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How to Reset or Hard Reset OnePlus Phone


Mar 08, 2024 • Filed to: Remove Screen Lock • Proven solutions

OnePlus mobiles are highly convenient, but users often notice errors like performance hangs, slow battery backup, etc. At this point, one should do a OnePlus hard reset to wipe all the device content. Doing a OnePlus factory reset is useful for bringing the device to its base functionality.

Doing a factory reset makes upgrading the software easier and improves functionality afterward. Here, we discuss the steps in detail and how to safeguard your content.

You Can Do the Reset if Your Phone Does the Following:

Most people have a lot of their personal information, passwords, and other private data on their mobile phones. Since OnePlus hard reset is the only way to revive the original functionality of the device, it solves each type of system issue. The following are common phone functionality errors that require this major step.

1. Protect the privacy data when lost your phone.

Since most phone owners keep a variety of information on their phones, it is important to remove all in case of losing the device. With the right software, you can do this task remotely. You can also utilize a third-party tool to remotely find the device by sound, lights, or vibration settings. If this is unsuccessful, one should reset the OnePlus phone directly.

2. Locked screen due to forgotten password or Smart Lock not working.

Many users forget to use the right password for their device or misplace the right sequencing of the password characters. This is related to when people set numeric, letter, or pattern-based passwords. In addition, some devices, like most OnePlus smartphones, offer Smart Lock features like a fingerprint. Therefore, if neither type of entry is not operating appropriately, it is better to factory reset the OnePlus.

3. OnePlus phone keeps lagging and crashing.

Most smartphones come with high storage power in HDD and SSD modes. However, in some cases, a lot of content in the phone can take up all primary and additional space, which causes freezing or app crashes. For example, not deleting junk caches or emails. Instead, you can directly clear app/downloaded data, contact history, all data, and more, or do a OnePlus factory reset.

4. Sell a used old device.

Many people sell their older phones if these devices do not work as before or if they buy a new device. Before doing so, it is important to hard reset OnePlus to delete all personal information existing on the app. This would omit contacts, app data, and other elements completely. 

5. Hand in the company's work mobile phone before leaving.

Many companies provide sanctioned phone devices to their employees and managers for work-related uses. When one leaves the company or requires another device, they are obligated to return their original work phone to the company. Before doing so, resetting the device to remove all personalized data is vital.

Note: Keep in mind that the factory reset function wipes all the available data from the device that the user added. The removal is permanent and thorough. So, before you do a factory reset, back up all the needed data, like phone numbers, photos, and more, to avoid losing them.

Before Doing the Reset, Things You Need to Know

Now that you know what type of situations require device resetting, it is important to mention that wiping the device completely is not always necessary. Here, acknowledging the difference between doing a soft reset and a hard reset is important.

1. Soft Reset

Soft reset in mobile phones refers to simply turning off the device and then switching it on again or directly using the restart button. Usually, this is a simple method to kickstart the device's functions instead of completely losing all content.

Many users who keep their computer device or smartphone switched on for longer hours at a stretch notice the system lagging soon. Many software and apps are constantly running in the background, which takes up battery power. Plus, some software may have malware which causes the system to slow down or turn buggy.

Common situations that require a soft reset are:

  • An app on your phone running favorable well and starting without errors is suddenly not booting up.
  • The device consumes an excessive amount of battery.
  • The camera function would not open.
  • The functionality of the device is strange compared to its regular performance.

2. Hard Reset

A hard reset is a more serious form of revitalizing a device as it deletes all applications and files from the device permanently.

Typically, you can do a OnePlus hard reset if corrupted files, viruses, or malware affect your device and storage. Or, if you forgot the password to enter the device, are planning on selling it, or the SmartLock function is not working, you can do a hard reset.

With this function, the software roots out all of these anomalies, regardless of location. The device, after that, resembles its previously newly-ordered state.

Yet, keep in mind that a hard reset is harder to undo compared to a soft reset, and one should avoid doing so each time the device malfunctions. It removes videos, photos, apps (except the pre-installed ones), folders, files, and other data.

While OnePlus hard reset is the surefire way to bring the device back to its optimal condition, it can lose your data. So, back up all the available important files and information with suitable software before doing this step.

If you hope to hard reset, you can directly move to the next part.

How to Perform OnePlus Hard Reset Without Password?

There are ways available for you to do a OnePlus factory reset when you do not have the password for the account/app at the time. There are specific steps that you should follow for this function.

