Instagram Has Stopped? 9 Fixes to Make Instagram Work Properly

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Instagram has taken the digital world by storm. With its whopping number of users’ base, it is one of the favourite application everyone loves to use. Though we do use it almost daily, there are certainly days where the application fails to respond. And you try enormous number of times only to realize it is not working! Such a heartbreaking that moment can be. Before, you get into the epiphany of despair, we’re here to rescue! You’ve come to the right place as this article is fabricated to give provide a scope of solutions essential in resolving your Instagram which keeps crashing or fails to respond. We will be taking up 9 fixes that are tried and tested ways of fixing the problem. Unveil them now.

Part 1: Reasons why Instagram crashing problem happens

If one witness the message of “Unfortunately Instagram has stopped”, there are several reasons to why it’s not working. We’ve compiled the reasons right below-

  1. The Application is outdated- Your Instagram might have not been updated to the latest version which is why it has been crashing off and on.
  2. Internet is not working properly- The instability of the internet is causing a tremendous issue in the smoother working of the application. A speedy of net connection
  3.  Some bug coming up- The unexpected scope of bugs can also stress the application to not respond properly.

Part 2: Symptoms for “Unfortunately Instagram has stopped” or Instagram crashing problem

We only get to know the problem by determining the nature of how it responds. In the case of Instagram, there is no exception. You might have noticed some unusual signs of Instagram not working the way it did. Below can be the possible symptoms that a user might face:

  • Opening Instagram and it doesn’t open showing “Instagram has stopped” working.
  • When you launch the application and refresh it. But, to your dismay, it certainly does not work properly.
  • You are trying to like a post and that seems not to work and the like doesn’t get reflected over the post.
  • While posting multiple pictures, the issue of not uploading to Instagram occurs.  

Part 3: 8 solutions to fix “Unfortunately, Instagram has stopped”

This section has provided 7 common fixes to the Instagram stopping issues. If all of them fail, try the ultimate solution to bring your Instagram back to normal.

3.1 Update Instagram

The world of Instagram is constantly changed in this era. With latest updates, newer enhancements, filters and features are upgraded from time to time. If you fail to miss out on updating Instagram on time, it is bound to not respond or have an unduly crashing problem. Here is the guide to update Instagram over your phone.

    1. Visit Google Play store on your app drawer or home screen.
    2. Open the interface, and tap on three horizontal lines to open Settings.
    3. From there, visit “My apps & games”, surf for Instagram and tap on its corresponding “Update” button. 
update to fix instagram not responding

3.2 Reinstall Instagram app

If even after updating the Instagram brings you no good to stop Instagram from crashing, then try your hand in reinstalling the application. You can do so by uninstalling the older version of the application and then installing it on your device. Just follow down the steps mentioned below-

    1. Start with going to “Settings” and opening “Apps” or “App & Permissions”.
    2. Browse for “Instagram” and tap on it. From, there hit the “Uninstall” option.
reinstall to fix instagram not responding
  1. The application will be uninstalled from your device. Now, re-download it from Google Play Store to check if it’s in the working condition or not.

3.3 Update Google Play Services

For smoother functioning of all applications, including your favourite games and social handles can rightly be done from Google Play Services. The possibility of your phone running the older version of Google Play Services can be high. Hence, it is important for you to duly update the Google Play services timely. Below steps should be done in the said order.

Note: There is no such provision of accessing Google Play Services directly as there are some security reasons linked to it. Users would have to update all the applications altogether.

    1. Visit Google Play store and go to its “Settings”.
    2. Click on “Auto-update apps” and opt for “Over Wi-Fi only”.
update google services to fix instagram not responding

In the interim, connect the device to a strong Wi-Fi connection and wait for a push notification to auto-update all the apps including play services. Then, check if Instagram is crashing or not. 

3.4 Clear Instagram app data

Your daily consumption of Instagram application can daunt the working of the application. It is important to timely clear out the data. As it just piles up over your storage space and results in the application crashing issue. Here is how you can effectively clear the Instagram app data.

