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Samsung Galaxy S10 vs. Huawei P20: What's Your Final Choice?

Alice MJ

Aug 30, 2023 • Filed to: Latest News & Tactics • Proven solutions

When it comes to smartphone innovation, Samsung and Huawei are one of the leading manufacturers and developers, and there are very few devices, especially in the Android market, that can even come close to producing the user experience that these devices hold.

Now that we’re fully into 2019, we start to turn our attention back into the tech world to observe and ponder on what kind of unstoppable forces we’re going to be presented with this year. Hot on the list of tech fans and users alike is, of course, the Samsung S10.

Released in February 2019, the Samsung S10 is hyped to be the second-to-none flagship model from the smartphone wizards and will be referred to by many critics as the best Android smartphone available these years.

However, Huawei has made huge strides in recent years, especially when it comes to developing affordable devices that still pack a punch when it comes to functionality and experience.

Nevertheless, the question remains: Which one is best for you?

Today, we’re going to explore the ins and outs and compare Samsung and Huawei flagship devices, giving you everything you need to know which one is best for you.

Part 1: Compare the Best of the Android World - Huawei P20 or Samsung S10?

To make this a fair comparison, below we’re going to go through every single feature you’d look for in your new or upgraded smartphone, helping you see exactly which device is the best one for you; despite the Samsung Galaxy S10 release date still waiting to be confirmed.

Price & Affordability

Of course, one of the most important aspects you’ll consider is how much the device is going to cost you, whether that’s a one-off payment or a pay-monthly contract. Since the Huawei P20 is already out, it’s easy to see that the price is around $500.

This is way below the cost of most smartphones out on today’s market, making it a great choice for consumers looking for a powerful budget option.

However, it’s speculated the Samsung S10 will maintain its current higher pricing models from previous launches. Gizmodo, a tech blog, leaked information that the price will depend on the memory size of the device you choose with prices starting around the $1,000 mark for the smallest version of 128GB.

Prices will rise up to the 1TB version costing around $1,700.

While the Samsung may pay off if you’re paying this extra cost for a wide range of features (as we’ll explore below), there’s no denying that when it comes the Samsung S10 vs Huawei P20, the Huawei P20 is the more affordable option.

Winner: Huawei P20


The display of your device is key to how complete your smartphone experience is going to be and in this Huawei P20 & Samsung S10 comparison; one of the most important considerations.

It’s easy to see that both devices are going to have crisp high-definition displays that push the bounds of visuals, imagery, and experience; but which is better?

Starting with the P20, you’ll be able to enjoy a crisp 5.8-inch screen powered by a Mali-G72 MP12 graphics chip and an i7 processor. There’s no denying this is one of the most powerful chipsets on the market, designed to produce the best and smoothest graphics, even when the device is running high-intensity applications.

Perhaps surprisingly, the Samsung S10 has been suggested to run the exact same Mali-G72 MP12 graphics chip. However, the Samsung easily takes the lead in detail. The S10 is running a state-of-the-art Super AMOLED display, the current industry flagship technology, with an incredible pixel density of 511ppi.

The Huawei sports only an IPS LCD with a density of 429ppi. What’s more, the Huawei sports an 80% screen to body ratio for a full experience, whereas the S10 trumps with 89%. Furthermore, the Samsung prides itself on its 1440 x 2960-pixel screen resolution whereas the Huawei is limited to a 1080 x 2240-pixel screen.

huawei p20 or samsung s10: display review

As you can see, while graphics processing may be equal, in this Samsung Galaxy S10 review, the S10 is going to produce the best results by far.

Winner: Samsung S10


Another important consideration to think about in a Huawei P20 & Samsung S10 comparison is making sure your device is going to be able to run everything you want to run at the same time without having to worry the device slowing down, lagging, or crashing.

Starting with the performance of the P20, the device is running an Octa-core processor sporting a 64-bit system architecture. To accompany this, the device is sporting around 4GB of RAM. However, the Samsung once again comes out on top.

huawei p20 or samsung s10: price review

Although it’s also sporting an Octa-core processor, which has higher ranking processors (such as the Cortex A55, whereas the P20 is only sporting the Cortex A53), the Samsung’s 64-bit architecture is running 6GB of RAM, giving you 50% more push when it comes to performance.

Winner: Samsung S10


Design is such an important aspect when it comes to smartphones because it will determine how you feel about using the device and whether it’s right for you. Starting with the Huawei P20 review, you’ll find the device with a 70.8x149.1mm screen with a thickness of 7.6mm.

This weighs a grand total of 165 grams, which is about the standard for a modern-day smartphone. The Samsung is sporting a much bigger body with specs measuring 75x157.7mm with a slightly larger thickness of 7.8mm.

huawei p20 or samsung s10:design review

However, the weight of the S10 has not been confirmed nor leaked. It’s also worth noting these sizes are subject to change depending on whether you opt for the standard version or the highly anticipated Samsung S10 Plus.

In terms of color and customizable options, the Samsung is sticking with its traditional four-color options of black, blue, green and white, whereas the Huawei has a lot more choice, including Champagne Gold, Twilight, Midnight Blue and more.

Of course, the design will depend on your personal preference, but with a better screen to body ratio, the Samsung ironically has the best design.


Whether you’re looking to overload your device with the latest apps, fill it with your favorite playlists, or capture endless photos and videos till your heart’s content, the amount of storage you have access to on your smartphone device is an essential consideration.

huawei p20 or samsung s10: storage

The P20 is available in a single model rated with 128GB of built-in memory. You can then expand this using external storage, such as an SD card, up to 256GB. However, the Samsung S10 is far more superior in this consideration.

