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10 Hand-picked TV Shows/Series Torrenting Sites

James Davis

Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Latest News & Tactics • Proven solutions

Enjoying your favorite TV shows’ entire season over the weekend in your pajamas is bliss! But, if you exhaust the season and still have time to call it a weekend, what will you do?

Look for the next series and start binge-watching it. When you don’t have your favorite series’ next season, it is obvious to look for the best way to get them. TV series torrenting sites make their significance felt at such junctures. In case you are unsure about which series torrenting sites to look for, we have the right solutions for you.

Tips: Learn how to share the torrent TV series easily between Mac, PC, Android, and iOS.

Here, we have collated 10 best TV torrent sites for your weekend binge-watching session! Go grab your series without waiting.

Part 1. Why download TV Shows/Series from TV Shows/Series torrent sites?

Getting TV shows/series from the web is practically difficult without shedding big bucks. But, with TV shows torrenting sites, you can avail them for free. Not only this, but you also have the privilege of downloading a wide range of movies, music, software applications, etc. that you can’t find anywhere else.

In addition to it, you get to experience exceptionally fast downloading speed, which is just can’t be matched by other websites over the internet. Though, the toughest task is to find the right TV torrent sites and download your favorite series with that.

Part 2. 10 best TV Shows/Series torrent sites to download TV Shows/Series

In this part of the article, we have compiled a list of top 10 TV shows/series torrent sites from the internet. After going through it, we are confident that you would figure out which one suits you best. It doesn’t matter which TV series or shows you are downloading from the torrenting sites, as long as the show is available there.

Note: Downloading TV show torrents without a VPN is risky because the ISP and agencies are tracking your online behaviors. So, you must opt for a VPN to hide your online tracks while accessing any TV series torrenting site.


tv shows torrenting sites - idope

You can call iDope, the best torrent site for TV shows, as it allows you to download a wide range of TV series from the web without much hassle. Apart from that, it also provides you with torrents in music, movies, games as well. The database on this website contains 18 million-plus torrents and various direct magnet links to make your torrenting experience a smooth walk.

This site is available worldwide, so you don’t have to worry about the ISP restrictions while using this TV shows torrenting site. This user-friendly site is compatible with your mobile devices as well. This is absolutely a welcome relief, as depending on your laptop or desktop is too much a task at times.

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safe Downloadsafe & secure


tv shows torrenting sites - torlock

For TV series or shows torrenting, you can anytime pick Torlock as your ideal choice. You can rely on this torrenting site for downloading music and movie torrents as well. No doubt, Torlock is coveted as the popular entertainment torrent site among the users. It also acts as a torrent indexing site and search engine for torrents.

Moreover, games, anime, eBooks, applications can also be downloaded using this torrenting site. A bonus point with this TV show torrenting site is, users get rewarded for tracking and informing about fake torrents in the site. They are paid $1 per fake torrents noticed within the Torlock site. The speed to download torrents is pretty impressive, and the site has almost 4 million torrents to download from. The site is banned in India, Australia, and the UK.


tv shows torrenting sites - torrentz2

This TV series torrenting site is a torrent search engine which pulls up data from numerous other torrent search engines and shows up a huge torrent database to you. Majorly the torrents are of movies, but the site boasts applications, games, music, and TV show torrents as well. You can find movies and TV shows across the most popular genres on this website.

Torrent Downloads

tv shows torrenting sites - torrent downloads

Torrent Downloads is your go-to place for best torrent sites for series. You get Hollywood/Bollywood and various regional movie torrents with this torrent indexing website. The huge database swarms with 16 million-plus torrents.

Apart from TV shows/series, this site provides you music, games, eBooks, movies, and software that you can quickly download on your computer. In the UK, Torrent Downloads has been banned.

Bit Torrent Scene

tv shows torrenting sites - torrent scene

While you are keen to down your ‘Vampire Diaries’ season and find no way to get it online. Bit Torrent Scene might come to your rescue, with a huge collection of TV series for you. You can also download movie torrents, eBooks, games, software torrents as well using this amazing website.

