Royole’s FlexPai 2 Vs Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

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Currently the Galaxy Z Fold 2 has gained so much interest from phone enthusiasts. Many people in phone forums are saying that the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is one of its own and lacks a rival. Is that really true? In this article, we will compare Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Royole FlexiPai 2. So, let’s dive in.


design comparison

When comparing the design of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Royole FlexPai 2, Samsung possesses a different form factor in that it has a foldable display fixed internally. You will realize that in the external part, there is a sleek display that matches that of a smartphone. Back to Royole, there are 2 foldable displays that are fixed externally and can split into two different external screens. One will be situated at the front and the other at the back when the handset is folded.


display comparison

When comparing a phone that has the best display, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 takes an early lead despite being made of a plastic OLED panel. The device boasts of a HDR10+ certification and a 120 Hz refresh rate. This kind of spec you cannot get in the Royole FlexPai 2. When the phone is folded, you will be forced to use an HD+ screen with a mere standard refresh rate. Back to Royole, you will enjoy the two external displays by folding the main display, however the image will be inferior to that provided by Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2.


Everyone will always ask about the camera. Well, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 has aboard five cameras, these includes the main triple camera system and other two selfie cameras. The two cameras are for each screen. Back to FlexPai 2, it possesses a single quad-camera module that works for both the main camera system and the selfie.

Many people have voted for Samsung in terms of camera because the Galaxy Z Fold 2’s camera is so easy to use because the camera UI and how you will shoot operates similar to any other slab Samsung phone. The FlexiPai 2 will require you to flip the phone over each time you want to take selfies.

Again, when discussing the camera quality, where do you think the dice will land? Even a young child would tell you that the Japanese tech giant will still take an early lead here but with how much?

When talking about the Royole’s main 64MP camera, it produces photos that can be said to be solid and above average. However, when the device is placed side by side against the Galaxy’s 12MP camera, Royole’s color science tends to appear to be slightly duller as compared to that of Samsung.


about software

You should keep in mind that the FlexPai 2 doesn’t fully support GSM. This may be because it’s a China only device currently. When trying to download the Play store, you may experience issues of it not loading properly. If you go further by trying to load YouTube, and even Google Maps, they will work fine in the FlexPai 2. This can make us conclude that there is slight similarity of Google services inside the FlexiPai 2 software.

With the absence of Google, this gives Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 a free lead in terms of software. I guess there is no point in ending it there. Let’s look deep into what these two different brands offer. You will realize that the Samsung apps work quite well, when the apps switch from the smaller screen to the larger screen.

Back to FlexPai 2’s UI, it’s called WaterOS and it is interestingly smooth too. You will realize that the UI switches from the smaller screen to a larger tablet screen without any single delay. Many of the apps also load faster too. Apps like Instagram are the strange ones that will load in portrait orientation when using the FlexPai 2. Samsung was fast enough to spot this, and they added letterboxing on the larger display for apps that must be loaded in a rectangular form so that it doesn’t develop any formatting issues while on the Fold 1.


Here, where do you think the dice will land? I know you must have guessed that Samsung will still beat the FlexiPai 2 when it comes to the battery life, right? Well, here it’s all win-win! All these phones have similar battery capacities and even the same components. When talking about the battery marginal, expect slight or no big difference. All you will enjoy in the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is wireless charging and reverse charging.


Who deserves more bucks? Still your guess will still be Samsung, isn’t that so? Well, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 fetches a price of $2350 globally while its rival Royole’s FlexiPai 2 fetches a price less than $1500 in China and it’s still not available globally.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Pro and Cons


  • Best hardware
  • Wireless charging
  • More cameras
  • Multiple screens


  • Internal foldable display

Royole FlexiPai 2 Pro and Cons


  • Good cameras
  • Affordable
  • Useful External screen
  • Up to 12/512 GB


  • Not a mainstream manufacturer

The Verdict

From the comparison, it’s clearly seen that Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 took an early lead and beats its rival in almost all features and other extras such as reverse/ wireless charging capabilities. However, not everyone may love its form factor.

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