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iPhone 13 VS Samsung S22: Which Phone Should I Buy?

Daisy Raines

Jun 03, 2024 • Filed to: Latest News & Tactics • Proven solutions

Smartphones are improving with every new iteration introduced in the market. Leading companies such as Samsung and Apple innovate their top-of-the-line smartphones with contemporary technology. The latest iteration of the iPhone 13 and Samsung S22 is here with unique updates and improvements, alluring many people into buying these impressive devices.

Different market and specs comparisons are carried out with these editions launched in the market. However, someone confuse about their choice, require a more comprehensive explanation of the differences across both devices. The article covers a discussion of the iPhone 13 vs Samsung S22, which will help smartphone users conclude on the best among them.

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Part 1: iPhone 13 vs. Samsung S22

iPhone 13 or Samsung s22? iPhone 13 and Samsung Galaxy S22 are the top-rated models of the leading smartphone tycoons of the world. Although they are the best they offer, they are quite distinctive and favorable in all cases. However, users confused about buying iPhone 13 or Samsung S22 as their yearly upgrade in smartphone devices usually look for detailed comparisons. According to their needs and desires, this part will help people conclude what and what not to buy.

comparison between iphone 13 and samsung s22

1.1 Quick Comparison

If you are in a hurry to select the appropriate device between iPhone 13 and Samsung S22. In that case, the following comparison will provide you with a distinctive knowledge of both devices, helping you figure out the winner between iPhone 13 vs Samsung S22.

Specs iPhone 13 Samsung S22
Storage 128GB, 256GB, 512GB (Non-Expandable) 128 GB, 256GB (Non-Expandable)
Battery and Charging 3227 mAh, 20W Wired Charging; 15W Wireless 3700 mAh, 25W Fast charging; Reverse wireless charging 4.5W
5G Support Available Available
Display 6.1-inch OLED Display; 60Hz 6.1-inch OLED Display; 120Hz
Processor A15 Bionic; 4GB RAM Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, Exynos 2200; 8GB RAM 
Camera 12MP main; 12MP ultra-wide; 12MP front 50MP main; 12MP ultra-wide; 10MP telephoto; 10MP front
Colors Pink, Blue, Midnight Black, Silver, Gold, Red Phantom White, Phantom Black, Pink Gold, Green
Biometrics Face ID In-screen Fingerprint Sensor
Pricing Starting from $799 Starting from $699.99

1.2 Detailed Comparison

Looking into the latest launches of both companies, there are many expectations associated with millions of users worldwide. However, if someone is looking into iPhone 13 vs Samsung S22 and wishes to buy one, they need to look over the following aspects discussed below:

detailed flagship phones comparison

Pricing and Release Date

Apple iPhone 13 was released worldwide on September 14, 2021. This flagship phone was announced for $799, and it was available for shipping by September 24, 2021. With base storage of 128GB across this price tag, it raises $1099 for the highest available variant of 512GB.

In contrast, Samsung S22 was released across the market on February 25, 2022. The price for Samsung S22 starts from $699.99.


Apple and Samsung are known for offering sleek and effective designs in their devices. Apple iPhone 13 and Samsung S22 are here with a similar motive of providing updated and better designs for their users. Although iPhone 13 is quite similar to its previous model, the iPhone 12, the 6.1-inch screen, comes with a 60Hz OLED screen, replacing the traditional LCD screen. Following this, people also acknowledge a slight change in the notch size of the device.

iphone 13 design

Samsung S22 brings a 120Hz refresh rate across its 6.1-inch OLED display, with round corners across its display. The device is paired with an FHD+ resolution for enhanced display. Regardless, the design of the Samsung S22 is quite similar to what the users have been observing across the S21.

samsung s22 model design


The upgraded versions of the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S Series are packed with performance updates. With new chips and processors powering the devices, the user experience across both devices will be exceptional. While comparing both upgrades, Apple iPhone 13 comes with an upgraded A15 Bionic Chip with a 6-core CPU, divided between 2 performance and 4 efficiency cores. Following this, the device is packed with a 4-core GPU and a 16-core Neural Engine.

iPhone 13 is believed to be quite powerful with its new processor compared to its predecessor; however, the news associated with Samsung S22's performance is quite exciting. With Generation 1 Snapdragon 8, the chip powering Samsung S22 is stronger than its previous models. The starting variants of S22 are available in 8GB of RAM. With these upgraded chipsets, Samsung S22 is believed to improve its graphics performance tenfold.


