How to use WhatsApp for marketing during BFCM

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WhatsApp has become an indispensable marketing tool for businesses. With over 2 billion users, it offers an unparalleled opportunity to directly engage your target audience.

This BFCM, tap into WhatsApp's potential to boost sales. Send personalized offers, discounts, or promotions to customers instantly. Plan creative campaigns leveraging WhatsApp's rich messaging format - images, videos, files, etc.

Use WhatsApp Business to schedule messages, create templates, and analyze performance. Integrate it with your CRM for streamlined customer communication. Listen to feedback, address concerns, and build lasting customer relationships.

Adopt innovative strategies like chatbots to automate responses. Collaborating with an expert can help maximize ROI. Ultimately, with a thoughtful WhatsApp marketing strategy, this BFCM will provide invaluable consumer insights and deliver tangible business growth.

Part 1. How to Use WhatsApp Before, During and After the BFCM Sales?

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Whether you are just starting out with WhatsApp marketing or looking to optimize existing efforts, follow these tips to make the most of WhatsApp this BFCM.

1.Before BFCM: Build Your WhatsApp Channel

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Lay the groundwork now for future success. Your main focus should be getting people to opt into your WhatsApp list.

If you don't have a WhatsApp marketing solution yet, choose a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider. As a scalable platform built on the WhatsApp API, it provides automation, analytics, and compliance. Look for an intuitive interface and expertise in WhatsApp marketing.

With your software in place, focus on subscriber growth. Add website popups, post on social media, send email newsletters - get creative in compliant ways to bring people into your WhatsApp channel.

Create an engaging BFCM campaign concept across channels. Bring your brand personality through while keeping messaging consistent.

2.During BFCM: Run a Winning WhatsApp Marketing Campaign

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Once your list is built, craft targeted, personalized campaigns. Be clear on goals - is it to drive revenue or build a brand? Align messaging and results tracking accordingly.

Give subscribers a heads-up before BFCM. Remind them you'll have deals, or let them share wishlists so you can send relevant offers. Have extra agents on hand to manage responses when campaigns go out. Maintain a personal feel amidst high volumes.

Analyze quickly and optimize for Cyber Monday. Small tweaks based on performance data can make a big revenue difference.

3.After BFCM: Retain Customers

With an engaged subscriber base, keep them interested with valuable, low-frequency campaigns.

Send order confirmations, shipping updates, and product tips. Request feedback. Offer exclusive discounts. Recommend products based on past purchases. Occasional promotional campaigns are fine but focus more on building relationships. Customers want to connect with your brand, not just get deals.

With a strategic approach before, during, and after BFCM, WhatsApp marketing can deliver sales growth and invaluable consumer insights this holiday season.

Part 2. WhatsApp Use Cases During BFCM

With over 2 billion users globally, WhatsApp presents a tremendous opportunity to connect with customers this Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM). Explore some innovative ways to leverage WhatsApp marketing and boost engagement and sales during the busy holiday shopping season.

1.Announce Your Upcoming BFCM Sale

WhatsApp Cyber Monday Sale Template

Get customers excited by announcing your BFCM sale details over WhatsApp weeks or months in advance. Highlight the amazing discounts and deals they can expect. Include your website or online store link so they can easily access it once the sale goes live.

Sample WhatsApp message: "Our BIGGEST sale of the year happens soon! Get unbeatable BFCM deals on all your favorites from 25-28 Nov. Take a sneak peek at the collection now: [link]"

2.Offer Order Confirmations

WhatsApp Black Friday Sale Template

On your post-purchase thank you page, give customers the option to receive their order confirmation via WhatsApp. This provides an instant, convenient update compared to email. It also encourages WhatsApp opt-ins in a seamless, value-adding way.

Sample confirmation message: "Thanks for your order! It's confirmed as #12345. We'll keep you posted on shipping status soon!"

3.Send Discount Teasers

WhatsApp Black Friday Sale Template

Leave customers eager for more by sending discount teasers over WhatsApp in the weeks leading up to your big Black Friday sale. Give a glimpse into the amazing deals to come without spoiling all the surprises.

Say "This will be our BIGGEST sale ever!" to set expectations high. Share a sneak peek like "Up to 50% off everything!" to get shoppers excited. Sprinkle in intrigue by mentioning free gifts, flash sales, and other perks to fuel the FOMO.

Keep the teasers short, visual, and occasional so momentum builds. Your inside scoop makes customers feel special and gives them time to plan their wish lists.

When your full promos finally drop, they'll be ready to buy impulsively, knowing the best deal details are still undisclosed. Skillful teasing maximizes anticipation, so your BFCM blowout exceeds their high hopes.

Sample teaser: "Our BIGGEST sale of the year happens 25-28 Nov! Expect deals up to 50% off, free gifts, flash sales & more. Get ready!"

4.Offer Deal Reminders

WhatsApp Cyber Monday Sale Template

Give customers the option to opt-in to receive BFCM deal reminders via WhatsApp. This lets you send timely, relevant alerts about offers they had expressed interest in.

Sample flow:

  • Chat bubble on site to opt in
  • Ask their deal preferences
  • Send reminders on BFCM
  • Run an Interactive Quiz

Engage customers by running a fun BFCM quiz or game over WhatsApp. Upon completion, they get an instant discount code. This also helps grow your WhatsApp list in an appealing way.

