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How to Show Email Password on iPhone and Find It Back

Jan 25, 2024 • Filed to: Password Manage Solutions • Proven solutions


Remembering passwords has now become an actual task. We have so many passwords. We use so many apps, websites, and services these days, and unfortunately, each of them requires a password. Passwords to bank accounts and even mails could often be highly classified. By no means can we afford to let anyone else find out these passwords.

As a result of so many accounts and passwords, we often tend to forget them. Forgetting passwords is an unpleasant thing to happen. It could not be very pleasant to dig in your memory and try to remember the password. Forgot the password to your email? What if we told you that there's an easy way to see email password on iPhone? Excited? Today, we will tell you how to find email passwords on iPhone easily!

Part 1: How to Show Email Passwords on iPhone Settings?

Follow the steps listed below to show email passwords on iPhone.

For iPhone running iOS 14 or later:

  • Tap on the "Settings" app, represented by a gear icon.
  • Scroll down and select "Passwords."
  • You'll see a list of websites and apps with saved passwords. Look for the email app you want to view the password for.
  • Tap on the email app, and the associated account details will appear.
  • By default, the password will be hidden. Tap on the password field to reveal it. 
  • The password will now be displayed in plain text. Make note of it if necessary.

    show email password on iphone

For iPhone running iOS 13 or earlier:

  • Go to the "Settings" app on your device.
  • Find "Password & Accounts" on the main menu.
  • Once you find it, click on it, a new menu will open on your screen. 
  • You'll see a list of your configured email accounts. Find the one you want to view the password for and tap on it. For instance, if you wish to see your Gmail password and username, click on "Gmail", and the credentials will appear on the screen!
  • On the account settings page, locate the password field.
  • Tap on the password field to reveal the hidden password.

    show email password on iphone

Part 2: How to Find Saved Passwords with Siri?

Apple offers a highly useful function that allows you to find your saved passwords using the virtual assistant, Siri. Siri is the virtual assistant in iPhones that allows you to give commands using your voice. Many a time, it isn't easy to navigate to a certain setting. In such cases, you can ask Siri to do the job! You need to say, "Hey Siri, could you tell me my Amazon password?". On doing so, Siri will navigate you to the settings page where the Amazon password can be seen.

find password siri

Part 3: How to Find Email Passwords on iPhone via Password Manager Tool?

Now, you should know how to find email password on iPhone via settings or Siri. But if you still don't find the password or you want a faster and better way to manage your all account passwords on your iPhone. You can use other methods to retrieve your password in such a situation. Well, if this is the case with you, do not worry! We've you covered. Bringing to you, Dr.Fone - Password Manager, a highly utilitarian tool that helps you store your passwords on the go. With this software, you can save your passwords amidst complete security. Saving passwords becomes simpler and more secure. Listed below are a few super cool features of Dr.Fone - Password Manager!

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Dr.Fone - Password Manager (iOS)

Never Missing Any Mail Passwords

  • Saves passwords to mail, Wi-Fi, and app login credentials.
  • Find back your Apple ID Account if you forgot.
  • Export passwords on your iPhone to save them.
  • Import the passwords to other tools (like LastPass) with one click.
Available on: Windows Mac
3,981,454 people have downloaded it

Overall, Dr.Fone is a highly secure and smart way to store all your passwords!

Wondering how to find email password on iPhone?

Follow along with the video below to learn how to use this amazing software.

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Step-by-Step Guide: Follow along with the steps listed below to get your Gmail password!

Step 1: Download the Dr.Fone - Password Manager software on your desktop or macOS device. Once done, launch the software on your device. Then choose the “Password Manager” option.

lauch drfone

Step 2: Now connect your iOS device to your desktop. You can do this via any lightning cable. Once your computer detects the newly connected device, it will show a pop-up asking if you'd like to trust this device. Click on the “trust” option.