There are numerous IPs and mirror URLs for accessing your favorite TV series torrent all across the globe. It boasts a collection of around 5 million torrents.


best torrent site for tv shows - zooqle

Looking for the ultimate TV show torrenting site? Zooqle is going to help you to a large extent. This site had three million verified torrents that clients across the world can get their hands on.

Though it has been eyed suspiciously since long, the site’s growth has never been marred by any means. The growth is steady while keeping the site among the top 10 torrenting sites in the market. Apart from TV series, you can always download movie torrents, music, eBooks, etc. from the internet.


best torrent site for tv shows - yourbittorrent

This is one of the best torrent sites for TV series downloading and it offers you a lot more than that. Using YourBittorrent, you can get games, movies, anime, software, and eBook, etc. downloaded on your computer.

There are approximately one million torrents available on the site for worldwide users, but the site is banned in Portugal. You can use a VPN to securely browse through the site at any time.

The Pirate Bay

best torrent site for tv shows - pirate bay

Being the most sought after torrenting site in the market, The Pirate Bay torrenting can easily download TV series torrents for you. Moreover, music, games, software, eBook, and movie torrents can also be downloaded from this website without any glitch. Being one of the leading torrenting sites of the world, it has always been piled up in controversies. It has been banned in 28 countries across the world.

TV shows and movies are the widely available category of torrent content on this website. It has almost three million torrents to its credit. Instant torrent download is possible with The Pirate Bay. You save money as well as the time when you choose this torrenting website for downloading your favorite TV series.


best torrent site for tv shows - 1337x

Having 1337X for downloading TV show torrents, you are sure to get the most out of it. It helps you browse through the vast collection of movies, music, games torrents, and then download them as you desire.

The enhanced user-interface brings a better experience for the users. There is no delay in downloading your favorite content from this torrenting site, due to its quick functionality.


best torrent site for tv shows - 01torrent

01Torrent is among the most liked TV series or shows downloading torrent sites. Apart from the series, it also helps you get eBook torrents, movies, games, videos, and music torrents downloaded on your computer. You can see the latest movies, music, and eBook torrents featured on the main page of this website. You can quickly navigate through them and download them afterward.

Part 3. How to safely use torrents for TV Shows/Series download?

Now that you have learned about the 10 best TV torrent sites, we would recommend you keep in mind these important facts.

Stay anonymous when using TV show torrenting sites

With VPN services, you ensure that your torrenting activities are well hidden from the authorities who might penalize for consuming free content or accessing restricted sites in a specific geographic region.

While downloading overseas TV series, they might not be available in your area over the usual search engines. But, looking for them though VPNs make things easier for you. You can find international content and skip the ISP restrictions.

Moreover, there would be no harmful spammers crawling behind your back. You may avoid even the copyright infringement issues using VPN services, as your IP is masked by the VPN.

Video how-to: Set up VPN to mask your identity to use TV shows torrents

Here we are going to discuss the step by step guide for downloading TV Shows/Series torrents from the best TV show torrent sites, as well as use torrents to download real TV Shows/Series.

Step 1. Get the Torrent file

Find the torrent site first and then open it. Key in the desired torrent file name within the search box.

search tv torrents

Select the preferred torrent file from the list displayed to you. You will navigate to the next page after tapping the torrent file link. Now, the torrent download link appears on the screen, click the link and wait for the file to get downloaded.

Step 2. Install the Torrent Downloader Software

Browse the official website of your desired torrent downloader and then tap on the download button to get the software on your computer.

tv show torrent downloader

Install the torrent downloader on your computer as soon as the download process is complete.

Step 3. Download the data from Torrent

    1. Considering, you have downloaded the uTorrent downloader. You need to drag and drop the torrent file that you have downloaded in ‘Step1’ into the uTorrent interface.
    2. Once dropped on the uTorrent interface, uTorrent will pick the details and download your desired TV series from the torrent file.
download tv series via torrents
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James Davis

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