Sample message: "It's Black Fri-YAY! Play our quiz game for a chance to win BIG discounts. Start now: [link]"

5.Send Shipping Confirmations

Black Friday Free Shipping Template

Nothing beats the excitement of receiving a new delivery, and thoughtful shipping updates make the experience even better. Let customers know their purchases are on the way by sending order confirmations over WhatsApp.

The instant messages provide real-time visibility compared to email, so they'll know exactly when to expect your package. Share shipping details like carrier, tracking number and estimated delivery date to put their mind at ease.

A friendly, personalized note like "Your new sneakers are headed your way!" adds a nice touch. Proactive shipping communication shows you care about the customer's experience beyond just making the sale. It transforms a transactional moment into a chance to build the relationship.

Sample update: "Your order has shipped! Expected delivery on Monday 12/5. Let us know if you need anything else."

6.Share Return Policies

Cyber Monday Clearance Sale WhatsApp Template

Big sales events can create anxiety around returns if shoppers don't know the policies upfront. Ease their concerns by sharing your hassle-free return and exchange information over WhatsApp before your Black Friday blowout.

Outline your timeframes, location options, and process so they feel fully informed. Highlight flexible, customer-friendly terms like free shipping on returns to put their mind at ease.

End with encouragement like "Now you can shop the deals with total confidence!" This transparency helps remove obstacles so customers can focus on the excitement of scoring deals.

When return policies are shared proactively, you transform what could be a pain point into an opportunity to prove your commitment to stellar service. Shoppers will appreciate the guidance so they can buy with abandon knowing returns are a breeze.

Sample whatsapp template: "Here is our hassle-free return policy for BFCM. Shop without worries and enjoy the sale!"

7.Offer Live Support

The frenzy of Black Friday deals can get overwhelming for shoppers. Make sure your customers feel supported by having real human agents ready to assist over WhatsApp chat. Instant access to help at their fingertips provides peace of mind, so they can focus on snagging the best discounts.

Set up dedicated support coverage during peak BFCM hours. Equip agents to answer common questions about promotions, shipping, returns, and more.

A quick "We're here 24/7 if any questions come up!" reminds customers you've got their back. Thoughtful support creates a smooth, stress-free shopping experience. Beyond just driving sales, it fosters brand loyalty and trust. Customers will remember how you made them feel taken care of during the busiest sales day of the year.

Sample message: "Questions about BFCM deals? We're here to help 24/7 over WhatsApp chat!"

8.Send Relevant Cross-Sell Offers

Black Friday Offers WhatsApp Template

Customers feel seen and valued when brands make recommendations tailored specifically to them. Use purchase history insights to your advantage by sending personalized cross-sells over WhatsApp.

For example, if someone bought workout leggings, suggest your new matching sports wear. Or if they purchased a standard Roomba, mention your upgraded model with advanced mapping.

Hyper-relevant offers demonstrate you pay attention to what your customers love. Unlike overly promo-heavy suggestions, these feel helpful rather than pushy. When done thoughtfully, customers actually appreciate ideas for complementary or upgraded products.

It shows you care about continuously providing solutions for them, not just one-time sales. Personalized cross-sells strengthen loyalty while giving customers more of what they want.

Sample message: "Based on your last purchase, we thought you might like this new fleece jacket."

9.Share Product Tips

Black Friday Offers WhatsApp Template

Strengthen customer relationships by sharing helpful product tips over WhatsApp chat template. For example, send shoe care methods to keep leather fresh, snack recipes using your ingredients, or phone case cleaning techniques.

These useful nuggets show you want to set customers up for success beyond just getting the sale. They also flaunt your insider expertise so people feel informed. Opt for an authentic tone, like sharing advice from one fashion-lover to another. Sprinkle in fun personality like emoji reactions to prompt engagement.

Branded product tips give you an organic way to start non-promotional conversations. Thoughtful guidance demonstrates genuine care for real-world usage, not profits. And helping customers get the most out of your products builds loyalty that lasts.

Sample tip: "Pro tip: Use leather conditioner regularly to keep your boots looking fresh."

10.Send Early Access Offers to VIPs

Loyal customers deserve VIP treatment - especially during major sales events. Surprise and delight top fans by granting exclusive early access to select Black Friday deals via WhatsApp.

Send a "sneak peek just for you!" with hand-picked promotions before the doors open to the public. Or build even more anticipation with a teaser like "Stay tuned - VIP deals are coming tomorrow!" This makes loyal supporters feel valued and special. Early insider intel also empowers them to plot their discount-hunting strategy in advance.

When you reward loyalty with perks like coveted first dibs, customers get motivated to keep engaging with your brand long-term. VIP-only perks transform run-of-the-mill sales into memorable experiences that deepen advocate relationships beyond transactions.

Sample message: "Thanks for being a VIP! As a token of appreciation, here's early access to our top BFCM deals before they go live."

Team planning for WhatsApp Marketing

Additional Examples

  • Countdown flash sales with urgency
  • Daily BFCM quiz with prize
  • Personalized wishlist discounts
  • Re-engage inactive subscribers
  • Post-BFCM feedback requests
  • Holiday gift guides

Get creative and add a personal touch with your WhatsApp marketing this BFCM. Thoughtful messaging will deepen customer connections and boost sales.

Part 3. Conclusion

WhatsApp provides a powerful channel to creatively engage customers and drive sales during high-impact promotional events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Announcing deals, offering support, sending confirmations - every touchpoint is an opportunity to delight customers and strengthen loyalty. With a thoughtful, strategic approach across the customer journey - before, during, and after-sales - WhatsApp delivers tangible ROI while forging lasting brand love.

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