Apple iPhone 13 starts from 128GB in storage size from its lowest variant. Users can either go for the option of 256GB or 512GB, which is available across the highest variant. Samsung S22 starts its storage spaces from 128GB and features a variant with 256GB. However, the S22 Ultra features a storage space of 1TB, which is not available for the lower variants.


iPhone 13 comes with a whopping improvement in its battery life. One of the major highlights that have outshined the iPhone 13 after its release is the upgrades observed in its battery system. Even with the 5G upgrade, iPhone 13 has reportedly increased its battery size by 15.1%, which has increased the device's battery life by two and half hours in usage.

Samsung S22 reported its battery life to be 3700 mAh. To make some users disappointed is that the battery system across S22 is much similar to what the users observed across S21. Here is the picture that shows the results of a battery life test:

wa stickers


While improving its battery life, iPhone 13 came with a revamped camera, which are the two basic factors that are easily improved in every new iPhone upgrade. The change in the cameras of the iPhone 13 is quite significant as compared to iPhone 12, which helps users take sharp and accurate pictures. The diagonal dual-lens rear camera with 12 megapixel Wide and Ultra-Wide lens improvements across the new iPhone 13. The wide camera lens is immensely improved across this update, allowing 47% more light through the lens for better results.

Samsung comes up with a better camera set for its S22 series. Users are offered a 50MP main camera, 12MP ultra-wide lens, and 10MP telephoto lens, accompanied by AI software that automatically enhances images.


iPhone 13 and Samsung S22 are set to offer the latest 5G technology across their connectivity protocols. People will have a new and revitalized experience with connectivity across both smartphones.

Part 2: What You Need to Do Before Ditching Your Old Phone

There are quite a lot of details provided for both phones, which would make it easier for you to select the winner between the iPhone 13 and Samsung S22. However, if you are ever thinking of shifting yourselves to a new device, you should consider some data management tips which would help you sustain and maintain your data, even if you are propagating to a different device.

Tip 1. Transfer Data from Old Phone to New Phone

Comparing the iPhone 13 vs Samsung S22 can be quite tedious for people; however, the data present across any device is vital to preserving if the user is shifting across any specific device. Appropriate tools for this process are quite necessary; thus, users are highly recommended to conserve such techniques, which will not result in data loss.

For such cases, Dr.Fone – Phone Transfer provides some of the best features in the market, which makes data transfer very easy across Android and iOS devices. Users can not only shift their data from Android to Android or iOS to iOS, but they can also effectively consider shifting content between Android and iPhone or vice versa. The tool covers the complete procedure under a single click, completing the transfer in no time.

Try It Free Try It Free

Video Tutorial: How to Transfer Data between Two Different Devices?

Tip 2. Erase All Data on the Old Phone

Once you are done shifting your data across the appropriate device, you will need to consider erasing all the data across your old phone. Rather than going towards conventional techniques, users consider covering their tracks with swift options. Dr.Fone – Data Eraser (iOS) features a simple and effective procedure for erasing all unnecessary data across the old phone, whether an iPhone or an Android.

The process permanently deletes all data from the devices, making them unrecoverable after being erased. Under such cases, users can feel secure while giving away their old devices. This would prevent people from accessing any data associated with the user across the device.

Try It Free Try It Free

Video Tutorial: How to Permanently Wipe Android/iOS Device?


This article has been quite detailed in providing information about the latest iPhone 13 and Samsung S22. Users searching for the answer to the iPhone 13 vs Samsung S22 should look across the discussion and figure out the best for their needs. Following this, the article also discusses a list of different tips that users should consider while shifting their data across smartphones.

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