10 Best Mac Torrenting Sites and Clients for Mac Torrent Download

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Many users opt out for Torrent when they want to manage the download of media files. And as far as the Mac users concerns, they need the best clients and websites that don’t bring harm to their systems.

Torrenting is a file sharing protocol based on the P2P technology that allows a vast number of people to share content without relying upon a single source. Most of the torrent traffic is handled by BitTorrent bringing the number of users to 250 million and it is still growing.

The Torrent websites for Mac work a little bit differently, hence we have gathered up a complete list of clients and websites that will be perfect for the Mac users to download various content easily.

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Part I. Advantages of Mac Torrent Download

Torrent/BitTorrent download for Mac certainly has many advantages over the other websites and clients. Some of those advantages are listed here to ensure that the users know what they are using and how it will be helpful.

  • The P2P concept has a decentralized process thereby allowing the users to try out the other sources available for the download of a single file. As the files are not hosted by a single main central server, users are entirely free to use them when the main server is offline.
  • One of the biggest advantages of the BitTorrent is that it saves up the half downloaded files. In case your system suffers from an unexpected crash, or the network connection is disconnected due to some reason, you won’t need to restart your download as it will continue from the point it stopped.
  • The Torrent website has its own server which will help the user to download a file with fast speed.
  • The files won’t get lost after download. They can be easily found in a separate folder.

Part II. How to Make Mac Torrent Download Safe?

Even though the BitTorrent server is popular but that doesn’t make it a reliable and safe source for downloading the files. They pose some risks to the users and the system.

Some of the most common risks posed by the Mactorrenting sites and clients are:

  • Data Safety: The online streaming and surfing of BitTorrent websites pose a threat for the users. The main risk is posed to the critical information stored in their online identities.
  • Vulnerability: There is no place online where you can’t be a target for the hackers and ID theft cases. The P2P technology does reduce the risk but there is still a possibility left for some kind of hacking.
  • Legal Issues: The biggest concerns for the Torrent users are the viability of the websites and clients. As it is well known that the Torrent websites contain data that is copyrighted. Thus, the use of the Torrent sites is under observation regularly so that no user can download or upload an illegal file.

Note: There is another risking of Torrenting which makes the system vulnerable to malware and viruses, but that can also be prevented with the help of best Anti-Virus or Anti-malware programs that can be installed on your Mac.

Get fully protected with a VPN on Mac

All the above risk can be removed from the online download with just a simple method. Using VPN is the best way to protect your system and your IDs online. Deploying a VPN for additional privacy and security is the key point to prevent the risks of BitTorrent on Mac. The VPN will keep your ID hidden as it encrypts the data and hides the real IP address of the system. Thus, you will be able to access the BitTorrent on Mac anonymously and can download any file to Mac from the website with considerable advantages of the server.

Video Guide: How to Set Up VPN on Mac

Part III. 5 Best Mac Torrent Sites

Mac torrent download websites are considered as the best option for the download of media files to Mac. This way user will be able to download the files without even having the software installed on their system.

Note: Mac torrenting sites may contain contents that are directly involved in copyright infringement. Downloading such contents is risky and illegal. You need to set up VPN on Mac to be anonymous online and prevent being tracked and fined.

The most popular websites used by the people are listed below:

The Pirate Bay

mac torrenting sites - TPB

The Pirate Bay has been maintaining its position on the top of the list of the best Mac torrent sites for a long time. The website hasn’t even changed its domain and still wears the crown of being the topmost user’s choice. The main reason behind this might be the diverse collection of the torrents for movies, games, software, Audiobooks, music files, TV shows, etc. The website is preferred by the users as it offers the most abundant features. So, have an advantage of the All-In-one features with the world’s most resilient BitTorrent site for Mac.


mac torrenting sites- EZTV

If you have ever tried downloading TV series from the torrent website than you must already know about the EZTV. It is the most reliable and widely used Mac torrenting sites. It is mostly visited by the users trying to download TV series. Well, it is the only content available on the website but that doesn’t make it lag behind in the competition. The site has the basic look with simple torrent links and some other information. It also offers to create a user account service to save the favorites of the Mac users.


mac torrenting sites - RARBG

The RARBG is a not-so-modern website but effectively operates by providing the features it is meant for. Although the website contains a lot of ads, it is still very reliable Torrent websites for Mac to get the hand on all the content you’ve been trying to get access to. The website offer download of Movies, Videos, Music Files, Softwares, Games, etc without any restrictions. The website also has a blog section for the hardcore fans of the comics and the imaginary TV world. This website would fit the requirements of a Mac user who just began their journey through the torrent world.