The S10 will be available, on the confirmed Samsung Galaxy S10 release date, in three unique base sizes, from 128GB all the up to a huge 1TB. This memory can once again expand using external memory cards up to an incredible 400GB. This is a huge amount of memory, and you can be sure you’re not going to be able to fill this device up too quickly.

Winner: Samsung S10


Connectivity is such an important element to think about when it comes to smartphones because without being able to connect to your network or the internet, the device is rendered pretty much unusable. With 5G internet beginning to be rolled out around the world, this point is important if you’re preparing for the future.

As a general overview, both the P20 and the S10 have fairly similar connectivity stats. Both support 4, 3, and 2G networks, although the Samsung is rumored to support 5G, this hasn’t been confirmed.

Both devices come with state-of-the-art NFC technology, USB connections, 5GHz Wi-Fi with built-in hotspot capabilities, A-GPS with Glonass, industry-leading SIM card readers and processors (dual-SIM), and much more.

In fact, the difference in terms of connectivity between the two is the fact the P20 is running a V4.2 Bluetooth chip, whereas the Samsung Galaxy S10 features the more up-to-date V5.0, making the S10 slightly better in this category!

Winner: Samsung S10


What’s the point in having a state-of-the-art smartphone device if the battery is going to keep running out every time you start using it excessively? If you start using multiple apps and services, you’re going to need a smartphone that can take the strain and last for hours without leaving you in the dark.

The P20 tackles this problem by offering a 3400 mAh Li-ion battery with fast charging capabilities. With average daily usage, this should be enough to last the entire day.

However, the Samsung once again comes out on top sporting a powerful 4100 mAh battery (depending on the model you choose), giving you more power to run the apps you want, or giving you more lifespan on a single charge.

Nevertheless, both devices offer built0in wireless charging, so that’s a nice touch.

Winner: Samsung S10


The final point we want to consider when you compare Samsung and Huawei is, of course, the camera of each device. Smartphone cameras have come a long way in recent years, and now there are many devices that can easily rival the power of most point-and-shoot cameras and even some DSLRs.

huawei p20 or samsung s10: camera review

Jumping in with the P20, you’ll be able to enjoy a rear tri-lens camera that comes in at an astounding 40MP PLUS a 20MP and an 8MP lenses that come together to create a beautiful image you’re going to love.

The camera also supports a range of settings including autofocus (complete with laserfocus, phase focus, contrast focus, and deep focus) and a total image resolution of 4000x3000 pixels. You then have access to a 24MP front-facing camera; easily one of the best quality cameras in the industry.

On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy S10 features an outstanding camera functions, and the S10 is no exception. The S10 Plus is rumored to have the same level tri-lens rear camera while the E version will come with two.

These tri-lens measure in at 16MP, 13MP, and 12MP, although this still needs to be confirmed. The front will have two cameras on Plus and one on the E and the Lite with the same quality as the P20. Unfortunately, there are reports the S10 won’t come with optical image stabilization as standard, nor an auto-focus setting.

However, the S10 does come with a much higher image resolution of 4616x3464. While this is too close to call on which one is best, in terms of features and functionality, the Huawei is best, but in terms of easy quality, the Samsung trumps.

Winner: Samsung S10

Part 2: How to Switch to Samsung Galaxy S10 or Huawei P20

As you can see, both the Huawei P20 and the Samsung S10 are great devices, and both have amazing pros and very few cons that makes it clear why both are leading the Android smartphone market. Whichever device you choose is right for you, you can guarantee you’re going to have a fantastic experience.

Nevertheless, one of the biggest problems faced with getting a new smartphone is trying to transfer all your data from your old device to your new one. If you’ve had a smartphone for several years, it can be a nightmare, and incredibly time-consuming, to try and get everything across; especially if you have a lot of files.

This is where Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer comes to the rescue.

This is a powerful piece of software designed to help you move all your files from one smartphone device to another in the quickest, simplest and most painless way possible. This means you can get your new device up and running as quickly as possible for the best experience.

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Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer

One click to switch to Samsung S10 or Huawei P20 from old phone

  • All major manufacturers are supported, as well as all file types you may want to transfer.
  • During the transfer, you are the only person who will have access to your data, and all your files are protected from being overwritten, lost or deleted.
  • As easy as tapping a few buttons on a screen.
  • Mobile app version also provided to transfer all your files and data without a PC.
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How to Switch to Samsung S10 or Huawei P20 from an old phone

Ready to get started with your new Android device? Here’s a step-by-step guide detailing exactly what you need to do.

Step #1 - Setting Up Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer

Head over to the Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer website and download the software to your Mac or Windows computer. Install the software like you would any program and open the software to the main menu.

Click on the Switch option.

install software

Step #2 - Loading Up Your Smartphone Devices

On the next screen, you’ll be prompted to connect both devices; your old phone and the new one you want to transfer your data too. Do this now using the official USB cables for each.

Once the phones have been detected, you’ll be able to choose what files you want to transfer using the menu in the middle of the screen.

connect huawei p20 or samsung s10

Step #3 - Transfer Your Files

Select all the files you want to move from your photos, calendar entries, call logs, audio files, contacts, and pretty much every other kind of file on your phone. When you’re ready, click ‘Start Transfer’ and enjoy all the new content on your new device.

Wait for the notification to say the process is complete, disconnect your device and away you go!

transfer all data to huawei p20 or samsung s10

Video guide: 1 Click to Switch to Samsung S10 or Huawei P20

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