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Apple's ecosystem offers convenience with services like Apple ID and Apple Pay. Managing your digital life has never been more convenient. In this interconnected system, your credit card plays a crucial role. It's essential to understand that your credit card details can be associated with both your Apple ID and Apple Pay, each serving unique functions.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll learn how to change the credit card on Apple ID and Apple Pay. Additionally, we will introduce you to a helpful tool for unlocking your Apple ID if you ever encounter access issues.

Part 1: 3 Ways To Change the Credit Card on Apple ID

We'll explore 3 different methods to change the credit card details associated with your Apple ID in this section. These methods allow you to update your payment information effortlessly, ensuring uninterrupted access to Apple services.

Way 1: Update Credit Card on iPhone/iPad

The first method involves updating your payment information directly from your iPhone or iPad's settings. This method is convenient for those who prefer managing their Apple ID details on their iOS devices. Here is how to change your credit card on Apple ID via iPhone or iPad:

  • Step 1: Begin by launching the Settings app on your device and then touch your name to enter your Apple ID settings. Afterward, choose the "Payment & Shipping" option to move ahead. In addition, log in using your Apple ID credentials if necessary.
  • tap on payment and shipping

  • Step 2: Next, press "Add Payment Method" and provide information for your new payment method. Once you've entered all the required details, tap "Done" to confirm and save your updates.
  • add new payment card details

  • Step 3: To remove the old payment method, tap "Edit." Now, locate the old payment method you want to delete and tap the “Red Delete” button next to it. Confirm the deletion by tapping "Delete."
  • remove the apple id card

    Way 2: Change Credit Card on Mac

    Now, we shift our focus to those who prefer managing their payment information on their Mac. Changing your credit card details from Mac's settings is a straightforward and easy process. Therefore, using the following steps, you can learn how to change your credit card on Apple ID without any errors:

  • Step 1: Start by opening the App Store on your device. Then, in the bottom-left corner of the App Store, tap on your name and proceed to access "Account Settings."
  • click on account settings

  • Step 2: Locate the "Apple ID Summary" section in the "Account Settings" menu and select the "Manage Payments" option next to it. After this, introduce a fresh payment method by opting for the "Add Payment" option.
  • press the add payment button

  • Step 3: This action will prompt you to input the details of your new payment method, including credit card information. After you've provided the required information, select "Done" to save your newly added payment method.
  • add new credit card details

  • Step 4: If you want to remove the old method linked to your Apple ID, click “Delete” in front of it. Now, tap "Delete” to remove this payment method from your Apple account.
  • click the delete button

    Way 3: Update the Credit Card Details on Windows PC

    To update the credit card information linked to your Apple ID, we'll now provide instructions specifically tailored for Windows PC users. This approach offers flexibility for individuals looking to maintain accurate payment details. With the help of the simplified steps given below, you can easily change the credit card on the Apple account:

  • Step 1: Access iTunes on your computer and click on "Account" from the menu bar that is given at the top. Afterward, a drop-down menu will appear on which you need to select "View My Account."
  • tap on view my account

  • Step 2: Following this, click on "Manage Payments," and your current payment methods that are listed will be shown to you. There, click on "Add Payment" to add a new payment method quickly.
  • hit the add payment button

  • Step 3: After clicking on this option, you can enter details of your new payment method. Once the details are entered successfully, click "Done" to save the changes, and you are good to go. Tap the "Edit" option in front of the old credit card and choose "Remove Payment Method" to remove it from your Apple ID.
  • click on remove payment method

    Pro Tip: Locked Out Your Apple ID? Get It Unlocked Instantly!

    While learning how to change a credit card on your Apple Account, you encounter an unexpected hurdle - your Apple ID has become locked. This can undoubtedly be a frustrating and troublesome scenario, considering the crucial role your Apple ID plays within the Apple ecosystem. Nevertheless, there's no cause for alarm, as we've got a solution ready to promptly unlock your Apple ID and have you back on course.

    The solution is Wondershare Dr.Fone, a tool that is able to remove Apple ID from your iOS devices without needing the password. It is a comprehensive tool that has the ability to remove your Apple ID from your device permanently. This tool works its magic in removing Apple ID, whereas other tools fail when the Find My feature is enabled.

