20 torrentz/torrentz2 Alternatives for torrentz torrent Downloads

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TorrentZ2/Torrentz is among the leading torrenting sites majorly focusing on torrent search. In other words, TorrentZ2 is actually a torrentz search engine that retrieves data from multiple torrent search engines and populates a large torrent database in front of you.

These torrents comprise of games, movies, applications, TV shows etc. But, the most popular genre of this Torrentz website includes movie torrents. The only obstacle to access these torrenting sites and torrent search engines is they are blocked in most countries across the globe. So, for situations like that, do you have any solution?

Well! We do have a fix for such troubles, and in this article we are going to feature all of them. Yes! We have alternatives for Torrentz to download your favorite torrents.

Part 1. Torrentz/torrentz2 alternatives: 10 similar torrent sites

When torrentz/torrentz2 sites are blocked and you can’t access them. It is better to go for some alternative torrentz2 download sites instead. In this part of the article, we are going to introduce 10 alternate websites that would help you carry out your torrenting exercise with full potential.


torrentz torrent alternative - 1337x

As an effective torrentz 2 alternative 1337X helps you download torrents in different categories on your system. Be it movies, music, games or TV shows, it has a galore of options right within to explore. With an improvised user-interface you get the best out of this torrenting site. There is no such thing called waiting time with 1337X, as the file downloading is pretty fast.


torrentz torrent alternative - yts

Having torrentz like torrenting sites can bring you more scope for downloading your favorite content for free over the internet. YTS.ag ensures that you can get games, music, software, movies to download from without any trouble. The attractive layout of this site assures you that you can browse breezily through the list of torrents across genres. Due to the intuitive interface of this program, you don’t have to worry about the navigation and searching of torrents within it. Everything is sorted and well managed in this site.

The Pirate Bay

torrentz torrent alternative - tpb

Being the most popular and on the scrutiny new torrentz site, The Pirate Bay has indeed carved a niche for itself. Starting from music, games, software, eBooks, movies and TV shows, it has everything under its belt. All you need to do is, browse for your favorite torrent file and its right at your fingertips. It has been banned in 28 countries worldwide, though it is a trusted torrenting site. Basically, most of the torrents in this site are movies and TV shows which you can explore and download on your computer. instant torrent download is supported by this website and you can find approximately three million torrents here.


torrentz torrent alternative - gazellegames

GazellaGames is one of the torrentz new alternatives that uses usenet, torrents for downloading game torrents. You can even stream DDL as well with it. It is a closed group and allows limited number of people for signing up and using it. It is advised not to share personal information like email IDs, trackers or ask invites from strangers. It supports Nintedo DS, Linux, Windows platforms. It is basically a game torrenting site.


torrentz torrent alternative - lime

Talking about lime torrentz, LimeTorrents has led the league as a popular game torrenting site so far. Though, it doesn’t stop there to amaze you. It helps you download music, movies, eBooks, software and lot more from the internet. It hosts content that you can enjoy with your family. Though, banned in some countries a VPN can allow you access the site for free, without much hassle.


torrentz torrent alternative - soundpark

As a torrentz2u alternative, Soundpark requires you to sign up an account in order to explore the full features of this site. The site features top music of the day, month’s top, week’s top, new video, new music, top albums etc., which helps you pick the desired one with ease. A vast range of music videos and music torrents can be downloaded from this site across genres.


torrentz torrent alternative - Rutracker

If you are looking for a music alternate torrentz 2/torrent site, then Rutracker.org is your go to place. It is majorly a torrent indexing site with a huge database of local and international torrent files. Google translate fetches major amount of data from this website. Being the most popular Russian site as well, it is under strict scrutiny by the Russian authorities.

Dirty Torrents

torrentz torrent alternative - dirty torrents

This is one of the most looked for torrentz alternative so far. You can download torrents for TV shows, music, applications, games as well as adult content from this torrenting site.


torrentz torrent alternative - torrentfunk

While talking about the leading torrentz 2/torrent alternative sites, TorrentFunk is a strong contender for music torrent downloads. This site doesn’t come up on most search results as the home page contains inappropriate images. For fair playing users, this site offers user reviews and verified status indication. While surfing the site to download content, keep in mind about the front page images.


torrentz torrent alternative - bitport

Toreentz sites can easily give way to Bitport, thanks to its secure cloud storage facility. It anonymously downloads torrents to a cloud space and helps you access it later. Be it music, games, movies or anything else, torrenting is fun with this site. You no longer need installing a torrenting client for downloading files on your computer, as all the files will be saved on your cloud account. Direct streaming and downloading of music is possible using your web browser.

Part 2. Torrentz/torrentz2 alternatives: 10 proxy/mirror sites

Proxy or mirror sites are images of the original site which has been banned in your region. By using proxy sites you can stream or download the same content as that of the original site, without alerting the authorities or copyright owners who at the first place have blocked the parent site.

