How to Sync iTunes to Android(Samsung S20 Supported)?

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“I once used Apple phone. Now I want to change to Samsung Galaxy S20. But I find no way to transfer data from iTunes to my Android phone. Any smart solutions?”

Android devices are taking over the market due to their fascinating features and latest technology upgrades which are so overwhelming that the consumers find it very difficult to resist them from purchasing. But if you are an iPhone user and planning to switch to Android, then you must know that both the devices make use of entirely unique software, due to which it becomes very complicated to transfer files from iPhone to Android. In this article, we will focus on how to effortlessly sync iTunes to Android. Basically, iTunes is a media management application that is used to download, manage and play songs, Tv shows, movies, and podcasts. Read on further to identify how to sync your iTunes library to Android, without any hassle.

how to sync itunes to android

Part 1: Top Way to Sync iTunes to Android - Sync iTunes Media

If you want to sync iTunes to Android promptly, without any complications, then get your hands on Dr.Fone - phone manager. Dr.Fone is an excellent software initiated by Wondershare, which goes beyond the limits to make it simpler for you to transfer all your media files from one device to another. The software is compatible with all the latest iPhone as well as Android devices. Plus, it does not only sync iTunes to Android but it also gives access to its users to transfer music, movies, and photos from Android devices back to iTunes. Follow the steps below to sync your iTunes to android.

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Step 1: Download Dr.Fone on your Windows

First, you must install the Dr.Fone - Phone Manager software on your Windows or Mac. Launch the application.

drfone home mac

Step 2: Connect your Android device

Link your Android device to the Mac or Windows using the original data cable of your Android device. Ensure that you allow the USB debugging on the phone. Once connected, on the top left corner, it will confirm that your android device is connected.

mac android transfer

Step 3: Begin the syncing process.

Four options would be displayed. Tap on "Transfer iTunes Media to Device". This will lead you to further choose the folders you want to transfer. You have the ability to transfer the entire library or choose a specific folder. After making your selection, click on the blue "Transfer" button at the bottom to initiate the transferring process.

mac android transfer itunes to device 01

Plus Point:

Dr.Fone - Phone Manager is so far the best software for both iOS and Android devices, allowing users to back up and transfer music, photos, videos, contacts and text messages from their Android device or iOS device to their PC or Mac, and vice versa. As mentioned above, you can not only transfer your media files from iTunes to Android but can do it vice-versa too. All media files like songs, movies, TV shows, podcasts, audiobooks, playlists, pictures, etc. can be transferred with just one-click. The features are not limited until here, the toolkit gives permission to import, backup and manage contacts, SMS, applications, and so much more. It can be claimed that Dr.Fone is a one-stop solution for numerous transfer and backup problems.

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Part 2. Other Way to Sync iTunes to Android? - Sync iTunes Backup

In case if you are preferring to restore your iTunes data by using the official method, then you must know that this method does not only restrict you from restoring selected files but erase all the content from the device completely and at times, may fail to restore some files to the device. Hence, it is advised to use intelligent data restoring software, like Dr.Fone – Phone Backup, which promises to provide its users with as much flexibility as possible. This software permits users to restore specific files and folders, without deleting the existing data from the device in just one click! Dr.Fone – Phone Backup software is compatible with more than 8000 android devices and nearly all iOS devices. Below is a step-by-step guide to restore data from iTunes backup to Android devices.

Step 1: Download Dr.Fone and Connect Device:

Install the Dr.Fone software to your computer and launch the application. From the main screen, choose the option of "Phone Backup". Link your Android device to your computer with the help of the original data cable of your device.

drfone home

Step 2: Restore from iTunes backup:

Once your Android device is connected, you will be asked to either choose the option of "backup" or "restore".

drfone backup restore

Tap on the "Restore from iTunes backup" option from the left column after choosing the "restore" option. Dr.Fone will identify all the iTunes backup available and list them on the screen.

drfone itunes backup restore 1

Step 3: Restore to your Android device

Select any one iTunes backup file and tap the view button to preview all the iTunes backup files by data type. Select the items you want to restore, you can select some or all items, it completely depends upon you. After making your selection, choose the Android device where you want to transfer iTunes media file. Lastly, click "Restore to Device" to initiate the restoring process.

drfone itunes backup restore 2

Refrain from disconnecting devices during the process to avoid any inconvenience. Plus, data cannot be restored if Android does not support the corresponding data format.


It can be concluded that Dr.Fone is a smart software, inaugurated by Wondershare company, that comes with impressive features to facilitate users in every possible manner. You can effortlessly backup, restore, and transfer all your data with just one simple click. It permits the users to efficiently transfer data between your Android device, iOS devices and other platforms like Windows, Mac, and iTunes. There are many other elements in the toolkit, get your hands on this superlative software today and let your mind get blown away by its remarkable features.

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