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    Simplified Steps To Remove Apple ID on Your iOS Device via Wondershare Dr.Fone

    Following are the steps to unlock and remove old Apple ID from your iOS device using Wondershare Dr.Fone:

  • Step 1: Access the Screen Unlock Tool
  • To initiate the Apple ID unlocking process, you will need to install and launch Wondershare Dr.Fone. Then, choose "Toolbox" from the left bar and go on to click "Screen Unlock." Select "iPhone" as your device type, and since we are removing Apple ID, click "Remove Apple ID.”

    access the screen unlock tool

    safe Downloadsafe & secure
  • Step 2: Proceed to Activate Recovery Mode
  • Now is the time to connect your iOS device to the computer using a respective cable and click "Unlock Now." Now, Wondershare Dr.Fone will ask you about having a screen lock and 2FA on the iOS device. The answer needs to be affirmative to proceed further. When done with it, enable Recovery Mode on your iOS device with the help of on-screen instructions.

    press the unlock now button

  • Step 3: Remove the Apple ID From Your iOS Device
  • Wondershare Dr.Fone will detect your device model once it is in Recovery Mode. Choose a system version to download by clicking “Start.” Once it has been downloaded and verified, tap "Unlock Now." It will lead to a prompt warning about data loss. Here, enter "000000" to confirm your choice and click "Unlock." Dr.Fone will go on to remove Apple ID from your device.

    add the confirmation code

    Part 2: 3 Methods To Change the Default Credit Card on Apple Pay

    In our exploration of managing your credit card within the Apple ecosystem, we now focus on changing the default credit card linked to your Apple Pay. Apple Pay stands as a robust digital wallet solution, and understanding the process of updating your payment details is crucial for ensuring a secure user experience. Here, we will explore three approaches on how to change credit card on Apple Pay:

    Method 1: Change the Default Card on the iPhone

    We start by exploring how to change the default credit card on Apple Pay using your iPhone. This method is particularly handy for iPhone users who want to ensure their preferred payment card is set as the default option. These are the instructions for setting a card as the default card for Apple Pay:

    Instructions: On your iPhone, access and open the Wallet app. Inside the app, locate the payment card you wish to set as your default. Touch and hold the selected payment card. Drag the card to the forefront, positioning it ahead of your other cards.

    change apple pay default card iphone

    Method 2: Set New Card as Default on iPad or Mac

    Whether you prefer using your iPad for managing your payment methods or you're on your Mac, you can easily set a new card as the default option. Use the following instructions to set a credit card as the default card on Apple Pay:

    For Mac

    Instructions: Access System Settings through the Dock or Apple menu and move to Wallet & Apple Pay. Afterward, once you're in Wallet & Apple Pay, choose a card from the "Default Card" settings and set it as the default card.

    click on the default card option

    For iPad

    Instructions: Navigate to Settings on your iPad and move to "Wallet & Apple Pay." Here, scroll down to "Transaction Defaults" and press "Default Card." Then, choose a card from the list to set it as your default card.

    choose the default card option

    Method 3: Use Apple Watch to Change Default Card

    The last stop on our journey to manage your default credit card on Apple Pay is the Apple Watch. If you are an Apple Watch user, then these instructions can assist you in how to change your credit card on Apple Pay:

    Instructions: Access and launch the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and navigate the "My Watch" tab. There, tap on "Wallet & Apple Pay" within My Watch tab and scroll down in it to find the section labeled "Transaction Defaults." In this section, you'll find the "Default Card" option. Simply tap on it to select the card you wish to set as the default.

    tap on the default card


    To summarize, we've navigated the complex world of how to change the credit card on Apple account. We've explored two critical aspects: changing the credit card on your Apple ID and altering the default credit card on Apple Pay. It's important to understand that your credit card details for Apple ID and Apple Pay are distinct. Thus, it's crucial to know how to update both to ensure a secure digital experience.

    We explored many methods to change the credit card on Apple ID and Apple Pay, depending on your device and preference. Furthermore, there are unfortunate instances where you find yourself locked out of your Apple ID. For these, we introduced a valuable tool: Wondershare Dr.Fone - iOS Screen Unlock. This tool can efficiently unlock your Apple ID without causing any data loss, ensuring you can regain access to your account promptly.

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