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[3 Fast Ways] How to Disconnect iPhone from iCloud?


Mar 21, 2023 • Filed to: Remove Screen Lock • Proven solutions

The tech-savvy people find iCloud very interesting as they can use the features of iCloud in smart ways. On the other side, the iPhone users who don’t have much knowledge about iCloud have a hard time while using the iCloud feature. Such people want their iPhones to get disconnected from iCloud. If you’re also having trouble while disconnecting your iPhone from iCloud, you’re at the right place. This article will explain how to disconnect an iPad from iCloud very promptly.


Part 1. How to turn off iCloud on iPhone?

Turning off iCloud on your iPhone is not at all a difficult task. You just need to be familiar with the apps of your phone and the phone settings. In the following steps, we are explaining how you can turn off iCloud on your iPhone easily.

Step 1 Go to the ‘Settings’ of your phone. As you go to the settings, you will see several options appearing on the screen. Don’t touch anything else or don’t change any setting. Instead, look at the top of the screen where you will be able to find your name. You have to tap on your name and you will have a new screen. Once you’re on the new screen, scroll down and go to the bottom of the screen. There you will find an option named ‘Sign Out’. You need to hit that option.


Step 2 Once you hit on the ‘Sign Out’ option, you will be asked to provide your Apple ID. You should input your Apple ID in the instructed space and you will see an option named ‘Turn Off’. This way, you turn off the ‘Find my iPhone’ feature that is needed before turning off iCloud.

Step 3 After you complete these steps, tap on the ‘Sign Out’ option that is at the top right corner of the screen. You have to repeat the action once again so that your device gets completely signed out of iCloud. Once you have signed out of iCloud permanently, the features of iCloud will be disabled on your phone automatically.


Part 2. How to disconnect iPhone/iPad from iCloud by removing the account?

Dr. Fone and its innovative Screen Unlock feature for iOS allows you to easily unlock the iPhone lock screen in case you forget the passcode on the iPhone or iPad. In addition to the lock screen, the software is also capable of removing the iCloud or Apple password on the respective iOS devices.

Dr. Fone by Wondershare is capable of removing the iPhone lock screen within minutes while allowing you to regain full-end access to the respective iOS devices. It is important to note that it will be deleting all the data present in the iPad or iPhone.

Some of the essential steps to follow are:

Step 1 Launch Dr. Fone software and connect your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2 Select & download the firmware for iPhone.

Step 3 Click on the unlock icon and your device will be unlocked.

Some of the in-depth steps to follow are:

  • ● Connect the iPhone or iPad to the computer with the help of the USB.
  • ● Download and install Dr.Fone on the system while choosing the option “Screen Unlock” on the home screen.
  • ● From the new interface, you can choose the option Unlock Apple ID for freeing the locked ID.
    use drfone to unlock apple id
  • ● Enter the passcode for your device.
    trust the computer
  • ● Reset the iPhone or iPad settings and go forward with rebooting the phone.

You can now start unlocking your Apple ID within seconds. Check the Apple ID. Once you have completed the process of Apple ID unlocking, a new window will pop up indicating that the process of unlocking has been complete.

use drfone to unlock apple id

Part 3. How to disconnect the iPhone from iCloud by removing the device?

Step 1 Many iPhone users prefer to disconnect their iPhones from iCloud using this method. Removing your device from iCloud is an easy option to disconnect your iPhone from iCloud. In this method, you have to go to icloud.com and you also have to log into your iCloud account using your Apple ID and password.


Step 2 Once you’ve logged into your iCloud account, select the ‘Find My Phone’ icon. After clicking on that option, you will get a list of devices over there. Select the iPhone that you want to disconnect from iCloud. As you select a model from the drop-down list, you will get three options- Play Sound, Lost Mode, Erase iPhone. You have to click on the ‘Erase iPhone’ option to disconnect your iPhone from iCloud. Click on that option once again and the page will ask you to provide you Apple ID and password for erasing your device permanently.

connect iPhone to computer via Airplay 1 connect iPhone to computer via Airplay 2

Step 3 After you’ve completed the entire process, you will have a pop-up including an option named ‘Remove from account’. Once you tap on that option, the removal of your account will get completed.


If you’re determined to remove your iCloud account from your device, this article will be definitely helpful for you. If you have no idea of handling the feature of iCloud or if you don’t want to remain connected to iCloud anymore, delete the account using these methods. Anyway, never forget to back up your data before you delete your iCloud account from your device. Using Dr. Fone- Screen Unlock will be a helpful option for you in terms of backing up your iCloud data.

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