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How to Remove MDM without Data Loss

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Mobile Device Management (MDM) is like the administration of your device. If you are an IT admin, MDM can be highly useful to you. It allows users to configure devices in a safe and secure way. The devices can be yours or can belong to your organization. It is a simple means of distributing data and configuring settings across your various linked devices.

An MDM profile is an enrollment profile that is configured with Device Management which allows it to send commands to devices. There can only be a single MDM profile at a specific time. If you wish to remove the MDM profile from your device, there are multiple ways to do so. The following guide lists all possible queries and solutions to remove your iOS management profile.

remove iphone mdm

Part 1: Will Jailbreak Remove MDM?

Users often use jailbreak to acquire unrestricted access to their devices. The term is symbolically designed to represent a breakout from the “Jail” that the device has been placed in by the developers. It provides users relative freedom to do whatever they want on the device’s system.

So now the question arises that can a jailbreak remove MDM? The short answer is yes. Jailbreaking gives users a free and open path to do anything they want, and that includes deleting an MDM profile from the iOS. In fact, jailbreaking is one of the most common methods by which users tempt to remove MDM profiles from their device.

Here is how you can remove MDM from your device following a jailbreak:

  1. After jailbreaking, download and run Filza on your device, which will help you manage all the configuration settings on your device.
  2. Now navigate to the following location:“/var/containers/Shared/”
  3. With the "Text Editor," open files and delete the MDM files present in the directory.
remove mdm files

Part 2: Remove MDM from iPhone and iPad without Jailbreak

Jailbreaking is undoubtedly an effective way of deleting the MDM profile from your device. But jailbreaking has numerous disadvantages, and it is not an advisable iOS MDM solution. It can severely increase the vulnerability of your system, exposing it to security threats and viruses, and malware. Jailbreaking will also result in violating warranty service and losing customer care.

Jailbreak might look appealing, but it has a high chance of bricking your iPhone. That means the software malfunctions on your device will only be recovered by a complete hardware renewal. Hence, jailbreak is not the best method to remove the iOS management profile. So, the question arises; what is the best way to remove MDM profile from your iOS?

The answer to that is very simple: the Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (iOS). Dr.Fone is a wonderful program designed specifically to fix the various problems that might arise on your device, with much feasibility. This simple tool contains the solution to almost all of your phone-related problems, including the iOS MDM solution.

Some of the benefits provided by Dr.Fone are given below:

  • Using Dr.Fone will not result in data loss from your device, so it is safe to use the tool.
  • Although it is a premium tool, the program has a free version that allows users to have access to various features of the tool without spending a dime.
  • The program has a very interactive interface and is extremely easy to use, even for people who are not very tech-savvy.
  • Dr.Fone contains a data encryption feature and also has advanced fraud protection, meaning that your device is not exposed to threats and security risks, respecting the privacy of the user.

To remove the MDM profile from iPhone or iPad without jailbreak using Dr.Fone, first, download and install the program on your device. Then, follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Linking the Device

Once you launch Dr.Fone on your device, connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer using a data cable. Then, on the main interface of the program, choose the option "Screen Unlock."

select screen unlock feature

Step 2: Selecting the Option

Now from the various options available on the screen, click on “Remove MDM iPhone." Then you will see two options, either to bypass or remove MDM from your device. Choose the “Remove MDM” one.

tap on unlock mdm iphone option

Step 3: Initiating the Process

On the screen, click on the “Start to Remove” button in order to initiate the process. The program will start verifying your device.

start the process of mdm removal

Step 4: Remove MDM

If the "Find My iPhone" feature is enabled on your device, Dr.Fone will spot it, and you will be asked to disable it. If not, the program will finish its task, and your device will reboot after some time. There will be no removal of data from your device, and the MDM profile will be deleted successfully.

 disable find my iphone feature

Part 3: Remove MDM Profile from Mac

In order to remove the MDM profile from your Mac OS, you can either use System Preferences or use a command line from Terminal. You also have to delete the Mac Monitoring Agent from your computer. If you delete an MDM profile without that, Device Management will just try to re-install your deleted profile. After uninstalling Apple Monitoring Agent, you can proceed with the methods below.

1. From System Preferences

Before proceeding, please keep in mind that deleting an MDM profile will also result in the removal of any associated device profile. To remove the iOS MDM profile using System Preferences, you can simply follow the steps given below:

  1. Tap on the Apple menu icon and then navigate to "System Preferences."
  2. Go to the “Profiles” section and select your iOS management profile from there.
  3. Go to the “Profiles” section and select your iOS management profile from there.
remove the mdm profile on mac

2. Via Terminal using Command Line

To remove MDM profile via command line on Terminal, proceed as the following steps indicate:

  1. Click on "Finder" on your Apple device, then select "Go" and tap on "Utilities."
  2. Locate and double click on “Terminal” to launch it.
  3. Now run the “profiles remove-all” command by typing the following command line. You can do that either as root or by sudo. Enter the password of your device when asked.

    “$ sudo /usr/bin/profiles remove –all



MDM is a great utility for IT administrators. The smartphones in our hands now hold more potential than anybody ever thought. These days, much business-related work is shifting to mobiles for a hassle-free and simple operation. MDM profiles are thus a great way to manage and share corporate data on all interacting devices easily.

You can remove the MDM profile from your iOS with the effective methods mentioned above. Do try Dr.Fone to remove the iOS MDM profile without breaking a sweat.

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