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10 Best Torrent Sites for Movies in 2024 [Tested and Safe]

Alice MJ

Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Latest News & Tactics • Proven solutions

Having torrent movie sites for downloading movies is exciting. They are effective because you can download movies free of cost, quickly, and access a wide range of films from around the world. You don’t have to worry about locating the actual place where the movie is available online or paying a hefty price.

With these best torrent movie download sites, you get the best of both worlds. If you're unsure about finding the right website for torrenting movies, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to explore more and find the perfect torrent movie sites for your needs!

Tips: Learn how to share torrent movie files easily.

Part 1: Prepare well to use torrenting movie sites

When you are going for torrent movie download sites to get the movies downloaded, they might contain copyright violated movies in them. As the local internet gateways (ISP) monitors the websites you browse, it might catch the sites being accessed.

So the best move is to choose a reliable VPN service and mask your online footprints securely. VPNs help you not only mask your IP from the gateways but also protect your system data, identity online while using public Wi-Fis. Moreover, you can unlock locked IPs and browse the websites easily with it. It protects you from online identity theft, fraudulent activities, and makes your life simple.

Quick VPN setup on your device/PC

You can consider NordVPN as an ultimate example of accessing free torrent movie download sites. This VPN not only opens blocked torrent movie download websites/other sites in addition to hiding your back. But also improves system performance and provides faster downloading of movies from the torrent movie download websites. Apart from that, you get the benefit of having proxy browser extensions and dedicated IPs as well. So, accessing movie torrent websites through NordVPN is obviously a wise choice for movie lovers.

A detailed guide for setting up your NordVPN to use kickass movie download site –

Step 1: Get the VPN on your computer.

Go to NordVPN's site and then press the ‘Download’ button. Once the download is over, open the ‘Download’ folder to select the ‘NordVPN Setup.exe’ file for a Windows system.

torrent movie sites - download vpn service

Step 2: Install NordVPN

Once the download process is over, hit the popup window to being the installation process. Press the ‘Tap Virtual Ethernet Adapter’ option and then the ‘Next’ button, in case the software is used in the computer for the first time. Tap on the ‘Install’ button and install NordVPN.

torrent movie sites - install vpn program

Step 3: Setup NordVPN

Click on the NordVPN icon on your computer to launch it, followed by tapping the ‘Allow’ but when prompted. Feed your NordVPN credentials here and press the ‘Log in now’ button. When you hit the ‘Quick Connect’ button on the top corner, an automatic connection with the VPN is established. You can confirm it by seeing the green county pin button glowing on the screen. Now, you can key in any bittorrent movies download sites and download your favorite movie.

torrent movie sites - vpn setup

Part 2: 10 best torrenting sites for movies

Whether you are looking for English movie torrenting sites or torrenting film sites in other languages, your search ends here. In this portion of the article, we are going to collate the top 10 movie torrenting sites for you. So that you can easily pick the desired one and get your favorite movie downloaded. Go through this section to know more about the bittorrent movie sites.


torrent movie sites - idope

Among the best site to download torrented movies, iDope is known as the top contenders. It offers you direct magnet links for torrents along with an 18 million torrents database. With a neat UI and mobile-friendly version, it enables you to download TV shows, movies, games, and music. It is accessible in most countries of the world.

Note: If you need to transfer torrent media to your mobile device, we have the perfect solution for you: Dr.Fone.

Dr.Fone is a versatile toolkit designed to keep your phone organized. With the Dr.Fone Basic Phone Manager feature, you can quickly transfer torrent media between devices in just a few minutes. Simply download the Dr.Fone Basic Phone Manager to move media files between your iOS/Android device and computer, and you're all set!

