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Top 20 eBook Torrenting Sites to Get Free Books from Internet

James Davis

Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Latest News & Tactics • Proven solutions

The best thing about getting free eBooks is, you can carry them all along without weighing your bag. These eBooks slip neatly within your smartphone or tablet memory, Kindle, or cloud storage and you can read them anywhere and everywhere when desired. So, from where do you source those amazing eBooks to your device or cloud storage?

Well, there are numerous torrent sites for books that allow you to get hold of a virtual library from where you can read online or download them to read at your convenience. If you are unaware of ebook torrenting sites, then we are glad to be of help.

Tips: Learn how to share torrent ebooks easily with any people.

In this article, we are going to introduce you to the best book torrenting sites of 2018. Keep exploring to collect your favorite books for free.

Preparations to get free ebooks from eBook torrenting sites

Learn about the ebook format supported by your device

It is important to know the supported file types by your device. An iPhone and an Android device might not support the same format, while Kindle might have a completely different file format for supported eBooks. So, as a device owner and eBook reader, you got to pick what best suits your device specifications. Kindle supports – Word,  MOBI, HTML, RTF, ePub, Adobe PDF, TXT, and Kindle Package Format. iOS device support – ePub, PDF. Android devices can work with ePub, RTF, MOBI, PRC, Word, PDF, HTML, TXT, and a lot more. After knowing the right eBook format for your device, you can choose the best torrent for books.

Get a VPN to for wider access and protection

In case you are worried about not getting enough bittorrent eBooks, you can always try for a VPN connection for more options and optimum protection while browsing the torrent sites. In the following parts, we have elaborated on how VPN service can help you get the best out of eBook torrenting.

    1. VPN can help you access eBook torrenting sites blocked in your region

No matter which best torrent site for books you have picked, unless there is a VPN to protect your online activities, you are vulnerable to hacking, identity theft, spamming, etc. When there is an eBook that has been illegally produced or distributed online, it attracts copyright laws and associated penalties.

So, to check this problem, you need to opt for a VPN. It hides your IP from the regulating authorities as well as the copyright owners of that eBook and helps you safely download the eBook. It can also unblock blocked websites in your region. As your IP is masked, there is no trace of your location, so every location restriction gets lifted in this case.

    1. VPN can also help you download ebooks anonymously from the internet, getting rid of being tracked by authority

In a VPN connection, your IP gets masked, so nobody can track your IP address and locate you. While downloading eBooks from torrenting websites it is paramount to browse through a VPN. Moreover, viruses and dubious bugs can’t follow you back and corrupt your system or leak or steal your identity online. When you use public VPNs to download books, then also you are kept secured against all odds, as VPN forms a protected fence between your browsing and the ISP or the world.

Top 10 ebook torrent sites for direct ebook downloads

Well, now that you know what are the supported eBook file types for your device as well as how to download them safely without making any online fuss. Here is something that you would be thrilled to get hold of. Yes! The list of best torrent sites for eBooks. Scroll down, browse through them and relish the amazing feeling called online reading (or offline maybe). But, who cares when there is your favorite book right on your fingertips?

Here is the ebook torrent list for direct downloads:


Book-share is a boon for all those eBook fans out there. it is one of the best book torrent sites available so far. Using this site, you can read the downloaded torrent file descriptions. Through the eBook author name, title, and subject, you can effortlessly search for the desired downloaded eBook from the download list. The most painful aspect regarding this website is, it follows the DMCA notion at its best. Which in turn makes using a VPN a mandatory way when you want to download your favorite eBook torrent.

best torrent site for books - Books-share


This torrent website for books enables you to read online eBooks and satisfy your reading urge within your favorite genre. In this site, you get the most intuitive interface that users enjoy reading books from and neat design for easy navigation and understanding. Using this website your online torrent book reading experience will be wonderful.

best torrent site for books - ManyBooks

Planet e-book

With Planet e-Book torrenting site, in 2018you will gather plenty of eBook torrents without any trouble. It contains a feature called a book catalog, which showcases approximately 50,000 books from across the globe.

best torrent site for books - Planet e-book


Free-ebooks is one of the most famous torrent sites for books, as it offers you the advantage of reading your favorite eBook in PDF format. there is a wide genre of book collections within this site. You can pick anything between mystery, fiction, non-fiction, technology, youth, drama, etc. one drawback of this application is, you must register on their site to be able to download the desired ebook torrent.

best torrent site for books - Free-ebooks.net


This independent eBook torrenting website is a publishing distributor. They not only help authors and readers but a huge number of libraries and retailers as well. in case you are an author or a publisher, it enables you to promote your writing.

best torrent site for books - Smashwords

PDF Books World

PDF Books World is an intuitive eBook torrenting website that helps you download your preferred ebook torrents effortlessly. This is popular for its unique file formats. Unlike other websites, it has a PDF format to save the file/ebook. As a result, you can quickly download and read the same on multiple devices.

best torrent site for books - PDF Books World


This amazing site has functionalities of a web portal. You get to go through numbers of free audiobooks and eBooks. Whether you are interested in computer, arts, biography, fiction, history, or anything else, you will always have something to read on. As the site is equipped with a file-sharing option, you can read your torrent eBook on any of your synced devices.