Step 3: Once the device has been set up, click on “Start Scan”. By doing so, the software will run through your device and look for passwords. Kindly wait patiently, as this may take a while!

forgot wifi password 2

Step 4: Check for your passwords. Once done, the tool will display all the passwords that it found. Find the password you require from this list of credentials and note it down. You can also choose to export it, on doing so the passwords will be saved on your device to refer to them later on.

forgot wifi password 4

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Part 4: Additional Tips for Finding Email Passwords on iPhone

Apart from the methods mentioned above, here are a few additional tips to help you find your email password on iPhone:

  1. Check your email account settings: Some email apps or service providers allow you to view and change your password within the app settings or account management options.
  2. Reset passwords through email service providers: If you can't retrieve your password using the methods above, you can visit your email service provider's website and follow their password reset procedures.
  3. Contact customer support: If all else fails, reach out to your email service provider's customer support for assistance. They can guide you through the process of recovering your email password.

Quick Tips You May Want to Know about Password Manager

Quick Tip 1: How to Edit Passwords on iPhone?

Changed your password recently? Do you want to update the password in your settings app as well? Well, here's how you can do it!

For iPhone with iOS 14 and later:

  • Step 1: Open the "Settings" app on your iPhone. Scroll down and tap on "Passwords."
  • Step 2: A list of saved passwords will show. Scroll down and find the email account or website for which you want to edit the password.
  • Step 3: Tap on the email account or website, and a pop-up will appear showing the existing password.
  • Step 4: Tap on "Edit" or the password field to modify the password.
  • Step 5: Enter the new password for the email account and tap "Done" to confirm the changes.

edit password on iphone

For iPhone with iOS 13 and earlier:

  • Step 1: First, open the "Settings" app on your Apple device and head to "Passwords & Accounts".
  • Step 2: Next, click on "Website and App passwords."
  • Step 3: A list of passwords that have been stored on your iPhone will appear on your screen.
  • Step 4: Click on the password that you desire to change.
  • Step 5: Then click on "Edit" on the top right corner of your screen.
  • Step 6: Enter the new password and then click on "Done."

edit password on iphone

Quick Tip 2: How to Add and Delete Email Accounts and Passwords on iPhone?

You can follow the steps below to add the email accounts on your iPhone:

  • Step 1: Open the "Settings" app on your iPhone's home screen.
  • Step 2: Scroll down and tap on "Mail" or "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" (depending on your iOS version).
  • Step 3: Tap on "Accounts" and then click "Add Account."
  • Step 4: Select the email provider from the list (e.g., iCloud, Google, Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo, etc.), or choose "Other" if your email provider is not listed.
  • Step 5: Enter your email address and password in the designated fields. You may also need to provide additional information such as server settings or domain information, depending on the email provider.
  • Step 6: Tap "Next" or "Sign In."
  • Step 7: Your iPhone will verify the account details and set up the email account. Once verified, you can customize the account settings based on your preferences.

add email account

If you wish to delete a particular email address, follow the below steps.

  • Step 1: Open the "Settings" app on your iPhone.
  • Step 2: Scroll down and tap on "Mail" or "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" (depending on your iOS version).
  • Step 3: Tap on "Accounts" and choose the email account you want to delete.
  • Step 4: Scroll down and tap on "Delete Account."
  • Step 5: A confirmation pop-up will appear. Tap "Delete Account" to remove the email account from your device.
  • Step 6: The email account and associated data will be deleted from your iPhone.

Note that deleting an email account will remove all associated emails, contacts, and calendar events from your iPhone. It is advisable to back up any important data before deleting an account.

delete email account


Today we've seen the best tips and hacks for email saving on your iPhone. We've also learned how to find email password on iPhone. We checked out one of the best tools for managing passwords on your iOS device. Dr.Fone - Password Manager (iOS) allows you to manage all your passwords in one place. This saves time and allows you to stay relaxed. Further, we learned more about the addition and deletion of emails from your iOS saved emails! We hope this tutorial helped you recover your forgotten password with ease!

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