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Handy Tips to Fix iCloud Photos Not Syncing Issues

James Davis

Jun 21, 2024 • Filed to: Manage Device Data • Proven solutions

Are your iCloud photos not syncing?

Don’t worry – you are not the only one. A lot of users complain about photos not uploading to iCloud every once in a while. Though the iCloud Photos Library works seamlessly, it can sometimes cause some syncing issues. The iCloud photo library not syncing problem can be fixed by altering a few settings or system preferences. In this guide, we have explained what the experts do to rectify the iPhone photos, not syncing to an iCloud issue.

Part 1. How to fix iCloud Photo Library Not Syncing?

Apple offers an online service for us to manage our photos across multiple devices, which is known as the iCloud Photo Library. The service can help you sync your photos across different devices. Users can easily edit and share their pictures with the iCloud Photo Library as well. Though, you might have to get a paid iCloud account if you want to truly use the service.

Sometimes, users experience that their iCloud photos are not syncing. The iCloud Photo Library could play a vital role in it. If iCloud is not working as expected, you can follow the methods in this post to access and download iCloud photos before you quit iCloud.

Ideally, you can follow these tips to fix iCloud Photo Library syncing issues.

1.1 Have a stable Internet connection

The iCloud Photo Library will only work if your device has a stable Internet connection. Make sure that the WiFi network it is connected to is stable and working. Also, your phone should be charged enough to upload the photos.

check internet connection to fix icloud photos not syncing

1.2 Enable Cellular Data

A lot of people simply use their cellular data to perform everyday tasks. If the iCloud photo library is not syncing, then this could be an issue. Go to your device’s Settings > Phone > Cellular Data. Turn on the “Cellular Data” option. If you upload a lot of pictures, then enable the “Unlimited Update” option as well.

check cellular data to fix icloud photos not syncing

1.3 Turn off/on Photo Library

Sometimes, all it takes to fix the iCloud Photo Library not syncing issue is a simple reset. Go to your phone’s Settings > iCloud > Photos and turn off the option of “iCloud Photo Library.” Restart your device and follow the same drill. Though, this time you have to turn on the option instead. In the newer iOS versions, you can find it under Settings > Photos.

toggle off icloud photo library

1.4 Buy more iCloud Storage

If you have already uploaded lots of photos, then you might be running short on the iCloud Storage. This can stop the iCloud Photo Library from uploading the photos. You can go to your device’s Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup > Manage Storage to view how much free space is there on iCloud. If you are running low on space, then you can buy more Storage as well. You can also follow this ultimate guide to free up iCloud Storage.

Part 2. How to Fix iCloud Photos Not Syncing with PC/Mac?

Since iCloud is also available for Mac and Windows PC, users often take its assistance to sync their photos across different devices. The good thing is that you can easily resolve the iCloud photos not syncing problems on your Mac or PC.

Follow the tips below to fix iCloud photos not syncing issues on PC/Mac:

2.1 Check your Apple ID

This might surprise you, but people often make different accounts for their phones and computer. Needless to say, if there are different Apple IDs, then the photos won’t be able to sync. To resolve this, simply go to the Accounts section on the iCloud application and make sure that you are using the same Apple ID across all the devices.

toggle off icloud photo library

2.2 Turn off/on the sync option

If you are lucky, then you would be able to fix the iCloud photos not syncing to iCloud issue just by resetting it. To do this, simply launch the iCloud desktop application on your Windows PC or Mac. Now, turn off the Photo sharing option and save your changes. Restart the system, launch the application once again, and turn the option on. Most likely, this will fix the syncing issue.

2.3 Enable iCloud Photo Library & Sharing

If the iCloud Photo Library and Sharing option are disabled on your system, it won’t be able to sync the data. Go to System Preferences and launch the iCloud desktop application. Visit the iCloud Photos Options and make sure you have enabled the “iCloud Photo Library” and “iCloud Photo Sharing” feature.

toggle off icloud photo library

2.4 Update the iCloud service

This problem is mostly related to iCloud photos not syncing in Windows systems. If the iCloud service has not been updated in a while, then it might stop the syncing process in between. To fix this, simply launch the Apple Software Update feature on your system. From here, you can update the iCloud service to its latest version. After that, restart your system and check if it fixes the issue or not.

toggle off icloud photo library

Part 3. How to Fix iCloud Photos Not Syncing Between iPhone & iPad?

