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[Pro Tips for Business] Change Business Location on Instagram


Mar 12, 2024 • Filed to: Manage Social Apps • Proven solutions

According to Statista, Instagram is home to over 1 billion monthly users. This social photo-sharing app has over 157 million users in the US alone. Considering these numbers, Instagram is one of the best digital markets to share your product ideas. However, sometimes you may need to change your business location on Instagram to help potential customers quickly know your business location. The juicy news is that learning how to change business locations on Instagram is relatively straightforward. This article walks you through the steps.

Part 1. Reasons to change business location on Instagram

Does your business have a brick-and-mortar location? Well, go ahead and add it as a digital real estate location on your Instagram business account. Here are some reasons to change your business location on Instagram:

1. Ease of Access

Integrating your company’s current location on Instagram can help your potential clients quickly locate your physical offices. Like who wouldn’t want to pay a visit?

2. Reliable and Official Contact Information

Your clients don’t need to struggle to get your contact information. Also, clients are more inclined to buy from a company with physical locations.

3. SEO Promotion

Did you know that your Instagram location can determine how your brand ranks on Instagram, Facebook, Google, etc.? You can change your business location on Instagram to something more SEO-friendly, as you’ll see later.

Part 2. How to change your business location on Instagram (iOS/Android)

Now that you have enough reasons to change your business address on Instagram. Let’s learn how to change it quickly and easily on iPhone or Android. Typically, Instagram requests users to allow location tracking while creating a business account. Now, this makes it impossible to change the real-time location of your business unless you go for those overpriced VPN services.

Fortunately, you can easily change your business address on Instagram using Dr.Fone - Virtual Location. With this highly efficient program, you can spoof your Instagram location to any part of the world with a single click. Just install Dr.Fone on Mac or Windows PC, connect your phone, enter the location address, and enjoy. As expected, Dr.Fone also works with business apps like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Pinterest, etc.

Dr. Fone - Virtual Location's key features:

  • Change business location on Instagram to any place in the world.
  • Runs smoothly on most Android and iOS versions.
  • Teleport to a new Instagram business location via multiple routes/modes.
  • Compatible with Pokemon Go, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

You can check out this video for further instruction.

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Below is how to change your business location on Instagram with Wondershare Dr.Fone:

Step 1. Open Dr.Fone Virtual Location tool.

download virtual location and get started

Install and run Dr.Fone on Mac/Win and connect your phone to a PC using a USB wire. Then, tap the Virtual Location tab on Dr.Fone’s home page before clicking Get Started.

Step 2. Enable USB debugging on your phone.

connect phone with virtual location

To connect your smartphone to Dr.Fone, you’ll have to enable USB debugging by following the on-screen instructions on the software. For example, Android users can click Settings > Additional Settings > Developer options. Then, enable USB debugging before setting Dr.Fone as the mock location app.

Step 3. Set the new Instagram location.

search a location on virtual location and go

After successfully connecting the device to the software, the virtual map will launch. Simply enter the address or GPS coordinates and tap Move Here to change location on Instagram and other apps. And there is that!

move here on virtual location

Part 3. How to link your Facebook business page location to Instagram

The chances are that you already have a business page on Facebook. As such, you might want to connect your new Facebook business location to Instagram. Luckily, these Meta-owned social apps allow you to do that natively and seamlessly. Follow me:

Step 1. Launch your Facebook app and then create a post by clicking the “What’s on your mind?” field.

Step 2. Click the Check-In icon and then choose your new location.

Step 3. You’ll see a drop-down arrow with an Instagram icon at the top of the screen. Click it and then enable the toggle.

how to change business location on instagram via facebook

Step 4. Now enter the new updates you want to share and then tap Post. The new location will automatically be shared with your Instagram audience. See, it’s easy!

Note: Although this method is automatic and straightforward, your Facebook and Instagram apps will still access your actual GPS coordinates. So, stick to Dr.Fone for more accurate Instagram business locations.

Part 4. Top 5 trendy location tags for Instagram in 2022

As said earlier, some locations can quickly increase website traffic and conversions on Instagram. So, which are these locations?

1. #London with 156,255,196 posts

how to change business location on instagram to london

London, England’s capital city, is the most popular city on Instagram. Currently, the city has almost 150 million mentions in hashtags. London is home to iconic attractions like Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, and London Eye.

2. #New York with 119,596,370

how to change business location on instagram to newyork

New York City is arguably the most popular city in the United States. And according to the latest data, the city is home to some 20+ million residents, making it one of the most habited cities globally. Currently, New York tags appear in over 138 million Instagram posts.

3. #Paris with 135,715,651

how to change business location on instagram to paris

Paris is France’s capital city and the global ‘center’ of art and fashion. This city has numerous historical buildings, making it one of the most mentioned cities on Instagram. As of now, there are more than 134 million Paris hashtags on Instagram.

4. #Dubai with 118,880,479

how to change business location on instagram to dubai

Dubai is a famous city in the United Arabs Emirates. This city is renowned for its lively night scene, ultra-modern architecture, and luxurious shopping centers. It’s, therefore, logical that Dubai has over 117 million mentions on Instagram.

5. #California with 98,012,0888

how to change business location on instagram to california

Lastly, you can consider adding California as your business location on Instagram. It’s a state in the USA famous for Hollywood, surfing, and its 900-mile beaches that stretch across the Mexican border. California has over 97 million hashtags on Instagram currently.

Wrap it Up!

There you go. Now you know how to change your business address on Instagram. Note that using the popular locations listed above can add traffic and more likes to your Instagram account. And remember, Wondershare Dr.Fone is the best app to spoof your location on Instagram and other social apps. Give it a try!


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