best torrent site for books - Bookyards


With Ebookiee, it becomes easier for you to find eBook torrents online. These torrent eBooks then can easily be downloaded without any cost to you. The site also features recently viewed eBook Torrents, latest added eBook torrents, and top 10 eBook torrents along with other information about eBook torrents.

best torrent site for books - Ebookee


Bookshare is among the best eBook torrenting sites in the market. It helps you read the description and know more about the torrent eBook you have downloaded just now. Be it the author or title or the subject of the eBook, you can seamlessly enjoy reading the favorite pick, without any fuss or hassle. A VPN connection is reliable to use this website. This is because the portal obeys the DMCA notion strictly.

best torrent site for books - EBookShare


With FreeBookSpot you get ease to operations and while selecting a torrent eBook battle, you seem to encounter no issues at all. You can find your favorite book by searching language, most popular or genre of the eBook. This way the eBook gets retrieved as per your exact choice sans any time loss. Around 90 categories are there to torrent eBooks.

best torrent site for books - FreeBookSpot

Top 10 ebook torrent sites for ebook torrent downloads

Now that you have gone through the best torrent sites for eBooks online reads, how about learning a bit more about the eBook torrent downloading sites? Well, in this section, we have collated a list of eBook torrent downloading sites along with a brief description, so that you can know more about them.

Here is the complete list of eBook torrenting download sites, keep reading to explore more!


Torrentz pops up on the initial places while looking for the best torrent for books. This Bittorrent meta-search engine indexes torrent sites like The Pirate Bay and Mininova. It has a million users in its community and the front page features verified torrents. The site has changed to Torrentz.eu in 2010.

ebook torrenting sites - Torrentz

FreeBookSpot: eBook Torrents Site

FreeBookSpot as the name suggests is an eBook links library comprising of numerous downloadable eBooks across categories. There are 90 plus categories of books under various genres including engineering, scientific, fiction, programming, etc. you don’t have to register with them to download the books. You have a brief and quick registration process and you can create favorites after being a member to mark torrents for future downloads. You can add and share favorite book links here as well.

ebook torrenting sites - FreeBookSpot

1337X: eBook Torrents Site

1337X is one of the eBook torrenting websites that allows you for downloading eBook torrents for free. When you sign up for free, it provides you with magnet links and works as a torrent indexing website. Using this peer-to-peer file hosting service you can access data from sites such as eDonkey, Bittorrent, IPFU, ZeroNet, Retroshare, etc. The protocols for 1337X are similar to that of Bittorrent. Despite having a vast range of opportunities for you, this eBook torrenting download platform is not searchable on Google.

ebook torrenting sites - 1337X


When it comes to eBook torrent downloading, Torrent Downloads is always on the forefront. Apart from eBooks, it can also offer you music, movies, games, TV shows, software, etc. for download. This website has Bollywood/Hollywood/regional language movies to be downloaded within it. Around 16 million torrents can be downloaded from the website across genres. The torrent indexing site indeed has a vast database of torrents. This site has been banned in the United Kingdom.

ebook torrenting sites - TorrentDownloads


Looking for the best torrent sites for eBooks would lead you to YourBittorrent for sure. Though focusing on movie downloads, this site is also capable of downloading torrent files for eBooks, TV series, software, games, music, anime, etc. There are 1 million torrents for this site and you can select any desired eBook torrent to get downloaded and enjoy. It has been banned in the United Kingdom and Portugal.

ebook torrenting sites - YourBitTorrent


As we talk about eBook torrent sites, SeedPeer shouldn’t be left alone. You can download eBook torrents for free using this site round the clock. You can find your preferred eBook through a quick search or select one from the list of top most available eBooks on their main page. The choice is completely yours in this regard.

ebook torrenting sites -


With Torrent Funk, you get better opportunities for downloading eBook torrents and enjoy them later at your convenience. Apart from eBooks, this platform can help you download music, files majorly. For genuine users, they provide user reviews and verified status indications. It doesn’t show up on most search engine results, as the front page of this site has adult images inappropriate to be viewed publicly. Ensure while browsing the website about your surroundings, to avoid embarrassment.

ebook torrenting sites - TorrentFunk

101 Torrent

This is an efficient eBook torrent downloading website, which you can use to download and enjoy reading eBook torrents. Moreover, it allows you to download TV shows, games, music, movies, anime, and applications for you. Downloading eBooks is a child’s play when you have 101 Torrent at your side. You get to have the torrent file downloaded within some time and enjoy reading it afterward.

ebook torrenting sites - 101 Torrent


01Torrent like other eBook torrenting sites allows you free eBook torrent download along with movies, games, TV seasons, videos, music, etc. It has a crisp interface for downloading any torrent file without much hassle. The home page displays the latest movies, music, and eBook torrents that you can easily download.

ebook torrenting sites - 01Torrent

Torrent Off

To end the list, here comes Torrent Off, one of the most sought after torrenting websites for eBooks. Apart from eBooks, this site also features music, movies, software, games, and a lot more. With this site, you have no restriction on what you want to download. Simply find it on the site and then download it on your computer to enjoy it.

ebook torrenting sites - Torrent Off
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James Davis

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