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How to Convert WhatsApp Account to Business Account?


Aug 30, 2023 • Filed to: Manage Social Apps • Proven solutions

The day WhatsApp announced the launch of a new platform dedicated to business purposes only. The whole digital world has got shaken because no one would’ve thought of WhatsApp jumping into the arena of e-commerce platform providing or making business.

In the meantime, WhatsApp says that they are just creating a free space for the small-scale businessman to grow.

However, for a long time, WhatsApp has only served as a texting app, which lets you connect with people through the mobile number. But after plenty of speculations, WhatsApp introduced a separate business application that went official in late 2017 to give advantage to the millions of small business owners all around the world. The idea behind WhatsApp business is to connect businesses and customers and manage their orders.

More than 3 million people have already made their business profiles on the WhatsApp Business app and have benefited from it without any cost.

This huge number has inspired and provoked other businesses to get registered on the WhatsApp business app. And this provocation and inspired minds have put a question, which is being flooded on the Internet these days.

The question is, can I convert my WhatsApp standard accounts into WhatsApp businesses?

And our answer is why not?

To guide you better, we’ve composed this whole article, which is going to give you methods to migrate your standard messaging account into WhatsApp Business profile.

Here you go,

Switch WhatsApp to Business Account of a New Phone

Without wasting time let’s just follow the below-given steps so that you can migrate your WhatsApp standard account into a Business one.

Step 1: Firstly, you have to update the WhatsApp messenger app as per the WhatsApp guidelines and then download the WhatsApp Business app from the Google Play Store.

how to convert whatsapp into business account image 16

Step 2: Now, open the downloaded Business app.

Note: Make sure that your WhatsApp business app is open and your phone is turned on until the transfer gets completed.

Step 3: The thing is to read the terms & conditions of WhatsApp Business app and after reading it click on the AGREE AND CONTINUE BUTTON (if you’re agreeing with it).

how to convert whatsapp into business account image 17

Step 4: After accepting the terms the WhatsApp business will automatically identify the number you're already using in the WhatsApp Messenger. Right here, just tap the continue button, which is asking you to give WhatsApp permission to use the same number.


If you’re willing to add a new number just click on the other ‘USE A DIFFERENT NUMBER’ option and go through the standard verification process.

Step 5: Once you’re done with the verification process, tap the continue button and allow WhatsApp to use your backup function to access your chat history and media, which we’ve already done by using above mentioned methods.

Step 6: Now enter the 6-digit SMS code sent to your given number for the verification process.

Step 7: In the end, once your number gets verified you can now easily create your business profile on the WhatsApp business app by adding your company’s information.

Backup and Restore WhatsApp Contents to WhatsApp Business

But the migration process ensures no data loss? You must know one fact, which says WhatsApp does not readily facilitate the transfer of exact contents from a standard account to a business account.

As we are familiar with the fact that WhatsApp business accounts are meant for business purposes only. If you think after converting your standard WhatsApp to a business account you’ll get your contact, media, and chats exactly the same, then mark our words that it is not desirable to retain your data backup. If still, you desire to retain your WhatsApp message’s content, the following steps can be followed:

There are mainly two types of platforms, which are obvious, where people want to migrate their standard WhatsApp Messenger account to WhatsApp Business Android/iOS.

Let’s first talk about iOS how you can back up your essential data from WhatsApp Business and save it for future use.

Backup and restore WhatsApp Business contacts with iTunes

Regular backup using iTunes is always termed as good practice because you can restore from there whenever needed.

There is no denying the fact that, nowadays, the number of WhatsApp Business users are increasing on iOS or iPhone as well. And undoubtedly, this app tops the list in social media apps. It is because WhatsApp provides an easy environment to share messages, files, videos, etc

But what will you do if your WhatsApp Business chats, media vanished suddenly?

Don't get panic, because again the restoration process is a lifesaver which will help you to save data to further follow the transfer process.

You just have to surf through the following given steps to learn how you can restore your WhatsApp data from iTunes backup.

Step-1: First, you’ve to log in to your iTunes ID from your PC using login credentials with macOS or Windows. Some iPhone users are unaware of the fact that their Apple ID is the only detail that enables them the iTunes and iCloud platform. So just make sure that you remember your Apple ID.

