10 Best Torrent Search Engines [Hot among Seasoned Torrent Users]

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While browsing for torrent search engines, one mustn’t worry about finding the perfect one.

As the market is flooded with so many options out there, it’s obvious to get distracted and choose something that is not suitable. But, with a clear guide on what to pick and what not to, this dilemma would have an end to it. So, to make your life simpler we have collated a list of 10 best torrent search engines in this article.

Keep reading to explore more about the amazing features of each of the bittorrent search engines.

Part I: 10 Best Torrent Search Engines in 2018

In this part of the article, we are going to explain about the pros, cons and a brief description about the torrent search engine to download different software, movies, TV shows, music, games etc. we have also listed the link for them, so that you can easily trace them to meet your needs.

Note: The behavior of downloading torrents from torrent search engines may be tracked by web monitors. You may be fined if detected downloading copyright-violated torrents (even unknowingly). Set up VPN on your PC to hide yourself from monitors.

Here is the list of top torrent search engines for you.

Utorrent Search

bittorrent search engine - utorrent

This is our top pick among the top 10 torrent search engines over the internet. If you are looking for playing files or saving them right away at a fast download rate, Utorrent Search is the right place for you.


  • Remote management, scripting, and automation settings for power-users is available with Utorrent Search.
  • It has a user-friendly interface and advanced customization.


  • It is banned in a few countries
  • You might need a VPN to securely get the files downloaded.

AIO Search

torrent search engine - aio search

If you are up for an extra torrent search engine, how about picking AIO Search for that matter? For using this search engine to locate torrent files, you will require to login and register and unleash the full potential of this search engine.


  • Being a meta search engine utilizing other torrent websites, search engines and file hosting services.
  • It can run as a Chrome, Web, and Firefox browser extension. The extensions come with ‘keyword auto-complete’, ‘keyword highlighter’ as well as context menu options.


  • It doesn’t directly search torrents, rather uses other streaming websites and file hosting services for that matter.
  • It is bit confusing for the user to use.


torrent search engine - btdb

Among the biggest torrent search engines, BTDB vouches for the top contenders in the market. It features almost 128 million torrents which are indexed on this torrent search engine.


  • It is a link magnet and torrent search engine listing millions of torrents.
  • Recent torrents can be found by clicking a quick link over the main page.


  • It lists the indexes for torrents not the actual torrents.


torrent search engine - torrent seeker

Among the top torrent search engines in 2017, Torrent Seeker has gained a remarkable place to attract the user base. This mighty torrent search engine gathers outputs out of multiple torrent sites. It can pick torrents from Pirate Bay, RARBG, Extratorrent, 1337X, Kickass torrents, and Zooqle along with unblocked torrent proxy portals.


  • The torrent site indexes are updated on regular basis according to the most popular and latest torrent indexes and torrent proxy sites respectively.
  • It also updates indexes for language specific and small niche torrent sites.


  • This torrent search engine lacks in basic search filtering functionality.


torrent search engine - torrentz2

It has garnered a good position in the torrent search engine list as it offers free movie torrenting. It retrieves data out of multiple torrenting sites like a true search engine and displays a wide database of torrents to you.


  • Approximately 61 million torrents majorly comprising of movies are found with this torrent search engine.
  • Apart from movies, you can get games, applications, music and TV shows among the most sought after genres of torrents.


  • Majority of torrents are movies only.


torrent search engine - torrents.me

When it comes to top torrent search engines, this site won’t lie low. Be it movies, TV shows, games, software or anything else, Torrents.me can never leave you disappointed. Being at the top torrenting sites list in recent years, it has an upper hand over other search engine sites.


  • Direct torrent files and magnet links can be found from various torrenting sites through this search engine.
  • This website is a metasearch link.


  • Torrent file downloading is bit slower compared to other torrenting search engines.
  • You will find the user interface pretty complicated to use.

Torrent project

bittorrent search engine - torrent project

Like utorrent search engine sites, this torrent file metasearch engine displays gathered links from popular torrent hosting pages like Extratorrent. You can use it as an alternative for sites like Kickass torrents and Torrentz.eu. it also has Torrents Time plugin along with a API that enables application integrated search functions. Moreover, TorrentFreak (the news site) recommended allowing streaming for this site in coming years.


  • You get around 8 million torrent file indexed on this site.
  • It has a neat interface which makes it more convenient to use.


  • It is blocked in the UK.
  • It often triggers adverts in pop up windows with every click.


bittorrent search engine - rarbg

Rarbg is  not a new torrent search engine that you use to download healthy torrent files from. It is a site which is out there in the market since a good amount of time. You can download varied range of torrent files including software, music, movies, games etc. There is a separate page meant solely for show and movie trailers. You can find out the top 10 most frequently downloaded torrents by other users across each category.


  • You can skip the restrictions by using a VPN, while downloading torrents in regions it is blocked.
  • The block section in this site contains TV shows and comic characters based news articles.


  • There are multiple Ads popping up on the website, which is pretty annoying for users.
  • You will find the interface bit non-intuitive to use.


bittorrent search engine - veoble

Veoble is one of the best torrent search engine. Torrenting in this site is enabled through Google Custom Search. It has a black background for limiting the screen brightness and protect your eyes from getting strained.


  • It filters results from the internet and shows only the relevant ones according to the search phrase or keyword. Date wise filtering is also possible here.
  • You can get all in one search results including image search, general web search, using this fast, trusted and intuitive search engine.


  • There are a whole lot of adverts over this torrent search engine that may spoil user experience.
  • This torrenting search engine has quite a bit confusing interface.


bittorrent search engine - xtorx

The pace at which XTORX works is commendable. It is considered one of the best torrent search engines. You can quickly get any torrent file within the web.


  • You can get results for torrent search from websites like Btjunkie and Pirate Bay.
  • XTORX brings you the most relevant and trusted results.


  • The interface is extremely simple and may look ugly to some users for its overly simple appearance.

Part II: How to use torrent search engines safely?

Stay anonymous when using torrent search engines

While browsing through the utorrent search engine sites, make sure not to divulge your IP to your ISP. These torrent sites are in most parts of the world get restricted by local authorities, being considered illegal. Copyright infringement being one of the major concerns for anonymously using torrent search engines. You might get fines for torrenting in certain countries or regions as well.

To prevent these, you can opt for a reliable VPN, install it over your computer and activate/enable it before browsing. Geo-restrictions, copyright issues and government censorship can be avoided using a VPN service.

Video guide: How to set up VPN to safely use torrent search engines

By using a VPN, you can securely browse public Wi-Fi without being scared about the malware attacks or online identity theft incidents. VPNs ensure that your IP is masked from the ISPs and you safely browse the torrent sites without any hassle.

Do not download pirated contents

Getting pirated software downloaded on your system can pose a risk to your computer. Torrents at times contain copyright violated and pirated content which might act against your computer’s security.

If the software is from a big brand and expensive but you are getting it for free on torrent, then there are chances that it is a pirated one with illegal copies. It might corrupt your computer disk and make it defunct. Ensure to stay away from downloading such pirated content.

Enhance local firewall and anti-virus software

Another step towards security is tightening the anti-virus software and firewalls. When you download torrents using torrent search engines, plenty of viruses and malware might sneak in through them.

Because, you never know which torrent is safe and which is not. In case you have accidentally downloaded any of the malicious torrents that might harm your computer. These antivirus program installed on your PC will protect the PC from the malware attacks. Make sure to enable the firewall and antivirus.

Scan for viruses before opening downloaded files

Ensure that you scan each torrent downloaded file before opening it. If you open them without scanning, you might end up exposing your computer to unwanted virus, trojans and malwares.

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