsApp of the target mobile phone.

hack whatsapp account

7. From your computer, Log in to the MaxxSpy account to keep track of the target cell phone. You can go to that by going on By clicking on the ‘Whatsapp messages’ tab on the right side of the screen, you’ll see all the WhatsApp messages which are being sent and received on the mobile phone.

hack whatsapp account

That's all that you need to do to know what your child is up to.

This way, you can track your child’s Whatsapp effectively and efficiently without them ever knowing. Now you don’t need to worry about their security since you can always keep an eye as to what they are up to without them being irritated by the constant watch. The ways mentioned above are really easy to use without any hassle.

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