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Dr.Fone - Android Data Recovery: How To

Part 1. Android Data Recovery for Windows Users

Step 1. Connect your Android device

Launch Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android on your computer and use a USB cable to connect your Android device with your computer.

how to recover deleted videos on android

If you didn't enable the USB debugging on your device before, you will get a pop-up message on your device and need to enable it now. If you've done it already, just skip this step.

android video recovery

Step 2. Select file type to scan

Once your device is detected by the program, you can check the type of data that you'd like to recover. And then click "Next" to continue the data recovery process.

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Step 3. Scan your device for lost data on it

Now, click "Start" to begin analyzing and scanning your device.

You can read the description and choose the "Standard Mode" or the "Advanced Mode" here to continue according to your need. We recommend you to try the "Standard Mode" first, which works faster. If it doesn't work, you can try the "Advanced Mode" later.

recover deleted videos on android

Now, Dr.Fone is scanning Android phone to recover deleted data. This process will take a few minutes. Just be patient, since precious things are always deserved to be waited.

how to retrieve deleted videos on android phone

Note: There might be a Superuser authorization appearing on your device during the scan. If you get it, click "Allow" to confirm it. If not, just forget it.

Step 4. Preview and recover deleted data on Android devices

When the scan is complete, you can preview the found data one by one. Check the items you want and click "Recover" to save them all on your computer.

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Note: This Android data recovery software scans both deleted and existing data on your Android device. You can turn on the button of "Display deleted files only" to separate them if you have a need. Also, you can use the search function on the top right to search what you need in the scan result.

Part 2. Android SD Card Data Recovery

Have deleted data on your SD card accidentally? Keep your shirts on. Instead of letting it go, you can now learn how to recover deleted data on your SD card. Now, let's see how to recover deleted data from SD card.

Step 1. Connect a micro SD card via your Android device or a card reader

First, launch Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android on your computer, and then connect your SD card. There are two ways for you to get your SD card connected to the computer: using a card reader or using your Android device with it. Choose the way better for you.

connect sd card to computer

When your SD card is detected by the program, you will see the window as follows. Select your SD card and click "Next" to continue.

select sd card to scan

Step 2. Select a scan mode to scan your SD card

Before scanning, there are two modes for your choice. Our suggestion is to try the Standard Mode first. If you can't find what you want, you can try the Advance Mode later. Using Standard Mode, you can choose to scan for only deleted files or scan for all files on your SD card. The latter is suggested, which will help you find more complete files.

choose a scan mode to scan sd card

After choosing the scan mode, click "Next" to begin scanning your SD card.

scan data on sd card

Step 3. Preview and recover data from your SD card selectively

After the scanning process, all results will be displayed in categories. From the left sidebar, you can click different data type to display the corresponding result. You can selectively check or un-check the files and then click "Recover" to start the data recovery process.

recover data from android sd card

Note: You can search the particular files as you want in the top right blank box to find them easily and conveniently.

Part 3. Android Data Recovery for Mac Users

Step 1. Install and run the program on your Mac

After the downloading, install and launch the software on your Mac. Then you'll see the primary window as the screenshot shown on the side.

install dr.fone for android on Mac

Step 2. Connect your Android device to your Mac

Use a USB cable to connect your Android phone or tablet to your Mac. When your device is successfully detected by the computer, this program will also detect it automatically.

connect android phone to Mac

Step 3. Select the file type to scan

Now the program is ready to scan your device. You can selectively choose the type of files that you want to retrieve. Then move on.

select file type to scan

Step 4. Scan device and recover data from your Android now

When everything is OK. The program starts scanning your device for data on it, including the lost file and the existing data. You can selectively choose whatever you want later for recovery.After the scan is compelted, you can preview all recoverable data one by one. Then choose the item you want and click "Recover" to save them on your computer.

scan and recover your android data