    1. As always, go to “Settings” and search for “Apps” or the “Apps & Preferences” menu right away.
    2. Over there, search for “Instagram” application.
    3. Open it and ensure to tap on “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache” respectively.
clear app data to fix instagram crashing

3.5 Disable the option “Speed up your GPU” in Developers option

The “Speed up your GPU” is one of the features of the Android Developer Options useful in accelerating the speed of the system. If you use these sort of functions, users can derive debugging information including layout bounds, updates over GPU etc. If you disable such option and then using Instagram can become easier.  

Disclaimer: If you’re running on a manufacturer’s android version then locating Android phone number may become tedious.

However, for Stock Android version, the provision for Android Developer Options is very much available.  Use the steps mentioned below. 

    1. Just, visit “Settings”, locate-select “About Phone” and tap on “Build Number”.
    2. Now, click on the build number for 7 times. In the initial taps, you may notice the countdown steps and then a message of “You are now a developer!” will appear.
speed up gpu to fix instagram crashing
    1. Again, go to “Settings” where the “Developer options” will appear in the menu.
    2. Visit “Developer Options” and scroll down to “Hardware Accelerated Rendering” section.
    3. At last, slide off the “Force GPU rendering” option from there.
instagram crashing - gpu rendering

3.6 Reset app preferences

The default app preferences might be causing your Instagram to stop. It can even disrupt the normal functioning of any other application.  Simply reset the app preferences on your Android phone by using the following method.  

    1. Load “Settings” and go to the “Apps” option.
    2. Simply, click on the “three dots/More” option appearing at the upper right corner or the bottom of your screen.
    3. From there, click on “Reset App Preferences”.
instagram stopping - reset app preferences

3.7 Check for conflicting apps

By trying the above-tested methods are not proving fruitful? Then, it can be some applications that are indirectly trying to freeze your phone, the applications are corrupted or resulting in system crashes. To get rid of these apps, you need to perform a manual check over your device. Determine, which app is misbehaving or crashing irregularly. Uninstall them right away and then try to use Instagram again.

3.8 One click to repair Android system (if all the above fail)

If all the above methods fail to derive you any satisfaction, then you needn’t upset yourself as Dr.Fone - System Repair (Android) is here to help you out. Crafted with the cutting-edge specs, it helps repair your Android system with its 1-click technology. Whether a user is facing app crashing issue, black screen of death or system behaving abnormally, this software can repair any kind of issue with an ace. Let’s cover some major advantages of this tool.

Dr.Fone da Wondershare

Dr.Fone - System Repair (Android)

Fix Instagram stopping or not responding on Android in one click

  • Capable of repairing stubborn Android issues such as Instagram or any other app crashing, black screen of death, phone stuck in boot loop etc.
  • With the highest success rate in fixing Android OS issues, the tool is certainly the best in the market.
  • It is designed to support almost all the Android devices such as Samsung, LG etc.
  • The process to fix almost all Android OS issues is as easy as 1-2-3 thing. Even novice users can make use of it efficiently.
  • Duly gives 24 hours customer assistance to users for resolving queries or problems.
Available on: Windows
3981454 people have downloaded it

Here is the complete guide which will help users in understanding how Dr.Fone - System Repair (Android) can vanish unfortunately Instagram has stopped completely.

Step 1: Load the software on the system

To begin with, download Dr.Fone - System Repair (Android) on your system and install it over. Make use of a USB cable for connecting device with the phone respectively. Open the program and on the main interface, click on “System Repair” mode.  

instagram stopping - fix with a tool

Step 2: Get into the Android Repair mode

Over the following screen, opt for the “Android Repair” option appearing at the left panel. Then, hit the “Start” button right away.

instagram stopping - android repair mode

Step 3: Key-in the essential information

Dr.Fone - System Repair (Android) will ask you to fill in the user’s personal information for successfully progressing the program. You must fill in details like “brand”, “name”, “country/region”, “models” etc.  

instagram stopping - enter details

Step 4: Load the Firmware package

Proceed with the on-screen prompts for booting your Android phone to its respective download mode. Then, proceed with downloading the suitable firmware package and then tap on “Next”.

instagram stopping - download new firmware

Step 5: Repair Instagram on your phone

Once the package downloads successfully, the program will automatically repair all kinds of issues circulating over your device. And within a blink of an eye, Instagram’s issue will be resolved fully.

instagram stopping - instagram issues fixed

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