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How to Unlock iPhone Passcode With or Without iTunes?

Sep 06,2018 • Filed to: Remove Device Lock Screen • Proven solutions


“How to unlock iPhone passcode without iTunes? I have been locked out of my iPhone and can’t remember its passcode. Is there an easy solution to learn how to unlock iPhone 6 passcode?”

If you are having a similar experience with your iPhone, then you have certainly come to the right place. There are times, when iPhone users don’t remember the passcode of their device and are locked out of it. Even though you can learn how to unlock iPhone 5 passcode in different ways, you might have to suffer from some unwanted data loss. In this guide, we will make you familiar with different solutions to do the same. Read on and learn how to unlock iPhone 6 without password using different techniques.

Part 1: How to unlock iPhone passcode with iTunes?

If you have already synced your iPhone with iTunes, then you can follow this technique and learn how to unlock iPhone passcode effortlessly. Since it will restore your device, you can later use a backup file to get your data back.

1. Launch iTunes on your system and make sure that it is an updated version which is compatible with your iPhone.

2. Now, connect your iPhone to your system and wait for it to detect it.

3. Go to the devices section to select your iPhone and visit its Summary page.

4. From here, click on the “Restore iPhone” button on the right.

Unlock iPhone Passcode  with iTunes

Part 2: How to unlock iPhone passcode with dr.fone - Unlock (iOS)?

Too many times, users don’t get the desired results with iTunes. Therefore, we recommend using dr.fone - Unlock (iOS) tool to learn how to unlock iPhone 6 without passcode. The tool is compatible with all the leading iOS versions and devices. It provides a seamless solution to fix all the major issues related to an iOS device and that too within minutes. You can learn how to unlock iPhone 5 passcode by following these instructions. Though, the same steps would work with other iOS versions as well.

dr.fone - Unlock (iOS)

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1. Install dr.fone - Unlock (iOS) from its website right here and launch it on your system. Select the “Unlock” option from its homepage.

Unlock iPhone Passcode with dr.fone - Unlock (iOS)-lauch dr.fone - Unlock (iOS)

2. At the same time, you can also connect your iPhone to your system and click on the “Start” button on the interface.

Unlock iPhone Passcode with dr.fone - Unlock (iOS)-click on “Start”

3. After when your iPhone will be detected by the system, it will display a prompt to trust the computer. Don’t agree to it and close it instead.

Unlock iPhone Passcode with dr.fone - Unlock (iOS)-trust the computer

4. Now, on the next window, you need to provide some crucial details related to your iPhone.

5. Click on the “Download” button to get its firmware update. You might need to wait for a while for the application to complete the download.

Unlock iPhone Passcode with dr.fone-complete the download

6. Once the firmware update has been downloaded, you will get the following interface. Uncheck the option of “Retain Native Data” and click on the “Unlock Now” button.

Unlock iPhone Passcode with dr.fone-Unlock Now

7. Furthermore, you need to confirm your choice by typing the on-screen code.

Unlock iPhone Passcode-confirm your choice

8. After agreeing with the confirmation message, the application will start fixing your iPhone. You might need to wait for a few minutes.

9. Once the process is completed successfully, you will be notified by displaying the following window.

Unlock iPhone Passcode-process is completed

Now when you know how to unlock iPhone 6 without password, you can disconnect your device and use it as per your needs.

Part 3: How to unlock iPhone passcode without iTunes using iCloud?

If your iPhone is already in sync with iCloud and you have enabled the Find My iPhone feature, then you can easily learn how to unlock iPhone passcode remotely. The service was originally introduced to locate a lost iPhone. Though, it can also erase an iPhone entirely without much trouble. To learn how to unlock iPhone 6 passcode using iCloud, follow these steps:

1. Visit the official website of iCloud and sign-in using your account credentials. This should be the same account that is in sync with your iPhone.

2. On the home page, you will find various options. Click on “Find iPhone” to learn how to unlock iPhone 5 passcode.

Unlock iPhone Passcode using iCloud-Click on “Find iPhone”

3. If you have linked several devices with your iCloud account, then simply click on the “All Devices” option and select your iPhone.

Unlock iPhone Passcode using iCloud-select your iPhone

4. This will provide various options related to your iPhone. Simply click on the “Erase iPhone” button and confirm your choice.

Unlock iPhone Passcode-Erase iPhone

This will restart your iPhone while wiping it entirely. You need to set up your iPhone as a new device without any lock screen.

Part 4: How to unlock iPhone passcode by tricking Siri?

As you can see, in the all the above-stated solutions, your iPhone data would be lost. Therefore, we recommend trying this technique beforehand. For iOS 8.0 to iOS 10.1 versions, it has been observed that Siri has a loophole which can be exploited to unlock the iOS device. It might be a little tricky and doesn’t provide guaranteed results. Nevertheless, you can give it a try and learn how to unlock iPhone 6 without password by following these steps:

1. Unlock your iPhone and press the Home button to activate Siri.

2. Provide a command like “What time is it” to get the current time with the display of the clock icon.

Unlock iPhone Passcode by tricking Siri-get the current time

3. Tap on the clock icon to open the world clock interface.

4. Here, you need to add another clock. Tap on the “+” icon to do it.

Unlock iPhone Passcode-add another clock

5. To add another city, simply provide any text and tap on it. Choose the “Select all” option.

Unlock iPhone Passcode-Select all

6. As the entire text would be selected, you will get various options. Choose the “Share” option to proceed.

Unlock iPhone Passcode-Choose the “Share” option

7. This will provide different ways to share the selected text. Go with the message option.

Unlock iPhone Passcode-Go with the message option

8. A new interface will be opened to draft a message. Type something in the “To” field.

9. After typing, tap on the Return button.

Unlock iPhone Passcode-tap on the Return button

10. This will turn the text in green color. Now, you need to tap on the add icon beside it.

Unlock iPhone Passcode-tap on the add icon

11. As it will launch a new interface, you can just select the “Create new contact” option.

Unlock iPhone Passcode-Create new contact

12. This will again provide a new interface to add a new content. Tap on the “Add Photo” option and select to choose an existing photo instead.

Unlock iPhone Passcode-Add Photo

13. The photo library on your phone will be launched. You can simply tap on any album you wish to open.

Unlock iPhone Passcode-tap on any album

14. After waiting for a while, slightly press the home button. If you are lucky, you will land on the home screen on your iPhone and can access it without any trouble.

Unlock iPhone Passcode-press the home button

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to learn how to unlock iPhone passcode without much trouble. Ideally, you should go with dr.fone - Unlock (iOS) to resolve any kind of issue related to your iPhone. Easy to use, the application provides highly reliable results and will certainly come handy to you on numerous occasions. Now when you know how to unlock iPhone 6 passcode, you can share this guide with your friends and family as well and help them resolve this issue.

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