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Top Twitter GIF Downloader In 2024

James Davis

Mar 08, 2024 • Filed to: Virtual Location Solutions • Proven solutions

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In the social media era, GIFs have become an essential way to react, share humor, and express ourselves online. Twitter is full of funny, inspiring, and interesting video content just waiting to be turned into the perfect GIF. But Twitter doesn't have a built-in GIF maker, which is why having a quality Twitter GIF downloader is so important in 2024.

Whether you're on desktop or mobile, you need a fast and easy way to download GIFs from tweets to share with friends or use as reactions. Our guide will showcase the top Twitter GIF downloader tools, apps, and web services available right now. Learn how to easily copy, convert, and save Twitter videos, clips, and GIFs in seconds. Read on to find the best Twitter GIF downloader for quickly capturing and saving shareable GIF content in 2024.

Part I: Can You Convert Twitter Video to GIFs?

Do you ever come across a funny or interesting video on Twitter that you wish you could share as a short looping GIF? Well, with the right tools you can easily convert Twitter videos into awesome shareable GIFs!

twitter gif logos

GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format) have become hugely popular online in recent years. These short, looping, soundless video clips are perfect for expressing reactions or sharing funny moments on social media. Twitter videos are capped at 2 minutes and 20 seconds, making them a great source for potential GIF gold.

The problem is that Twitter doesn't have a built-in GIF maker like other platforms such as Facebook or Instagram Stories. So how can you convert a Twitter video into an animated GIF to share with friends or use as a reaction? Luckily there are some simple solutions out there both online and on your smartphone.

Online Twitter Video to GIF Converters

One of the easiest ways to turn a Twitter video into a GIF is using a free online converter tool. There are a bunch of these web-based platforms that allow you to simply paste the Image name to the Twitter video and they'll take care of the rest.

For example, sites like EzGif, GIFMaker.me, and Convertio.co have straightforward interfaces where you just copy and paste the Twitter video URL into the input box. Some allow you to customize the start/end points and size of the output GIF before hitting the convert button. Then you can preview it, download the completed GIF, and share away!

twitter gif logos

The benefit of using these online tools is how quick and convenient they are. You don't need to download any software and can access them from any desktop or mobile browser. The drawback is having less control over the GIF creation process compared to some apps. But for basic conversions they work great.

Part II: Top 6 Twitter GIF Downloader In 2024

1. Ezgif

Ezgif homescreen

Ezgif is one of the most popular online GIF utilities that also lets you download GIFs directly from Twitter. It has a very simple interface - just paste the tweet URL into the GIF resizer tool and Ezgif extracts the GIF. You can then download it with one click as either an animated GIF or MP4 video.

Ezgif is great because it's completely free and you don't need to install any software. It has basic editing features allowing you to crop, resize, reverse or flip GIFs before downloading. However, the functionality is limited compared to dedicated editing apps. You also have to use separate tools on Ezgif for different tasks like converting videos to GIFs. But for quick Twitter GIF downloads, Ezgif is easy and convenient.

Pros&Cons of Ezgif


  • Completely free
  • Simple interface
  • Edit GIFs without installing anything


  • Limited to basic editing
  • Have to use separate tools for different functions

2. TwitterVideoDownloader

Twitter Video Downloader homescreen

As the name suggests, TwitterVideoDownloader is purpose-built to save videos and GIFs from Twitter. It works seamlessly on desktop and mobile - just copy and paste the tweet URL and TwitterVideoDownloader extracts and downloads the GIF to your device. An advantage is that it saves Twitter GIFs directly from the source Twitter CDN, avoiding quality loss.

TwitterVideoDownloader is straightforward to use and completely free. Since it's dedicated solely to downloading Twitter videos and GIFs, the interface is more basic. There aren't any editing capabilities. But if you just need to quickly grab GIFs from Twitter, TwitterVideoDownloader is one of the simplest options.

Pros&Cons of TwitterVideoDownloader


  • Free
  • Saves GIFs directly from Twitter's CDN
  • Works on all devices


  • Basic interface
  • Limited to just downloading

3. Twdownload

TWDownloader homescreen

Like TwitterVideoDownloader, Twdownload is a dedicated site for downloading Twitter media. Paste a Tweet URL into the box and Twdownload identifies and downloads any GIFs or videos from the Image name. It's free and easy to use, with fast straightforward downloads.

However, Twdownload lacks any editing or creation tools. The barebones interface only allows downloading Twitter GIFs, not customizing or optimizing them. So it's useful for quickly saving Twitter GIFs to your device, but doesn't provide the advanced features of some other tools.

Pros&Cons of Twdownload


  • Easy to use
  • Free
  • Fast downloads


  • No editing tools
  • Basic interface

4. SaveTweetVid

Save TweetVid homescreen

SaveTweetVid sets itself apart by allowing you to download Twitter videos in multiple formats, including GIF, MP4, and MP3. Just paste the Tweet URL and you can choose to convert and save the video as a GIF, standard video, or just the audio track. This flexibility makes it great for grabbing Twitter videos in the format you need.

