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How to Transfer Everything from iPhone 7 to iPhone 8/X/11

Bhavya Kaushik

Dec 06, 2023 • Filed to: Data Transfer Solutions • Proven solutions

This article guide focuses on the techniques and tools you need to transfer everything from iPhone 7 to iPhone 8/X/11. As we know that most of the iPhone users will be switching their devices because of the new and improved iPhone 8/X/11 device which has to offer more features to the Apple users however, there is always a need for proper tool that can transfer data from the old iPhone device to new iPhone 8/X/11.

We have different kinds of files in our iPhone and almost all of the files are important to us. We would never want to stay out of touch with our important ones, and contacts help us to do that. All of that collection of your favorite music is not east to gather and you would certainly not like it if all of it is gone from your handset, So Contacts, Photos, SMS, Music all of these files are very important to us one can only understand the importance when they have no more access to these contents. Similarly, Photos are also important because they are the proof of our precious memories, and we don’t want to lose them. SMS messages are the records of every conversation we had with our contacts and sometimes we need record to continue the conversation regarding the subject. To transfer all of the content from one phone to another, we need a transfer tool because different handsets have different operating systems. And it is not easy to perform transfer functions between two devices. Most of the people hesitate to switch to a newer device because of the hassle they think they might have to go through to transfer data to new device, including the new iPhone 8/X/11.

How to transfer everything from iPhone 7 (Plus) to iPhone 8/X/11

If you are looking to transfer everything from your old iPhone to your new iPhone 8/X/11 then Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer is a must get tool. With Dr.Fone application, you can easily transfer your important music, pictures, videos, SMS and much more transfer data to your new iPhone 8/X/11. There are always complications for iPhone users when they want to switch to new and latest device, but it is very easy thanks to Wondershare’s Mobile Trans.

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Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer

Transfer Everything from iPhone 7 (Plus) to iPhone 8/X/11 in 1 Click!.

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This section of the article focuses on the steps through which you can transfer your data from your iPhone 7 (Plus) to your new iPhone 8/X/11.

Step 1: The first and foremost step includes connecting your devices to your PC. When you are done simply launch the Dr.Fone software click Phone Transfer in the main menu.

transfer everything from iPhone 7 to iPhone 8

Step 2: Right after your devices have been connected simply note the source and destination phone are connected at this moment, you will get a proper tab with source and destination phone images and their connection status.

Step 3: When you are done with selecting the source which in this case would be iPhone 7/7Plus and destination device which in this case would be iPhone 8/X/11 click Start Transfer, you need to specify the data you want to transfer in this case you would select all contents since you want to transfer everything.

Step 4: Simply click start transfer and the transfer process will begin make sure that both of the devices remain connected throughout the transfer process.

transfer from iPhone 7 to iPhone 8

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Part 2: How to transfer everything from iPhone 7 (Plus) to iPhone 8/X/11 with iCloud

Initially signing up for ICloud gets you 5GB of storage, you can use this storage for IOS device backup, iCloud photo library, app data and documents stored in the ICloud. If you feel 5gb storage is not enough you, you can always upgrade your storage but then you will have to pay. iCloud as a backup is a great if anything happens to your phone you can get access to your data anywhere with the internet besides this you can also use this data to switch your new iPhone 8/X/11 device.

Step 1. From your IPhone 7 device connect to a Wi-Fi network. Go to IPhone 7 settings and tap on your name. Scroll down and select the iCloud option.

Step 2. After you have clicked the iCloud option in the backup section enable iCloud backup option. And hit “Backup Now”.

Step 3. You must be connected to the Wi-Fi until the backup process is completed. In ICloud tab select storage to see the details of your backup.

transfer everything from iPhone 7 to iPhone 8

Step 4. Now that your data has been backed up using your iCloud id you can always add this id to your new iPhone 8/X/11 device. Right after you add your iCloud id to your new iPhone 8/X/11, and Restore from iCloud Backup, all of the backed up data from iPhone 7 will be transferred to your new iPhone 8/X/11 device.

Part 3: How to transfer everything from iPhone 7 (Plus) to iPhone 8/X/11 with iTunes?

You can create a local backup for your iPhone 7 device on your PC through iTunes, and then restore to your new iPhone 8/X/11. So that you sync all data from iPhone 7 to iPhone 8/X/11 with iTunes. If you don’t have iTunes you can download for free from apple’s official website.

Step 1. After you have successfully installed iTunes on your Computer connect the iPhone 7 device to your system and launch the iTunes Application.

Step 2. iTunes will detect your device, simply click summary of your phone, in the Backups tab you must click “Backup Up Now” under the Manually Backup and Restore.

Step 3. The iTunes will back up your iPhone. After the process is complete you can disconnect your device.

Step 4. After you have backed up the data from your old iPhone 7 device, simply connect your new iPhone 8/X/11 and restore the data to your new iPhone 8/X/11 device through iTunes.

transfer everything from iPhone 7 (Plus) to iPhone 8 with iTunes

With the advancements in the mobile technology we are presented with the new and improved features every year, there is always a point where we need to change our device because we do need those new features. So in one of the cases iPhone users would want to change their device because of the extensive features iPhone 8/X/11 has to offer. So in this case we would want to transfer the data from our iPhone 7 to iPhone 8/X/11. Apple users and techie’s are always up for new handset and they love to get their hands on the newer Apple’s device. This is where there is a need for an effective tool to transfer the data from the old iPhone 7 to iPhone 8/X/11.

After going through this article guide we can conclude that iPhone users can transfer their data to their latest iPhone 8/X/11 with the help of iTunes, iCloud and Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer (iOS & Android). However, Dr.Fone is very effective for data transfer operations. Plus, the iPhone to iPhone Transfer tool is very easy to use because of its user friendly interface design.

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