You’ve to type those credentials inside a text box as shown below.

how to convert whatsapp into business account image 1

Step-2: In the second step you’ve to connect your iPhone/iPad with your computer and tap the option ‘Trust this Computer’ on your iPhone. By tapping you’re providing access permission. To connect your phone to the PC, you can use a normal USB cable, which is normally used for charging.

how to convert whatsapp into business account image 2

Step-3: Now click on the ‘Restore Backup’ button present in the iTunes interface. Afterward, view the ‘‘Manually Backup and Restore’ button labeled within the ‘Backup’ section. From it, you can choose your required contacts to restore from your iTunes ID.

how to convert whatsapp into business account image 8

Now, you would be able to view the radio button in the left panel of the screen, beside ‘This Computer’. It will enable you to restore the whole data from the connected computer into your iPhone.

Step 4. At last, click on the ‘Restore’ backup button. This will trigger the restoration process.

how to convert whatsapp into business account image 3

Step 5: Restore WhatsApp business chat

Restart your iPhone in the end by retaining the connection with the computer. Once completing this process. After the restart waits for some time until your device completes the synchronization with the computer. And here you go with your backup data.

For the android users we suggest you to use Google Drive Backup method to retrieve your data

How to Restore WhatsApp Business backup from Google Drive

Step 1: First connect your phone to the internet, using either WiFi or network data. We suggest you go with the Wifi network because backup data can be huge in amount, which requires high-speed internet to download.

Step 2: Now login to Google with the same Google account in which data has been saved.

Step 3: Now simply download and install WhatsApp Business from your Play Store.

how to convert whatsapp into business account image 11

Step 4: Open the WhatsApp application on your phone, quickly accept its terms and conditions, and then enter your phone number and wait for OTP to get verified.

how to convert whatsapp into business account image 12

Step 5: You will get a 6-digit OTP (one-time password) through SMS, fill it in the blank spot and click on the Next button.

how to convert whatsapp into business account image 13

Step 6: This step is crucial where a pop-up message will be portrayed on your screen asking you that the existing backup file is saved on Google Drive and would you like to restore your chat history.

Step 7: Click on yes and give your permission to retrieve chat history from Google Drive backup. Now the backup will start restoring your text messages, multimedia in the background.

Use WhatsApp Business Transfer Function of Dr.Fone

Using the previous two methods, there are high chances of transfer not getting completed. Using the Google Drive method, there are chances that some files do not get transferred precisely due to a large amount of data. Sometimes, loads of data is to be backed up. In such cases, Google Drive does not support the storage of such large amounts of data, thus, the transfer fails. Similarly, there is a high risk of failure in transfer using Local backup. While with Dr.Fone WhatsApp Business Transfer, you can backup your WhatsApp data on your computer in case of any data loss.

drfone whatsapp transfer
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What is the sure short method of transferring the data?

Well, Dr.Fone is the most convenient method to do this task. It is a highly recommended method to transfer WhatsApp Business history from the previous device to a new device.

Dr.Fone is a software developed by wondershare.com which allows you to easily access your WhatsApp history when you change your device. Follow these simple steps to easily transfer your WhatsApp data from one android to another using Wondershare’s Dr.Fone:

style arrow up

Dr.Fone-WhatsApp Transfer

One-Stop Solution to Manage and Transfer for WhatsApp Business

  • Backup your WhatsApp Business Chat history with just one single click.
  • You can also transfer WhatsApp Business chats between Android & iOS devices with great ease.
  • You restore the chat of your iOS/Android on your Android, iPhone or iPad in real quick time
  • Export all the WhatsApp Business messages on your computer.
Available on: Windows Mac
3,480,561 people have downloaded it

Step 1: Install the Dr.Fone software in your device. Visit the home screen and select “WhatsApp Transfer”.

drfone home

Step 2: Select the WhatsApp tab from the next screen interface. Connect both the android devices to your computer.

drfone whatsapp business transfer

Step 3: Select the “Transfer WhatsApp Business Messages” option to start the transfer from one android to another.

whatsapp business transfer

Step 4: Now, carefully locate both the devices at appropriate positions and click “Transfer”.

whatsapp business transfer

Step 5: WhatsApp History Transfer process gets started and its progress can be viewed in the progress bar. With just one click all your WhatsApp chats and multimedia are transferred to the new device.

whatsapp business transfer

You can easily access your WhatsApp history on a new phone once the transfer gets completed.

safe Downloadsafe & secure


Hopefully, this article satisfied your queries regarding how to use WhatsApp Business account and how to transfer WhatsApp Data. You can now easily convert your WhatsApp account to a WhatsApp Business account. We suggest you to use Wondershare’s Dr.Fone to transfer your WhatsApp Data.

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