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[Solved] How to Fix iPhone Won't Backup to iCloud?

James Davis

Jun 14, 2024 • Filed to: Backup & Restore Data • Proven solutions

"Why won't my iPhone backup to iCloud? Even after several attempts, I can't seem to back up my iPhone data to iCloud."

If you also have a question like this, then you have come to the right place. Lots of readers have lately come up with these kinds of queries as their iPhone won't back up to iCloud. There could be plenty of reasons for this problem. Thankfully, there are also several ways to resolve this. To help you, we have come up with this stepwise guide. Read on and discover why won't my iPhone backup its data to the cloud.

Part 1: Why won't my iPhone backup to iCloud?

A while back, I was asking the same question – why won't my iPhone backup to iCloud? This made me diagnose this problem in an in-depth manner. If you are also facing this setback, then there could be several issues related to your phone, iCloud, or the connection. Here are some common reasons why the iPhone won't backup to iCloud.

  • The feature of iCloud backup could be turned off on your device.
  • There might be a lack of free storage on your iCloud account.
  • An unreliable network connection can also cause this problem at times.
  • You could be just automatically logged out of your Apple and iCloud ID.
  • Your phone might malfunction after an update to an unstable version of iOS.

These are only a handful of issues for why won't my iPhone backup to the cloud. We have discussed their fixes in the next section.

Part 2: 5 Tips to fix iPhone won't backup to iCloud

Now when you know why I won't my iPhone backup to iCloud, let's proceed and be familiar with some easy solutions. Try to implement these expert suggestions whenever iPhone doesn't back up to iCloud.

#1: Make sure you have a stable connection and iCloud backup is on

To start with, you need to ensure that everything is working properly on your iPhone. If you are not connected to any network, then your phone won't be able to take its backup to the cloud. Therefore, make sure you are using a stable WiFi network. Go to Settings > WiFi to turn it on. You can also reset a network to ensure a reliable connection.

iphone won t backup to icloud-turn on wifi connection

At the same time, the feature of iCloud backup should also be turned on. Go to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup and manually turn the option of iCloud backup on.

iphone won t backup to icloud-turn on icloud backup

#2: Make enough free space on iCloud

By default, Apple provides a free space of only 5GB on the cloud to every user. It can be exhausted pretty quickly before wondering why I won't my iPhone backup to the cloud. Make sure that you have enough free space on it. Go to Settings > iCloud > Storage to check how much free space is left on the cloud.

iphone won t backup to icloud-enough icloud backup storage

If you don't have enough space, then you might need to purchase more storage on the cloud. Though, you can also delete something from the drive to make more space. Mostly, users get rid of the old backup files on the cloud to obtain more free storage. Go to Settings > Storage > Manage Storage and select the backup file you wish to delete. Open it and tap on the "Delete Backup" button to make more space.

iphone won t backup to icloud-delete old icloud backups

#3: Reset network settings

Most of the time, the iPhone won't backup to iCloud because of a network issue. To resolve this, users can simply reset all network settings. This will restart your phone by resetting all the saved passwords, WiFi networks, and other kinds of network settings. To do this, visit your phone's Settings > General > Reset > and tap on the option of "Reset Network Settings". Just agree to the pop-up message to confirm your choice.

iphone won t backup to icloud-reset network settings

#4: Reset your iCloud account

The chances are that there could be a syncing issue between your device and iPhone. By resetting your iCloud account, you would be able to rectify this problem. To do this, you need to sign out of your iCloud account and sign back in after a while.

Go to your phone's Settings > iCloud and scroll all the way to the bottom to find the "Sign out" button. Just tap on it and confirm your choice again by tapping on the "Sign out" button.

iphone won t backup to icloud-sign out and sign in icloud account

Now, you will get an option to keep or delete iCloud on your device. Tap on the "Keep on My iPhone" option. After a few minutes, sign back in with the same iCloud credentials and enable the iCloud backup option.

#5: Restart or Reset your phone

If there is no major problem with your device, it can easily be fixed after restarting it. Just press the Power (wake/sleep) button on your device to get the Power slider. Simply slide it to turn off your phone. Wait for a few minutes before pressing the Power button again. This will restart your device in the normal mode.

iphone won t backup to icloud-restart iphone

If none of the above-mentioned options seem to work, then you need to reset your phone. Since it will delete all the user data and saved settings on your device, we recommend taking a backup of your phone beforehand. Go to Settings > General > Reset and tap on the option of "Erase all content and settings".

iphone won t backup to icloud-erase iphone

Confirm your choice and wait for a while as your phone would be reset to factory settings. After restarting it, you can try to connect it back to your iCloud account.

Part 3: Alternative to backup iPhone: Dr.Fone - Backup & Restore (iOS)

Instead of going through all this hassle to back iPhone data, you can simply try a reliable third-party tool. Wondershare Dr.Fone - Backup & Restore (iOS) provides a secure and fast way to take a comprehensive or selective backup of your device. Compatible with every major iOS version, it can take a backup of all the leading data files on your device. Also, you can use it to restore your data to the same or any other iOS device. Never experience any data loss with its one-click backup feature.

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1. Simply connect your iPhone to the system and launch the Dr.Fone toolkit. Choose the option of "Backup & Restore" to initiate the process.

iphone won t backup to icloud-Dr.Fone for ios

2. Select the kind of data files that you wish to backup and click on the "Backup" button.

iphone won t backup to icloud-select data types to backup

3. In one-click, your selected data files will be saved on your local storage. You can preview the backup and take the desired actions.

iphone won t backup to icloud-backup iphone with one click

Now when you know how to resolve why won't my iPhone backup to the cloud, you can easily fix this issue. If, after following these steps, the iPhone won't backup to iCloud, simply take the assistance of a third-party tool like Dr.Fone iOS Backup & Restore. It is a remarkable application and provides a fast and easy way to backup and restore your iOS device.

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