A Complete Guide on Resetting and Accessing your Gmail Password

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Gmail, which is used by over a billion users, certainly needs to introduction. Since Gmail has become safer than ever, it has become a bit complicated to reset our account or retrieve our Gmail password. A while back, I wanted to change my Gmail password as well and realized that the process can be a bit complicated. That's why to help you get back your saved Gmail passwords, I have come up with this detailed guide that anyone can implement.

recover gmail password

Part 1: How to Check your Saved Gmail Password on a Web Browser?

These days, most of the web browsers out there (like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and more) come with an inbuilt password manager. Therefore, if you are using these features or the Gmail password manager, then you can easily access or sync your passwords.

For instance, let's first take the example of Google Chrome that can readily store all kinds of passwords in one place. These are some basic steps that you can take to access your Gmail password on Chrome.

Step 1: Visit the Settings of Google Chrome

At first, you can just launch Google Chrome on your system. Now, go to the top-right corner, click on the three-dot/hamburger icon, and choose to visit its Settings.

google chrome settings

Step 2: Go to the Saved Passwords on Chrome

As you would access the settings of Google Chrome, you can visit the "Autofill" feature from the side. From all the listed options on Chrome, you can just select the Passwords tab.

chrome autofill settings

Step 3: Check the Saved Gmail Password on Chrome

This will display a list of all the passwords that are saved on Chrome. You can manually look for Gmail or enter its keyword on the search bar on the browser's interface.

chrome saved passwords

Once you find the entry for Gmail, just select it, and click on the eye button. After correctly entering the passcode of your computer, Chrome will let you check the password of the saved Gmail account.

chrome security check

By following a similar approach, you can also check your Gmail password on any other browser like Firefox, Opera, Safari, and so on.


  • You should know the password of your computer to bypass its security check.
  • The password of your Google account must already be saved on Chrome.

Part 2: How to Recover Lost Gmail Password from an iPhone?

Furthermore, if you have an iOS device, then you can simply take the assistance of Dr.Fone - Password Manager to restore your Gmail password. The desktop application is super-easy to use and will let you extract all kinds of saved or inaccessible passwords that are saved on your iOS device.

Not only your saved Gmail passwords, but it can also help you recover your WiFi login details, Apple ID information, and so much more. Since the extracted information won't be stored or forwarded by Dr.Fone, you can use it without any security concerns. To access your Gmail saved passwords from your iOS device, the following steps can be taken:

Step 1: Launch Dr.Fone - Password Manager and Connect your iPhone

Simply launch the home page of the Dr.Fone toolkit, and from its welcome screen, launch the Password Manager application.

forgot wifi password

Now, you can just connect your iPhone to your computer using a working cable and wait as it would be detected by Dr.Fone.

forgot wifi password 1

Step 2: Start the Gmail Password Recovery Process

As your iOS device would be connected, you can get to know about its details on the interface of Dr.Fone and can click on the "Start Scan" button.

forgot wifi password 2

Afterward, you just have to wait for a while as Dr.Fone would extract all the saved passwords (including your Gmail account details) from your device.

forgot wifi password 3

Step 3: Check and Save your Gmail Account's Password

After completing the password recovery process, the application will let you know and would display all the vital details on the sidebar. Here, you can go to the "Website and App" section and look for your Gmail account. Now, just click on the eye (preview) icon for the Gmail account to view its saved password.

forgot wifi password 4

If you want, you can also export all the extracted passwords from your iPhone via Dr.Fone - Password Manager. To do that, just click on the "Export" button from the bottom and save your passwords in the form of a CSV file.

forgot wifi password 5

Part 3: Resetting the Password of your Gmail Account from its App/Website

A lot of times, Gmail users are not able to extract their account details from their browser and would like to reset it instead. In this case, you can take the assistance of the inbuilt Gmail password manager application to reset your account details. To do this, you need to have access to either the phone number that is linked to your Gmail account or its recovery email. Here are some simple steps that you can also follow to reset the details of your Gmail account.

Step 1: Initiate the Gmail Password Recovery Process

You can start by launching the Gmail app on your smartphone or visiting its website on any browser. Now, instead of entering your email ID on the Gmail sign-up page, click on the "Forgot password" feature from the bottom.

gmail forgot password

Step 2: Select a Gmail Password Recovery Method

To proceed, Gmail will give you two options to reset your Gmail password. You can either enter the recovery email account that is linked to your Gmail ID or its corresponding phone number.

gmail password recovery options

At first, you can enter the recovery email ID, but if you don't have it, then you can click on the "Try Another" method to enter your phone number instead.

Step 3: Reset the Password of your Gmail Account

As you would enter a recovery method (your phone number or your email ID), a one-time generated code would be sent by Google to you. You just have to enter this unique verification code on the Google password manager wizard to reset your account.

enter gmail recovery code

That's it! After passing the authentication process, you can just enter and renter the new password for your Google account.

change gmail password

This will automatically change your Gmail password with the new one, letting you access your account easily.


  • You must have access to the email ID or the phone number that is linked to your Gmail account.

Part 4: How to Change your Gmail Password when you can Access your Account?

By following the above-listed guide, you can reset your Gmail password when you don't remember your old one. However, if you know your saved Gmail passwords or can access them, then there is no need to take such drastic measures. In this case, you can just change your account details by visiting the Gmail password manager settings.

Step 1: Go to your Account's Security Settings

If you aren't logged into your Gmail account already, then you can just sign in to your account on any browser. Now, just click on your avatar from the top to visit your account settings.

manage google account

Once the overall settings of your Gmail account are opened, you can just visit the "Security" feature from the sidebar. Now, browse and click on the "Passwords" section from the side.

google account password settings

Step 2: Change the Password of your Gmail Account

Lastly, you can just scroll a bit and go to the option to change your Gmail password. Here, you need to enter your old password at first to authenticate your account. Afterward, you can just enter your new Gmail password and confirm your choice.

reset gmail password

In the end, you can just click on the "Change Password" button that would overwrite the old password of your Gmail account with the new one.

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Bonus Tip: Beware of Online Gmail Password Finder Tools

When I wanted to reset my Gmail password, I discovered that there are plenty of fake online portals that claim to hack a Gmail account. Please note that most of these online Gmail password finder tools are not genuine and are simply gimmicks. They would simply ask for the details of your Gmail account and will require you to download apps or complete surveys. Therefore, instead of using any online Gmail password finder, consider following the above-listed suggestions.

online gmail password finder


As you can see, recovering your Gmail password can be pretty easy. If you are lucky, then you can simply access your saved Gmail passwords from your web browser like Chrome. Though, if you want to reset your account's password, then you can simply follow the above-listed suggestions. Besides that, when I wanted to get back my Gmail password, I took the assistance of Dr.Fone - Password Manager to meet my requirements. It helped me restore all my saved passwords and Apple ID details without causing any data loss on my iPhone.

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