How to Transfer Torrent Media to Your Phone

safe Downloadsafe & secure


torrent movie sites - torrentz2

This is a free movie torrenting site, which is actually a torrent search engine. It collates different search engine results to bring you a huge torrent database. There are 61 million torrents with this site. Among them, the majority are movie torrents. Movies, applications, games, TV shows, and music are the most popular genres of torrents found in this site.


torrent movie sites - zooqle

Zooqle is one of the best torrent movie download sites with almost three million verified torrents. Though it has been eyed suspiciously for long, it continued to grow tremendously. It even got listed among the top 10 torrenting sites for quite a while. You can download movies, books, TV shows, music, and a lot more with this site.

Torrent Downloads

torrent movie sites - torrent downloads

Speaking of best torrent sites for Bollywood movies or movies in other regional languages/Hollywood movies can be downloaded with this site. It is a torrent index comprising of a huge database. The number of torrents roughly sums up to 16 million. Talk about movies, music, TV shows, games, books, or software Torrent Downloads is a hot favorite. It is banned in the UK.

Bit Torrent Scene

torrent movie sites - bit torrent scene

This one is among the best torrent sites to download movies, games, TV series, music, eBooks and software. Available across most countries, it also has different mirror URLs and IPs—the number of torrents it has roughly beyond 5 million.

The Pirate Bay

torrent movie download site - tpb

The Pirate bay is one of the best torrent websites for movies and can help you download applications, music, eBooks, TV shows, and games as well. It is among the leading controversial torrent sites of the world, which got blocked in almost 28 countries across the globe. But, it is one of the most reliable sites so far. Most torrents on this site comprise of movies and TV shows. It has almost 3 million torrents and supports instant download.


torrent movie download site - torlock

Looking for the best torrent site for movie download would lead you to Torlock torrent index and search engine. It basically concentrates on movies and TV shows while providing genuine torrents. If the users track a fake torrent on the site, then it pays them $1 per torrent. It can also download anime, games, music, eBooks, and applications. It has almost 4 million torrents and supports instant download. It is banned in India, Australia, and the UK.


torrent movie download site - your bittorrent

This torrenting website for movies can also download TV series, games, anime, software, eBooks, and music for you. Banned in the UK and Portugal, this site has around 1 million torrents under its belt.

Torrent Funk

torrent movie download site

With torrent funk, you can download torrent movies like never before. It has a verified status indication for the fair game along with user reviews. This site is active, but the front page contains obscene images. Care must be taken while using this torrenting site for downloading movies across genres.


torrent movie download site - 01torrent

01Torrent is one of the most efficient movie torrent sites available in the market. Apart from movies, it can also assist you in downloading torrent files for music, eBooks, TV series, games, videos, etc. The latest movies, eBooks, and music is displayed on the home page so that you can quickly download them. The interface is very intuitive and allows easy download of content.

Part 3: Must-have knowledge for using Movie Torrenting Sites

How to download real movies after getting movie torrents

Once you have downloaded a movie torrent using the above mentioned torrenting sites. You need to follow the instruction mentioned below:

  1. Locate the downloaded torrent file over your computer.
  2. Double tap on it to open it up using the torrent downloader client like Utorrent, Bittorrent, etc.
    Or alternatively, you can launch torrenting client software first and then drag drop the file over its interface.
  3. The software will then fetch the details about the movie from the torrent. Confirm your actions to proceed with downloading your movie. In a short while (depending upon your internet speed), your movie will be downloaded to your PC.

Take care to avoid copyright-violated content.

As most torrenting websites are downloading movies illegally or have copyright issues. There are occasions that you might fall into legal problems if you download pirated or copyright-violated content. It’s best to ignore such copyright-violated content in the first place.

Pay extra attention while downloading the movies from the internet. Look thoroughly if there are any copyright issues or not.

Safety tip: Make torrent use anonymous

To be on the safer side, it is recommended to use a reliable VPN service such as NordVPN. When you are using a VPN to access torrenting content, your online activities are masked by the VPN. It allows you to anonymously browse the internet and download desired torrent files. Even you can make use of public Wi-Fi services without raising any suspicion or making your computer vulnerable to online threats.

Alice MJ

Alice MJ

staff Editor

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