mac torrenting sites - 1337X

It is a well-known BitTorrent website for Mac. The website is very popular for its well placed neat and properly aligned content from the homepage to the index page. The website has a Trending section that features popular movies, TV shows, and other content. Visiting the website will surely give the users a cool feel as they won’t have to run their eyes all through the page to look for the required content. The content is presented in such an elegant way that it becomes easy to contemplate the working of the website. This platform is a fantastic option for gamers as it offers a wide array of games application with a full license.


mac torrenting sites - LimeTorrents

It is also a very effective Mac torrenting site that makes it quite easy for the users to download the desired files. With the help of this website, you can download TV series, Movies, games, Anime, and applications. The Lime Torrents offers separate web pages where the updated and trending content is uploading. The users will require creating an account on the website only then they will be able to download the media files to Mac. It is a multi-category Mac torrent site that has many torrents with proficient seed count.

Part IV. 5 Best BitTorrent Clients (Mac)

Note: When using BitTorrent clients, you are exchanging the common media sources with strangers online. Who knows it is not a hacker tracking your privacy. Set up VPN quickly on Mac to remain anonymous online and stop being tracked.

The Mac Client apps that are provided by some reliable developers of Torrents are listed below:

uTorrent App (Mac)

bittorrent client mac - uTorrent App

The uTorrent app is an incredible lightweight client managed by the BitTorrent for Mac OS X. The client was developed around the year 2005 and since then it has revolutionized the downloading process of the users. It is the most widely accepted and used a Mac torrent client.

Although the advertisement support has been criticized to some extent the criticism didn’t affect the usage of the Mac client app. The uTorrent app has so many featured bundled up in just a single application. Moreover, the app doesn’t even require too many resources of the system to work efficiently. The download schedule has made it the potential download safer and easy. The users love to have a Mac client app which is smaller than a digital photo.

qBittorrent App (Mac)

bittorrent client mac - qBittorrent App

The balancing of the features, simplicity and incomparable speed is the thing that qBittorrent app provides. This is one of the best clients for Mac Torrent downloads. It is a very handy tool that has no ads and offers most of the conceivable functions. This Mac app will keep everything simple and boasts the integrated torrent search engine.

Along with the search engine, it also enhances the media player working, provides encryption and offers prioritization of the torrents and the files. It also offers IP filtering and torrent creation to match up the qualities of uTorrent. This is a cross-platform app and covers the essential features without making the app more complicated.

BitTorrent Official Client App (Mac)

bittorrent client mac - BitTorrent Official Client

This app is handled by the BitTorrent itself. The BitTorrent for Mac OS X comes with web-based seeding technology with scheduling download. The BitTorrent app is a rebranded version of the uTorrent app with few identical functionalities of the older version.

The Mac app is entirely free and offers more security features. Although the BitTorrent protocol is massively used for pirated content it also has legitimate uses. It also has some extra tools to ease up the download and speed it up with varying bandwidth limits. The Mac app also contains ads but it can be tolerated looking at its benefits.

Vuze for Mac

bittorrent client mac - Vuze

Vuze is another client app available for the users. This BitTorrent client for Mac is packed with a variety of features only if you don’t mind the advertisements. The Vuze app has the clearest and well-designed interface with a plethora of features that ultimately makes it the most powerful Mac torrenting app on the entire planet.

The Mac app comes in two essences, the first one is the Stripped-Back Vuze Leap and the second one is the Fully Fledged Vuze Plus. Both of the Mac client apps offer a torrent download, support for magnet file links, and media playback. It is the integrated virus protection system of the Vuze Plus and the Media files preview feature that distinguish them from each other. It is a robust Mac torrent client which is worth a try.

Deluge BitTorrent Client for Mac

bittorrent client mac - Deluge

Deluge is a cross-platform client app that has expandable plug-in features. It is a very popular BitTorrent client for Mac and Windows system both. The interface might be a little sparse but it is still a very powerful Mac app that enables the users to download the files in a fancy way.

The Plug-in feature enables the users to construct their own personalized version of Deluge. The Mac app closely resembles the uTorrent app as it stores the media files into directories according to the file type. The app will adjust speed, schedule everything, create graphs of the downloaded files and offer batch rename of downloads.


Hopefully, the article will be of much help to Mac users for their downloading requirements. The various BitTorrent websites and clients for Mac will prove worthy but remember to use an authentic VPN service to protect you from the risks.

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