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Want to Remove Apple Watch from your Account? Try These!

James Davis

Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: Remove Screen Lock • Proven solutions

Are you a regular user of the Apple Watch and looking to remove it from a connected account? There can be many reasons involving the need to remove Apple Watch from the Apple account. From faulty devices to issues on the account, you will now look for a guide explaining how to remove Apple Watch from the account. This article sets up some effective methods providing the solution of removing the Apple Watch from the account.

apple watch featured image

Part 1: Backup Your Apple Watch Before Removing

You will always hear someone pointing out the need to back up the device before performing any particular action. From factory resetting a device to selling it out, data backups can prove immensely helpful in securing critical data. The same goes for an Apple Watch that should be backed up before being removed from the account. The data on the Apple Watch is automatically backed up to the iPhone it is connected with.

The paired device keeps hold of all the data stored on the Apple Watch. On unpairing the Watch from the iPhone, the data is backed up before the process is executed. Thus, you need not worry about backing up your Apple Watch before removing it from your account.

Part 2: 3 Ways to Remove Apple Watch From Your Account

After ensuring that your Apple Watch is backed up, you can lead to removing Apple Watch from your account. The provided methods below will help you execute the process in no time. The availability of different techniques shows that there are various methods available to remove Apple Watch from the account:

Method 1: Using the Apple Watch App

The first thing that you can try to remove Apple Watch from your account is through the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. While this is the most transparent process, you can follow the steps below to execute this with ease:

Step 1: Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and proceed into the "All Watches" in the "My Watch" section.

tap on all watches

Step 2: As you lead next, select your Apple Watch by clicking on the "i" button adjacent to it. Continue on the next screen to locate the option of "Unpair Apple Watch." Confirm the prompt that appears on the screen and remove the Apple Watch.

press on the unpair apple watch option

Method 2: Using the Find My App

Find My App offers you great options for managing your Apple Devices. It can also prove helpful in removing the Apple Watch from the account, which is done with the help of the steps shown below:

Step 1: Open the "Find My" app on your iPhone and lead into the "Devices" section from the bottom of the screen. Continue to select your Apple Watch device from the list and lead to the next screen.

access the devices tab

Step 2: You must navigate through the options appearing on the screen and select "Erase This Device." Continue with the on-screen instructions to remove your Apple Watch from the account successfully.

select erase this device option

Method 3: Using the iCloud

You can also try using iCloud for the purpose of removing the Apple Watch from the account. To do that, you should follow the steps provided below:

Step 1: You must log in to your iCloud account from the web browser. As you lead into the next window, find the "Thumbnail" icon on the top-right and select "Find My."

tap on find my option

Step 2: Continue on the next screen and select "All Devices" to display the list of devices connected to the iCloud. Find your Apple Watch and select it to open a new screen.

select your apple watch

Step 3: On the next screen, click the "Remove from Account" button to continue with the process. You will have to confirm against the prompt that appears and remove the Apple Watch successfully.

tap on remove from account

Part 3: FAQs about Apple Watch

  1. How to set up your new Apple Watch?

If you are setting up your new Apple Watch, turn it on and put it on your wrist. Hold it near the iPhone to initiate the setup. As you tap "Continue" on your iPhone, hold your mobile over the animation to set it up successfully.

  1. How to pair the Apple Watch with your new iPhone?

On buying a new iPhone, you will have to turn on your Apple Watch and put it on. Continue to bring it close to initiate interaction and hold the iPhone over the animation for automatic pair. You can then set up the credentials for your Apple Watch accordingly.

  1. How long does pairing an Apple Watch take?

The complete process takes a couple of minutes to pair with the iPhone. It is pretty easy to cover as the process is mostly automatic.


This article has explained in detail how to remove Apple Watch from an account with multiple techniques. You can consider any of the methods according to your requirements. By implementing these techniques, you can remove the Apple Watch successfully and continue with any operation that you are looking forward to.

James Davis

James Davis

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