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3 Fixed Ways to Backup Stickers on WhatsApp


Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: Manage Social Apps • Proven solutions

Currently, WhatsApp is versatile as people with different intentions use the app to exchange information and transfer media conveniently. More importantly, the progressive implementation of WhatsApp features helps to complement communication between individuals and group contacts.

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Among the impressive feature that WhatsApp has implemented include the array of stickers. Just like emojis, stickers tend to improve expressions during conversations. WhatsApp stickers come in handy and added fun since you can customize your own that may involve your photo with friends. There are some events when you need to back up your WhatsApp data to a pc or another phone. You will not want to lose your perfect collection of stickers. But the question is? How do you backup WhatsApp stickers? Read on to learn the various WhatsApp sticker backup methods.

Method 1: Backup WhatsApp stickers to PC

If you wish to back up your WhatsApp stickers to a PC, you will definitely require a reliable and convenient solution. WhatsApp does not offer a feature for transferring WhatsApp stickers directly to a computer. In that case, you need reliable third-party software for the backup task. A couple of WhatsApp transfer apps are available, but not all options will deliver to your expectations. When talking of a reliable WhatsApp transfer tool, Dr. Fone - WhatsApp Transfer is a recommended option. The software is affordable and is determined to provide WhatsApp transfer, backup, and restore to another device very quickly.

Dr. Fone's toolkit is not only helpful in transferring WhatsApp stickers to your computer. The software ensures your privacy is protected through fraud protection and data encryption. Check out the following key features of Dr. Fone - WhatsApp Transfer.

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1. Dr.Fone has a quick transfer rate to quickly move the entire phone content, including photos, music, videos, and other files, from one phone to another. The software supports multiple operating systems and is capable of cross-platform transfer.

2. The WhatsApp transfer tool helps to move WhatsApp data from one device to another. Other social apps that work under this WhatsApp transfer module include Kik, Line, Viber, and WeChat.

3. The software allows you to backup data from various social apps or the entire phone data from iOS/Android to Mac/PC.

4. The restore module helps quickly retrieve the backup file, including the iTunes and Dr.Fone backups to iPhone or Android devices.

Note that when you backup stickers on WhatsApp, you have to download them to the sticker section.

The following is a quick guide to backup stickers on WhatsApp to PC using the Dr.Fone - WhatsApp Transfer feature:

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Step 1: Download Dr.Fone software on your computer. Launch the application and open the ‘WhatsApp Transfer’ module.

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Step 2: On the next window, go to the WhatsApp tab located on the left panel. Click the ‘backup WhatsApp messages’ tab from the program interface, and then connect your phone using a working USB cable.

Step 3: Wait for Dr. Fone to detect the connected device, and it will automatically initiate the scanning process. When the scanning process comes to an end, your WhatsApp data, including stickers, videos, photos, and other attachments, will be backed by Dr.Fone.

Step 4: If you want to preview the WhatsApp backup you created, click the view icon against the desires backup file from the listed options. The WhatsApp content will come up on the following screen. Go ahead to click the ‘next button.

Step 5: On the left panel, find the checkboxes for ‘WhatsApp’ and ‘WhatsApp attachments’, which you can use to preview the chat list and attachments. Go ahead to click on the ‘Recover to Computer’ button, and you are done.

Method 2: Backup WhatsApp Stickers on Your Phone

You could choose to back up your WhatsApp sticker right from your phone using simple steps. You already know that WhatsApp does not have a backup server to save your backup files. Therefore, it goes for third-party backup solutions, including Google Drive for Android and iCloud for iPhones. The following guide will help you to backup WhatsApp stickers in Google Drive and iCloud.

Steps to backup stickers on WhatsApp to Google Drive

    • Open the WhatsApp application on your android phone and click on the three-doted icon on the top to access settings.

access setting

  • Go to chats and tap on chat backup. Chose backup to Google Drive and select the account for which you want to save the WhatsApp backup. Choose the frequency at which the device will back up WhatsApp to the Google account; such options include daily, weekly, monthly, or a custom period that you wish.

choose google drive

  • Select backup to move your WhatsApp data to Google Drive automatically. The WhatsApp backup file will include all your stickers along with other media.

