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How to Activate iPhone?[include iPhone 13]

Apr 17, 2023 • Filed to: Mobile Repair Solutions • Proven solutions


Activation is the most important process to be performed before you start using your iPhone. Most of the time, the activation process works smoothly, but what if you come across some error while activation?  In most cases, iTunes shows error message suggesting that the activation cannot be performed.

If you see this error, make sure that your device has the latest OS updates installed along with working sim card. If the concerned handset is locked with particular network, make sure that you are using the SIM from the same network.

Remember, activation from your mobile phone network is important if you wish to use your iPhone as phone instead of using it like iPod on wireless network.  So, if the simple activation process fails, it is advisable to immediately contact your phone network to get the issue sorted out.

Part 1: Activating iPhone to be used as Wi-Fi device

There are two ways to activate iPhone. You can activate it with active sim card, or without sim card by connecting it with your PC that has iTunes.

Yes, you do not need sim card to use your iPhone and its applications. You can use your iPhone like iPod by simply connecting it with wireless network.

There are two types of iPhones in the market, CDMA and GSM. Some CDMA handsets also have sim card slot, but are programmed only to work with specific CDMA networks.

Don't worry; you can easily unlock both types of iPhones so that you can use them as wireless devices.

Part 2: Activate iCloud activation lock with Official iPhoneUnlock

Official iPhoneUnlock is a website which can provide online service to unlock your iPhone. If you want to activate you iCloud activation lock, then you can get it through with this Official iPhoneUnlock. Here let's see how to activate iPhone activation lock step by step.

unlock iCloud Activation Lock

Step 1: Visit the website

Directly go to Official iPhoneUnlock website. And select "iCloud Unlock" show in the below screenshot.

Activate iCloud activation lock

Step 2: Enter device information

Then just fill out your device model and IMEI code as shown below. Then after 1-3 days, you will get your iPhone activated. It is very simple and fast, isn't it?

start to unlock iPhone 6 iCloud activation lock

Part 3: Activate your iPhone with iTunes

In this method, you would require active SIM inserted in the SIM slot during the activation process.

Connect the concerned device to the computer that has iTunes installed on it. Create a back-up, erase all the content and reset the device. Then, unplug the device from your PC, switch that off, and reconnect to the PC using USB. Select the option to activate your iPhone. The system will prompt you to enter your apple id and password.

Activate iPhone

Follow the instructions for activation.  Once you are done with the set-up, remove the sim card. That is it; you can start using your iPhone on wireless mode.

Part 4: Can I activate my old iPhone like 3GS?

The technique to activate older iPhones is almost similar. The most recommended method is to connect the device to PC that has iTunes installed on it.

First, insert blank (not activated) SIM card in the SIM slot, connect the device to iTunes, and within few seconds, your phone will be unlocked from activation screen.

Remember, Apple is extremely advanced when it comes to detecting lost or stolen iPhones. So, if you find iPhone, or iPod touch somewhere, never think about using them. You might get caught in the act.

Part 5: Fix iPhone errors after activation

Usually, you iPhone may get errors after activation. Especially when you try to restore your iPhone, you may get iTunes and iPhone errors, such as iPhone error 1009, iPhone error 4013 and more. But how to deal with these issues? Don't worry, here I suggest you try Dr.Fone - System Repair to help you solve your problem. This tool is developed to fix various types of iOS system problems, iPhone errors and iTunes errors. With Dr.Fone, you can easily fix all these issues without losing your data. Let's check the box blow to know more about this software

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Dr.Fone - System Repair

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  • Only fix your iOS to normal, no data loss at all.
  • Supports all models of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
  • Fully compatible with Windows,  Mac, iOS.
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