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[Fixed] How to Remove an AirTag from Your Apple ID Account?


Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Remove Screen Lock • Proven solutions

Apple provides many exciting features in its products, including the AirTag feature on iPhone devices. However, after enabling the function, many iPhone users forget to remove it from the FindMy app ahead of time. Therefore, if you are selling or resetting the device, you need to remove AirTag from Apple ID to be usable later.

If someone removes the AirTag without resetting it while operating in the Bluetooth range, deleting AirTag ownership will require manually breaking the device apart and further configuration.

Remove this connection from the Apple ID account with simple steps first-hand to avoid that. Read on to know the steps involved in this process directly or with the best software alternative.

remove airtag on iphone

Part 1. What Exactly Does an AirTag Do?

Before discussing how to remove AirTag from Apple ID, you should know better about the function itself. The AirTag feature is available for iOS devices. Therefore, one can register the AirTag process with the Apple ID you are utilizing on your smartphone.

Apple users can attach the AirTag to different objects like backpacks or keychains. This makes it simple to find these objects later in case they get misplaced or lost through the Find My app on the iPhone.

Users can add their AirTag to one Apple ID account, so you cannot access this from the Find My app via other accounts. In case of loss, you must remove the AirTag from your device entirely.

airtag model

Part 2. How to Remove an AirTag from Your Apple ID on iPhone & iPad?

After adding the AirTag to any object, it instantly syncs with the Apple ID of the user. So, only the primary Apple ID user can use or monitor the AirTagged item. Other users can use it only after resetting the AirTag. So, learn how to remove AirTag from Apple ID via the Find My app on different iOS device types.

Version 1: Removing AirTag on iPhone

Step 1: Access the iPhone homepage and access the Find My app.

Step 2: From the bottom menu bar, tap on the Items option.

Step 3: The information about which AirTag is associated with your chosen item will appear in the next page list.

information about the item of choice

Step 4: Choose the selected items and swipe upwards on the screen. Then, find the Remove Item button and press it.

find the remove item button

Step 5: Following this, select and press the Remove button. Repeat for confirmation.

Version 2: Removing AirTag on iPad

Step 1: Access the Find My app from the home screen on your iPad device.

Step 2: When the app opens, click on the Items icon at the bottom part of the screen.

click on the items icon

Step 3: Choose the items you want to delete by tapping them.

Step 4: Swipe up and choose the "Remove Item" option.

Step 5: On the next confirmation prompt that comes up, click Remove.

click remove

Part 3. Bonus Tips: How to Unlock an Apple ID That's Locked?

Typically, it is impossible to use a PC or Mac to access and remove AirTag from Apple ID. One has to use the iPhone or iPad device only. But what if the smartphone screen or Apple ID is locked?

You need to unlock the device using capable software like Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS) to remove the blockage. This software can remove many different Apple screen lock types, like Black Screen of Death, Face ID Lock, Screen Time Passcode, and more.

The process of bypassing Apple ID as a feature is available for iOS 14.0 or its previous conversions. It does not require extremely complex jailbreaking or configuration steps- all is complete in some clicks only.

Top Features:

  1. Users get at least ten retries for the password or lock removal attempt.
  2. Suitable for removing various screen locks, Apple ID locks, etc.
  3. Works to bypass Apple ID account locking without a password within seconds.
  4. It allows Apple ID lock removal even with the active Find My iPhone feature on the smartphone.
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How to use it?

Step 1: Install the Dr.Fone app and launch it on the computer. Choose Screen Unlock.

choose the screen unlock feature

Step 2: On the next page, tap the Remove Apple ID option. Then enter the necessary passcode to verify that you trust the PC. Then, do further scanning.

remove apple id

Step 3: Back up all devices before the procedure. Then, visit the Settings page > user profile > Password & Security. Then, toggle the Two Factor Authentication feature to the ON part. Then, press Unlock Now.

press unlock now

Step 4: Put the smartphone into recovery mode with on-screen instructions. Then, restart the phone. Complete the resetting steps and press the Restart button. It will unlock the device automatically.

put the device in recovery mode

Step 5: Verify on your device that the Apple ID is unlocked. Then, go to the Find My app and remove the AirTag feature as detailed previously.

verify on your device

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Part 4. FAQs about AirTag

  1. How to Set Up and Add an AirTag on Your iPhone?

Firstly, get your device ready to get set up. Remove the wrap around the AirTag and pull the tab out to start the battery. After it plays a tiny sound, hold the device near the iPhone/iPad and press Connect. Next, change the name of the AirTag on your list, give an emoji to it, and press Continue. Register it with the Apple ID in the next prompt and then choose Done.

  1. How to Rename AirTag and Change Its Emoji?

You can access the Items tab on the Find My application and choose the AirTagged item. Then, scroll downward and choose Rename item to change the name. Finally, create a customized name and add an emoji as well.

  1. How Far Can You Track an Apple AirTag?

With the Bluetooth connection switched on, one can track Apple AirTag for approximately 100 feet.


The added AirTag stays connected with one Apple ID account until you reset it. So, use the process mentioned to remove the AirTag via iPhone or iPad. If the iPad or iPhone you are using has locked the Apple ID, you can use another software Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS), to access it without data loss securely. Then, follow the steps mentioned to reset the AirTag here.

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