Steps to backup stickers on WhatsApp to iCloud

Besides the Google Drive for Android, WhatsApp uses iCloud for iPhone to store WhatsApp stickers and other content. You can restore the backup file later in case you lose your iPhone or switch to another device. To back up the WhatsApp data on your phone, you need to turn on the iCloud drive using these simple steps.

backup stickers

  • Open the setting app on the iPhone.
  • Tap on your Apple ID banner on the top.
  • Tap iCloud and navigate to find WhatsApp. Switch on the button against the WhatsApp tab to turn on iCloud access.

icloud access

Once you have turned on the iCloud Drive for WhatsApp backups, it is time to back up your WhatsApp data using the following steps.

  • Launch the WhatsApp application from the home screen
  • Tap on settings from the bottom right corner
  • Tap on the chat option
  • Tap on chat backup and go to ‘back up now to upload your WhatsApp data to the iCloud drive. You can also choose to automate the backup process by tapping on the ‘auto backup’ option.
  • Choose your preferred backup frequency from the options listed which include, daily, weekly and monthly. If you wish to incorporate videos on your backup, tap on the switch against the “include videos” option.

Method 3: How about restoring your favorite WhatsApp stickers to another phone

If you got a brand new phone, you would want to restore your WhatsApp. More importantly, you will not want to miss your favorite stickers. In this case, Dr.Fone – WhatsApp Transfer will assist you in moving WhatsApp stickers along with other content that you wish to move to another phone. The program supports WhatsApp transfer from android to android, iPhone to iPhone, and android to iPhone, and vice versa. Similarly, the software runs on Windows and Mac systems. Experts recommend the Dr.Fone WhatsApp transfer because it a reliable WhatsApp management tool that transfers WhatsApp data directly to another phone without losing your content.

The following are steps to restore WhatsApp stickers and other WhatsApp data to another phone using Dr.Fone - WhatsApp Transfer software.

  • Install and launch the Dr.Fone tool on your computer. Connect both phones to the system using working USB cables. The Dr.Fone program's home screen chooses the ‘WhatsApp Transfer’ option to initiate the process.
  • On the left blue column, select the WhatsApp tab and choose >> Transfer WhatsApp Messages.’ The program will recognize the connected devices as the source and target. If the devices are not positioned correctly, you can use the flip button to rearrange them. When you are done, click on the "Transfer" option to proceed.
  • The application might take a while to transfer the WhatsApp content from the old phone to the new one. You will view the transfer progress on the screen as the process completes.
  • Your WhatsApp data will be transferred to the new phone safely. Keep in mind that if you already had WhatsApp on the target device, the process will clear it and replace it with those on the source device.


Since WhatsApp introduced stickers, communications on its platform have improved a great deal. These stickers depict a variety of emotions that make conversations seem lively. They function just like emojis, but you can customize stickers to your liking. While enjoying your favorite stickers, you may need to backup them to iCloud or Google Drive. In this case, you can learn from the methods explained earlier in this article to avoid losing them. The approach you opt for depends on whether you use Android or iPhone.

Nevertheless, you can worry no more if you need to transfer your stickers to another phone or backup to a PC. Dr. Fone's toolkit comes with all the solutions with just one click. The software is determined to providing WhatsApp transfer, backup, and restore functions. The features that come with Dr.Fone make it easier to manage WhatsApp data, unlike other alternative third-party tools. If you want convenience and security to data when transferring to another phone or PC, Dr.Fone - WhatsApp transfer will get things done for you within a short while. Besides WhatsApp, you can also use Dr.Fone WhatsApp Transfer to manage content on other social apps like Kik, Line, Viber, and WeChat from one phone to another.

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