Users of the latest iPhone devices (like iPhone 13 or 12) often experience some syncing issues. If you are also not able to sync your photos between iPhone and iPad, then consider following these suggestions.

3.1 Check Apple ID

You would only be able to sync photos between both the devices if they are linked to the same Apple ID. Just go to your device settings and view the Apple ID. If the IDs are different, then you can sign-out from here and log-in again to the correct ID.

3.2 Reset Network Settings

If there is a network issue with your iOS device, then it can be fixed by this method. Though, this will also remove the saved network settings on the device as well. To reset the network settings on the device, go to its Settings > General > Reset. Tap on “Reset Network Settings” and confirm your choice. Your device will be restarted with default network settings.

toggle off icloud photo library

3.3 Update iOS version

If the iOS device is running on an older software version, then it might cause the iCloud photos not syncing issue as well. To resolve this, go to its Settings > General > Software Update option. Here, you view the latest stable version of iOS available. Tap on the “Download and Install” button to initiate the iOS software update process. You can also follow this more detailed guide to update your iPhone.

toggle off icloud photo library

3.4 Other tips to fix iCloud photos not syncing on PC/Mac

Besides that, you can try some of these suggestions whenever your photos are not uploading to iCloud.

  • Make sure that both the devices are connected to a stable Internet connection.
  • The Photo Sharing option should be turned on.
  • Reset the Photo Sharing by turning the option off and on.
  • Turn on the Cellular Data option for Photo Sharing.
  • Have enough free Storage on your iCloud account.

Part 4. Alternative to Sync iPhone Photos: Wondershare Dr.Fone

If you want to sync your photos between different devices, then simply use Wondershare Dr.Fone. This iPhone manager will make it easier for you to transfer your photos between iPhone and computer, iPhone and other smartphones, and iPhone and iTunes, and it also supports transferring data from icloud to phone and computer directly. Not just photos, you can also transfer music, videos, contacts, messages, and other important data files. It is a user-friendly tool that comes with a native file explorer as well. By using Wondershare Dr.Fone, you can have direct control over your phone’s data.

The tool is a part of the Dr.Fone toolkit and provides a 100% reliable solution. It is compatible with every leading version of iOS while the desktop application is available for both Mac and Windows PC. You can use it to transfer photos between your iPhone and Windows PC/Mac with a single click. The tool also allows us to directly transfer photos from one iPhone to another. You can even rebuild the iTunes library without using iTunes.

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Step 1: Connect your device

Download and install Wondershare Dr.Fone on your Mac or Windows PC. As your iPhone is detected successfully, its details are displayed on the home screen. If you are connecting the device to a new computer for the first time, then tap on the “Trust” option once the “Trust This Computer” message would pop up.

sync photos using Dr.Fone

Step 2: Transfer iCloud photos to iPhone/PC/Mac

If you wish to transfer photos from iCloud to mobile devices or computer, click on the “iCloud Manage” module, then select "Export to Device” or "Export to PC" option.

transfer iphone photos to itunes library

Step 3: Transfer photos from iPhone to iTunes

If you wish to transfer photos directly to iTunes, click on the “iTunes Library” module, then select "Export iTunes media to device” option. The application will let you select the data you wish to transfer. To initiate the process, simply click on the “Transfer” button.

transfer iphone photos to itunes library

Step 4: Transfer photos from iPhone to PC/Mac

To manage your pictures, go to the “Photos” tab. Here, you can view a well-categorized view of all the photos stored on your device. Simply select the photos you wish to transfer. You can make multiple selections or choose an entire album as well. Now, go to the export icon on the toolbar and click on the “To PC” option.

sync iphone photos to computer without icloud

Furthermore, you can select the location where you wish to save the selected content.

Step 5: Transfer photos from iPhone to another device

As you know, Wondershare Dr.Fone also allows us to directly transfer our data to another device as well. Before you proceed, make sure that both the iOS devices are connected to the system. Now, select the pictures that you wish to transfer under the “Photos” tab. Go to the export option and click on “To device”. From here, you can select the target device where you wish to copy the selected photos.

sync iphone photos to other ios devices

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Furthermore, you can also import photos to your iPhone from iTunes or your computer as well. It is an exceptional tool that will make it easier for you to manage your iPhone data without any unwanted hassle (or using complicated tools like iTunes). In case you are not able to resolve iCloud photos, not syncing option, then you should certainly try this alternative. It is a must-have tool for every iPhone user and will make your smartphone experience so much better.

James Davis

James Davis

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