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Transmore: How to Share Files

As for file sharing with others, we sometimes encounter such problems: the recipient is far away, files are large, the recipient has a PC but you have a phone, and you want to share with many people. To overcome all these problems during file sharing, you definitely need the file-sharing tool: Transmore.

Next, let's check how to use Transmore for secure and fast file sharing.

Part 1. How to share files from phone to phone

The Transmore app allows you to share files from one phone to another using the internet. Whether your friend is nearby or far away, you can always use this feature to share files.

  1. Get the Transmore app downloaded onto the two phones.
  2. Note: The phones should both have access to the internet. For much faster transfer, connect them to the same Wi-Fi (with internet access).

  3. Open the Transmore app, and go to any tabs like "Photo" or "Video" to find and select all the files to be shared.
  4. select files to share

  5. After file selection, touch the "SEND" button. The following number and QR codes will be displayed.
  6. send the files

  7. Launch the Transmore app from the other phone, enter the number code, or touch the Scan icon to scan the QR code.
  8. receive files

  9. Then the files will be sent to the receiver's phone.
  10. sending files to your friend

Part 2. How to share files between phone and computer

Have no USB cables? Transmore can help you share files between phone and Windows/Mac computer easily.

  1. Go to the Transmore website on your computer, and at the same time, launch the Transmore app from your phone.
  2. Let's say you need to transfer a file from your computer to the phone. Click "Add your files" in the Send area, and select your files.
  3. file sharing from pc

  4. After your files are detected, click "Send" to send your files.
  5. send files from computer

  6. Then you can find a number and QR code on the screen.
  7. receive files on phone

  8. Touch "Receive" on your phone, and enter the number or scan the QR code to receive the files.
  9. numer and qr code to receive files

  10. To share files from your phone to the computer, follow a similar process in Part 1 to send files of your phone. Then enter the generated number code in the Receive area on the computer to receive the files.
  11. send files to pc from phone

Part 3. How to share files between computers

When you need to share files from your computer to another computer, options like emails, Dropbox, Google Drive are not so efficient. Here is a more efficient and easier way to share files between computers.

  1. Visit the Transmore website from your computer, and ask your friend to visit the same website as well.
  2. Find the Send area and click "Add your files" to select all the files to be transferred.
  3. file sharing from pc to pc

  4. After your files are uploaded, you can get a QR code and a number code. Tell your friend the number code (by calling or using a social app).
  5. number code generated

  6. When getting the number, the receiver can enter in the Receive area to receive the files.
  7. receive files from the other computer

Part 4. How to share files from one to many

To share files to many people, you should use the cloud sharing feature of Transmore. How? Here are the simple steps to follow.

  1. Download and install Transmore on your phone. Browse through all the tabs to select the wanted files.
  2. After confirming your selection, touch right on "SEND".
  3. share files over cloud

  4. In the new screen, touch on "SHARE LINK" to upload your files to the cloud.
  5. upload files to cloud

  6. After the files are uploaded, touch the file record. Then the file link address will be copied to the clipboard automatically.
  7. send file link address

  8. Then you can send the link to the receiver via email or a social app.
  9. On the receiver side, open the Transmore app, touch "Receive", copy the received file link address to the blank field, and touch the "Receive" button.
  10. receive files from cloud