Top 10 Torrent Sites Working In India (Updated Regularly)

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Looking for the active torrent sites in India is a daunting task when you don't have a clue about how and where to start for. To download all your favorite torrents in games, anime, video, movies, music, or software, getting the most reliable torrenting site is your utmost necessity. But, when you are doubtful about where to look for the solution, we are glad to be of help to you.

In this article, we are going to introduce you to 10 working torrent websites in India, which you can use with ease. Stay on to explore more!

Tips: Learn how to share torrent files for free.

Top 10 torrent sites working in India

This part of the article comprises the list of top 10 working torrent sites in India. Most torrenting sites are banned across the globe, few of them are restricted in specific countries and regions. In this section, we have listed the torrent sites along with their pros and cons with a brief description.

Tips: Torrenting sites are frequently blocked in India. If your favorite torrent sites no longer work, setting up a VPN is the quickest and relatively secure way to make torrent sites work again.

Torrent Downloads

working torrent sites - torrent downloads

Among the torrent sites working in India, Torrent Downloads is at the forefront. This website helps you download games, music, eBooks, movies, software, TV shows, etc. If you are a movie buff, then this is the right place for you. From Bollywood to Hollywood or other regional movies, it has everything you want.


  • This is a torrent indexing site having a wide collection of torrents in the database.
  • There are 16 million torrents on this website for user downloads.


  • It has been banned in the United Kingdom.
  • When you opt to download the torrent file, it redirects you to other affiliate advertising websites multiple times, which is quite annoying.


working torrent sites - rarbg

Among the working torrenting sites in India, RARBG happens to be a reliable torrent search engine. It allows you to download torrents for music, software, games, movies, etc. Shows and movie trailers have a special page on this website. It also features the top 10 torrents for each segment.


  • It has a special blog section dedicated to TV shows and comic character-based news articles.
  • For regions it has been blocked, VPN services assist you in accessing this site.


  • The interface of this site is not so user-friendly.
  • You will encounter annoying Ads on this website.


working torrent sites - toorgle

PIRATE BAY is a popular torrent site that allows users to download and share files through the BitTorrent protocol. Torrent sites like PIRATE BAY provide a platform for users to access a vast library of files, including movies, TV shows, music, software, and games, among others.


  • It offers free resource downloads, and users can download a massive amount of files without paying any fees.
  • It is very rich, including the latest movies, TV shows, music, etc., and it covers almost all types of files..


  • The website is sometimes unstable and inaccessible.

iSO Hunt

working torrent sites - isohunt

When you look for torrent sites still working in India, iSO Hunt comes into mind. This website lets you download a wide range of content including music, movies, software, and anime.


  • It is an efficient site like Torrentz2 for downloading torrents.
  • Anime torrents can also be downloaded with this website.


  • The site is not much user-friendly.
  • It takes time to load the torrent search results.


working torrent sites - ilCorSaRoNeRo

When you wonder which torrenting sites are still working in India, this site silently supports your torrenting needs. This Italian torrent site helps you download TV series, movies, and software. You can search your desired content from these categories and get them downloaded.


  • Intuitive interface for easy downloading torrent content.
  • A perfect option to download movies, software, and a TV series.


  • If you want to download music, anime, or games then you need to look for some other options.
  • Pretty slow to respond while searching torrents for download.


active torrent sites - btscene

BTScene is one of the best working torrent sites in India. You can download a wide range of torrent content from this site for free. It has around five million torrents under the belt. Talk about games, TV series, movie, anime, music, eBooks and software torrents, this site has it all for you.


  • It is available across multiple countries.
  • There are different IPs and mirror URLs for this site.


  • The interface is not intuitive enough for layman use.
  • Time-consuming site.


active torrent sites - SKIDROW

This website caters to all the game lovers out there. It is a working torrent download site in India. A wide variety of games can be downloaded from this site on your computer.


  • It supports multiple gaming devices apart from your computer.
  • High-quality game torrents are available with this site.


  • You have a restricted option to download games only.
  • For users looking for movies, anime, and software, it's recommended to look for other alternatives.


active torrent sites - yts allows you to download a wide variety of content from the web without any hassle. Whether software, movies, games, music, or anything else YTS has torrents that can offer you the best results.


  • It has the option to download movies with different qualities and resolutions, including high definition, including 720P, 1080P, and 3D.
  • The layout is quite attractive to go through.


  • The basic focus is on movies, so limited software download options.
  • Downloading software is very slow.


active torrent sites - skytorrents

Speaking of active torrent sites working in India, SkyTorrent is on the top 10 list. There are no annoying scripts, cookies, or tracking except 100 percent torrenting.


  • There are no irritating Ads with this site.
  • Torrenting is fast and trouble-free.


  • Non-intuitive interface.


active torrent sites - Torrentz2

Torrentz2 is one of the active torrents in India that you can rely on. Be it the latest music or games and application torrents, this site has an option for anything you search. You can also download movies, applications, TV shows, etc. from this torrent.


  • It has 61 million torrents to download.
  • The majority of torrents are movies.


  • Most of the torrents are movies and hence the options are limited for other categories.

What if your favorite torrent site no longer works in India?

Why some torrent sites no longer work in India?

Some torrent sites no longer work in India as the Department of Telecommunication has banned them along with various service providers. Some torrent sites host content that is pirated or copyright violating, which is not legal. So, at some point, few of them get banned in India. If the said torrent sites don’t work as you desire, you can make them work by using VPN.

How to make torrent sites work again using a VPN

For making the previously active torrent sites function like they used to be, opt for a reliable VPN service. A trusted VPN always masks your digital footprint to protect your IP from being penalized by the govt. authorities and it bypasses the internet service providers (ISP) restrictions to make your torrent sites work like before. Your data is protected from malware attacks on open Wi-Fi networks. Even locked websites get unlocked.

For example, you can use NordVPN and make your torrenting experience a safe exercise. For the working torrent websites that got recently restricted, NordVPN would not only unlock them but enhance the performance as well. You can download torrents faster and use proxy browser extensions as well.

It also offers you dedicated IPs and allows you to be accessible on 6 different devices running on different platforms. It supports Mac, Android, Windows using a single NordVPN account. You can access home websites from abroad without exhausting your bandwidth. It helps you securely use a public Wi-Fi network.

Here is how to use NordVPN for enabling the blocked (previously working) torrent websites in India –

Step 1:  Visit, and then click on the ‘Download’ button to get the software on your system. Explore the ‘Download’ folder and look at the ‘NordVPN Setup.exe’ in a Windows computer.

access torrenting sites in india (protected by vpn)

Step 2:  As soon as the download is over, click on the popup window and start the installation process. Click on the ‘Tap Virtual Ethernet Adapter’ option followed by the ‘Next’ button (for first-time use on your computer). Now, hit the ‘Install’ button for installing the NordVPN software.

install vpn program to protect torrenting

Step 3:  For setting up NordVPN tap on the NordVPN icon on your computer and launch it. Press the ‘Allow’ button if promoted and then key in the NordVPN account details. Hit ‘Login Now’ and then the ‘Quick Connect’ button. Now, your system connects with NordVPN instantly and the green country pin light will glow to confirm the establishment of the connection.

connect to vpn server

How to make torrent sites work again using Web Proxy

You can also use web proxies to access torrent content easily. Proxy sites ensure you a secure channel for accessing content from the torrenting site.

They help you access content from across the globe with speed and SSL encryptions. It also bypasses the government/your company set filters. The SSL encryption ensures that your browsing is anonymous and protected.

Some web proxies that can help achieve this:

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