We will share two main methods with you on this occasion- the Hard Reset and the “Wipe Info Ways for All Series Easily and Quickly” steps.

Method 1: Reset the OnePlus Phone Remotely with PC Remotely When Lost

You can reset one plus smartphone without accessing your PC device with the Android Device Manager. This is a high-quality tool that users can opt for to locate their Android devices. You can use either the desktop version or the Android mobile app version of this software.

One can use the Google Find My Device function in this tool to triangulate the frequencies and find the locked tablet or mobile phone. After activating this, the software can adjust the lock screen settings, ring the lost device, send direct recovery messages, etc.

Prerequisites for the Method

Before using this method, however, make sure that the following points are active on your device.

  • You have an active and switched-on phone device.
  • The WiFi or Internet connection is still active.
  • You have a Google Account on the lost device, and you have already synced your Google Account with it.
  • Your phone is still turned on.
  • You can turn the ADM and GPS location on.

How to Do This?

  • Step 1: Open Settings and search for Personal > Google.
  • Step 2: Access the Services tab and click your cursor on the “Security” option.
  • Step 3: Open the Android Device Manager section and turn on the "Allow remote lock and erase" and "Remotely locate this device" choices.
find my phone
  • Step 4: Keep the Android device location ON while doing these steps by entering Settings > Personal > Location. Turn on the "ON" switch.
  • Step 5: Go to the official website of Android Device Manager and sign your Google Account information into the right fields.

See if the device appears on the list or not. To note, this step is necessary in case the previous steps did not work.

  • Step 6: Check the location settings, if you are signed into your account, and if the ADM is active on your device.

Method 2: Perform OnePlus hard reset by entering into recovery mode

Dr.Fone from Wondershare is a top-notch and comprehensive tool for Android and iOS users to optimize and maintain their mobile devices. This tool contains a wide range of dynamic features that improve the quality of performance of the device. Furthermore, in case of data loss or sudden system breakdown, this app allows users to carefully safeguard their information and app data.

It offers multiple benefits to users, like transferring phone/WhatsApp data from one device to another, using the Screen Unlock mode, phone manager for all data, phone backup, restoration via data recovery, and others.


Dr.Fone - Screen Unlock (Android)

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How to Do This?

Step 1: Launch the app and then choose the Screen Unlock > Android option. Connect your device. This is specific to Android users who want to do a OnePlus hard reset.

home page

Step 2: Choose the brand of your mobile device, e.g., OnePlus, in the next window.

select device model

Step 3: As per the information in the next window, add the necessary data for recovery or download in their respective modes.

begin to remove android lock screen

Step 4: The unlock process would complete in some time.

remove now
Safe downloadsafe & secure

Note: If you are using the OnePlus hard reset method to transform your phone to its old state or clear cache, you should carefully back up the phone data. This is possible with Dr. Fone's Phone Backup function. You can back all your data up on your Android or iOS phone and later restore selective files.

After you complete the resetting method, you can restore this data to your device again. Perform a factory data reset in case it is the only solution available, as it will remove all device information, like contacts, email accounts, system and app data, app settings, downloaded apps, media (Music, pictures and videos, etc.), etc.

How to Handle the FRP Issue?

In some devices, like Samsung mobile devices starting from the Android 5.0 version and later, there is a new function available called Factory Reset Protection (FRP). The software automatically activates this feature after the device hard reset takes place.

After it starts up, it would ask the user to enter the username/password of their registered Google account. This is valuable in protecting the device from unauthorized users who are factory resetting the device for unethical reasons without the authorized user's permission.

While this is a useful security method, some users may find it troublesome if they lose their own Google account information. If that is a concern for you and you want a solution that would allow you to do a factory reset safely without authorization prompts, you can use third-party tools.

One of the most satisfactory choices is Dr. Fone's Screen Unlock functionality. This is a non-technical feature that even beginners can use to access their FRP-locked Samsung devices without a Google account or PIN. It helps bypass four types of screen locks: passwords, patterns, PIN codes, and fingerprints. Besides Samsung, it is useful for other branded mobile devices running with Android OS.

Download for PC Download for Mac

4,624,541 people have downloaded it

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Final Words

Before enabling the factory reset function, you should understand if the reason why you need it on your device is correct. In case of certain issues, a soft reset works satisfactorily. For example, if you have lost your password or the Smart Lock function is not reading your identity, use the ADM approach to recover access and reset, or try out the all-in-one Dr.Fone software. After taking proper precautions and completing the steps, let us know your experience using these methods.

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