10 Best Torrent Downloader Software [#4 Is Awesome]

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Finding your favorite torrent isn’t everything you want, there is yet another tool that is important to let you enjoy the torrent. Having an online torrent downloader software would help you extract the actual music, movie, or software on your system.

So, it is imperative to download torrent downloader and then access your torrents through them for better results. in case you find it bit overwhelming, then in this article, we are going to explain you everything in detail.

Tips: Learn how to share downloaded torrent files easily.

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Are torrenting safe?

Torrent downloader software use involves both uploading and downloading files. When you try to download a file from torrenting websites, your IP gets tracked. In case the internet service provider has banned or put restrictions over the particular torrent site.

There are chances, and the ISP might track down your IP and fine or penalize you for violating the rules. Moreover, you could be even termed as a culprit for violating copyright rules, and government authorities might take action against you. In case you fall prey to such an ugly situation, what will you do?

Why is it important to set up VPN protection?

Using a virtual private network (VPN), you can get rid of the ISP or other malicious agents trying to hack your computer. Though the torrent files are free and legal, it might not be legal to download in your region.

But, a VPN can help you lift the restrictions, unblock the blocked sites in your region, and all the while keeping your back securely covered.

Video guide: Set up VPN to use torrent downloader safely

Even in a public Wi-Fi, VPN doesn’t divulge your system information. It rather protects your identity, device data, and makes online browsing anonymous. While using the best torrent downloader, ensure to take on account the local laws to prevent illegal downloading music, books, etc.

10 Best Torrent Downloader Software 2022

Here, we are explaining briefly about the top 10 torrent downloader/torrent programs/clients, along with their pros and cons as well as URL. Let’s go through the best torrent downloader 2022 list.

Note: You are working with strangers when using torrent downloader to get content. Lacking VPN protection will expose all your identity and IP to them (even hackers). See how to set up a VPN on your PC.


online torrent downloader - zbigz

Among the fastest torrent downloaders, ZBIGZ is one identical to Filestream. This torrent downloader can download and seed torrents in order to help you download those files in HTTP format.


  • Can download data from websites, even if the ISP has restricted access for torrent downloads.
  • It downloads and seeds torrents.


  • You can’t download torrents beyond 1 GB size.
  • The download speed can’t go beyond 150 kbps.


online torrent downloader - deluge

Considering the top torrent downloaders, Deluge has created its own place in the leading spots. It is a free torrent client with intuitive design. Adjustment of maximum upload speed and slots can be adjusted by you. You can also manage encryption and download speed.


  • You can avail of numerous plugins to enhance Deluge’s settings, including email notifier, web interface, scheduler, stats, RSS downloader, etc.
  • It can run on Mac, Windows, and Linux systems.


  • Selected Linux distributions are covered only.


online torrent downloader - qbittorrent

This popular torrent downloader is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux systems. It is easy to use and simple to understand. You can define the anonymous mode for setting up a specific network interface for transmission.


  • It has an inbuilt web browser, RSS reader, web interface, and remote control.
  • It is intuitive.


  • Reportedly, this software consumes a heck load of RAM, eventually slowing down the other functions.
  • Also, the users have been experiencing Torrent downloading to freeze at the ‘Stalled’ state for an indefinite period of time.


online torrent downloader - tixati

It is a cross-platform BitTorrent client focusing on system resources, were standalone and portable versions can be selected to go with your USB drive. It streams audio and videos and supports chat room feature as well. People can share magnet links through chats. It ensures no spyware and malware to garner immense trust in the market.


  • It works smoothly on cross-platform PC.
  • The program is being frequently updated to incorporate the current features.


  • The design is not at all user friendly.
  • There is no visual appeal to the torrent downloader as well.


online torrent downloader - vuze

It is considered one of the best torrent downloaders of the industry. It has a clean and intuitive interface, which makes it an effective torrent downloader. Vuze Leap and Vuze Plus are the two variants of this tool. Leap supports music to download and playback, and magnet file links. The features are expanded using plugins.


  • It has advanced virus protection, along with a media file preview option.
  • This torrent downloader can filter IPs and restrict bandwidth.


  • It shows annoying Ads.
  • Both variations of Vuze support different features.


fastest torrent downloader - bitcomet

BitComet is among the most liked best BitTorrent downloader with a unique feature. While downloading a media file, the initial and last portion is downloaded for helping you preview it before the download is over. Download torrents and magnetic URLs is possible with it.


  • You can search torrents within the embedded Internet Explorer on a Windows PC directly.
  • It has an inbuilt video player.


  • It had some controversies with FileHippo.


fastest torrent downloader - utorrent

uTorrent is the most loved software for downloading BitTorrent downloaders. This is small in size and managed by BitTorrent. You get features like scheduled downloading, without affecting the performance of the torrent download.


  • Compact size saves ample space on your computer hard disk.
  • Scheduled download is supported.


  • There are Ads on the page.
  • Too many bundled software during installation and security issues as well.


fastest torrent downloader - bitlord

With BitLord, you have a world of opportunities at your doorstep. It has an embedded VLC player for video viewing within the app.


  • Using APIs of subtitles.org, you can access subtitles.
  • Along with a comment section, you got an inbuilt search engine.


  • Ads are there on the site.
  • Its stats are close-sourced.


fastest torrent downloader - transmissionbt

Among the most effective solutions for downloading torrent downloader software, Transmission has a safe spot.


  • It is a lightweight software.
  • It has magnet URLs support along with Vuze and uTorrent file creation.


  • It is available for only Mac and Linux, no stable Windows version for it.
  • Mac versions are often infected with ransomware application which held user files ransom by encrypting them. Users are losing around $400 to unlock accounts.


fastest torrent downloader - miro

It is a media player that runs on multiple platforms, including Mac, Ubuntu, Windows OS. The OS that enables file downloading is supported by this software. It comes with a built-in web browser.


  • It is a free torrent downloader and client.
  • Files can be shared across a network and use the Miro iPad app to stream the downloaded torrent media.


  • It is not so user-friendly.
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