In this section of the article, we are going to list 1o proxy/mirror sites to access torrentz/torrentz2 services.


torrentz proxy alternative - proxysite

With this proxy site, you are rest assured about speed, SSL encryption, privacy protection, and accessing websites across the globe. This website can bypass filters set by government agencies or company firewalls. You browse anonymously due to the SSL encrypted connection.


torrentz proxy alternative - hideme

With this website you can easily access torrentz 2/torrent website content. It encrypts your connection like a VPN and allows you use blocked sites anonymously. Better performance is rendered through access controlled servers supporting OpenVPN, SOCKS, SSTP, SoftEther, and best ping time. It is easy to configure and doesn’t save your IPs. It supports Smart TVs, smartphones, Mac or Windows systems.


torrentz proxy alternative - proxyfree

Looking for torrentz2 proxies, this site is an apt alternative for you. Censorship and copyright related site blockages can be eliminated by browsing through this proxy site. It bypasses the restrictions and retains anonymity intact by acting ad an intermediate between your and the target site. Your proxy IP is revealed only to the target site while keeping your actions SSL encrypted.


torrentz proxy alternative - filterbypass

Having this torrentz2/torrent proxy site is a blessing if you are keen on browsing websites from across the globe without any restrictions. With a 128 bit SSL security settings you can bypass social media restrictions as well. Streaming dailymotion and YouTube videos is also possible with this. You can anonymously browse any website around the world.


torrentz proxy alternative - atoz

For accessing torrent proxies, so that you can download or stream content from the websites that your office or government has banned, you can seek help from atozproxy.com. It helps you unblock restricted sites and presents their mirror image to easily browse them. It is mobile friendly, SSL encrypted for security and runs with ultrafast pace.


torrentz proxy alternative - dns proxy

This proxy site can assist you in unblocking restricted websites like never before. Using this site, you can access 400 channels in 39 countries for free. It supports multiple devices and offers you unlimited content consumption while accessing any restricted website.


torrentz proxy alternative - gdn

A yet another alternative to access torrentz 2/torrent site via bypassing proxy is none other than unblocked.gdn. The site helps you gain back access to a whole lot of blocked torrent sites, streaming sites, sports, music, book or adult content in just a matter of a few seconds.


torrentz proxy alternative - unblockall.org

The next proxy site that we have on the list to help you access the blocked torrentz 2/torrent sites is unblockall.org. The website, though, has a black, white and green color combination which makes it a bit unpleasant but it works well to help you bypass proxy and access the blocked torrentz 2/torrent sites. Apart from torrent sites, you can also access streaming sites, music, books, online movie sites etc.


torrentz proxy alternative - hidemyass

Hide My Ass is quite funny with its name but is extremely helpful when you wish to access blocked torrentz 2/torrent sites. Moreover, it is specifically designed to for privately browsing the internet from 3 remote locations, i.e. US, UK and Netherlands. You can opt for other location’s IP address to but that is only available for premium members. The service is on-the-go service and do not requires any sort of additional software or extension download.


torrentz proxy alternative - hidester

Hidester is a renowned and a highly trusted proxy service providing website that can help you gain access to the blocked torrentz 2/torrent site or any other sites as well. Moreover, with this reliable proxy website you have the privilege to protect yourself from scripts or other malicious stuffs prevailing over the torrent sites that may harm your computer. You also have the privilege to either mask your IP address with the US or Europe’s IP address to help you browse anonymously.

Part 3. How to unblock torrentz/torrentz2 in a few steps

When Torrentz/TorrentZ2 is blocked in your country, there are few chances that officially they would be unblocked anytime soon. So, in such a scenario the only option you have is find an alternative to it. Or, you can look for a virtual private network (VPN) to access torrentz2 torrenting site and get your favorite content on your computer.

A VPN can unblock a torrenting site such as torrentz/torrentz2 as it can mask your IP and hide it from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) as well as the copyright owner of the torrented content.

Tips: When the IP is masked and the footprints are secure, no government or other authority will get a whip of the blocked sites being accessed. Apart from that, these VPNs will protect your computer from fraudulent activities and identity theft incidences, as they prevent attack by any malware or spams to invade your privacy. VPN prevents the virus and malware from crawling to your computer through any torrenting site.

Recommended: NordVPN

If you opt for a trustworthy VPN like NordVPN, then you can seamlessly avoid the hassle of accessing blocked Torrentz/Torrentz2 site. NordVPN acts as a moderator between your IP and the server and camouflages blocked websites from your ISP.

As the browsing record gets encrypted, there is no threat by invaders to peek inside and steal data. Unblocking websites as well as streaming websites with high speed is possible with NordVPN while keeping your privacy intact over the internet while using public Wi-Fis.

It even allows you to browse home websites from abroad without consuming your bandwidth. You get dedicated IPs, proxy browser extension as well as support to 6 devices running on different platforms.

Video guide: Set up VPN quickly to unblock torrentz sites

Not get the VPN setup process based on the video? Here is a step-by-step guide (detailed explanation) to set it up before torrentz downloads –

Step 1: From the official website of NordVPN - https://nordvpn.com/download/ - download the software. Now, press the ‘Tap Virtual Ethernet Adapter’ checkbox followed by the ‘Next’ button. After that, press the ‘Install’ button right away.

unblock torrentz site

Step 2: As soon as the torrentz unblocking software is installed on your system, launch it and login to your NordVPN account. Press the ‘Quick Connect’ button and wait to get connected with the VPN server. You will be notified with the country pin glowing green that you have connected successfully.

install vpn program to unblock torrentz
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