Like other Twitter downloaders, SaveTweetVid is free and easy to use. A limitation is having to copy and paste each Tweet URL one by one rather than batch downloading. It also lacks built-in editing tools. But the ability to get Twitter videos as GIFs, MP4s or MP3s in a few clicks makes it a versatile downloader.

Pros&Cons of SaveTweetVid


  • Convert Twitter videos to multiple formats
  • Free
  • Works on all devices


  • No editing features
  • Have to copy/paste each URL individually

5. Download Twitter Videos

Download Twitter Videoa Playstore

This Android app provides a fast way to save Twitter GIFs right on your phone or tablet. Once installed, you can download any GIF from Twitter into your device's gallery to share or view later offline. The app also allows picking different resolution options before downloading.

Benefits include easy access to your downloaded GIFs in one place and built-in sharing features to popular apps. Limitations are that it's only available on Android, and lacks advanced editing or customization abilities beyond selecting the download size. But it excels at quick on-the-go Twitter GIF grabbing.

Pros&Cons of Download Twitter Videos


  • Easy access to downloads in one place
  • Resolution options
  • Built-in sharing


  • Android only
  • No editing tools

Part III: Bonus – How to Change Twitter Location Use Dr.Fone

Social media has made it easier than ever to connect with friends, family, and new people from all over the world. Platforms like Twitter allow you to broadcast updates, share interests, and interact through tweets, retweets, and more. But your physical location can affect who you connect with and what content you see in your feed. That's where Dr.Fone Virtual Location tool comes in handy.

dr.fone virtual location to change to twitter location

Dr.Fone Virtual Location lets you spoof your GPS location on your iPhone or Android device. This opens up options like appearing in a different city to make new connections on Twitter, or hiding your real location for privacy. It only takes a few minutes to set up and start exploring the possibilities. Here's an overview of how Dr.Fone's Virtual Location works and some creative ways to use it for improving your Twitter experience.

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Dr.Fone - Virtual Location

1-Click Location Changer for both iOS and Android

  • Teleport from one location to another across the world from the comfort of your home.
  • With just a few selections on your computer, you can make members of your circle believe you’re anywhere you want.
  • Stimulate and imitate movement and set the speed and stops you take along the way.
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android systems.
  • Work with location-based apps, like Pokemon Go, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, etc.
Available on: Windows Mac
3981454 people have downloaded it

Step 1: Download and install Dr.Fone on your computer

Go to the Dr.Fone website and download the software for either Windows or Mac. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

download and install dr.fone

Step 2: Connect your iPhone or Android to your computer via USB

Use the USB cable that came with your phone to connect it to your computer. This allows Dr.Fone to communicate with your device.

connect to dr.fone

Step 3: Enable USB debugging on Android or Trust This Computer on iPhone

For Android, you need to enable USB debugging in the Developer Options menu. On an iPhone, trust the connected computer when prompted. This authorizes the connection.

Step 4: Launch Dr.Fone and open the Virtual Location tool

In Dr.Fone, click on the "Toolbox" tab and select the Virtual Location tool. This will open the virtual map.

Step 5: Search for a new location

Use the search bar to find a city or address you want to appear in. You can also move the map pin around manually.

view device connectivity

Step 6: Select Twitter as an app to spoof location

In the Virtual Location settings, check the box next to Twitter so your virtual location will be sent to Twitter.

Step 7: Disconnect your device when finished

Your virtual location will be active until you disconnect your phone. To revert back to your real location, simply disconnect or turn off Virtual Location.

Step 8: Change locations anytime!

Now you can easily connect, search for new places, and update your Twitter profile location in just a few clicks. Get creative with where you virtually "travel" to!


Finding the best Twitter GIF downloaderis key for easily saving and sharing viral tweet moments in 2024. With the right downloader tools, you can quickly turn interesting Twitter videos into shareable GIFs. Whether you need a simple online converter, a robust mobile app, or handy browser extension, this guide covers top options to meet any need.

Platforms like Ezgif, TwitterVideoDownloader and Twdownload make downloading GIFs from Twitter straightforward. Specialized apps provide advanced editing options for customizing creations. Browser extensions integrate seamlessly into your Twitter workflow. Now you can swiftly copy, convert and download any Twitter GIF you come across in 2024. Remember to exercise good judgment and respect content owners when resharing clips as GIFs. With the convenience of these Twitter gif downloaders, you'll always be prepared to save and share the next big viral moment.

At the same time, you could also try Dr.Fone - Virtual Location, it allows you to easily convert your Twitter location with just one click! This can help you expand your social circle and enhance your personal privacy.

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