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How to Bypass Google FRP Lock on OnePlus Devices


Jan 18, 2024 • Filed to: Remove Screen Lock • Proven solutions

Technological advancements in the IT and telecommunication industry simplify your tasks and provide security against cyber malpractices. The advantages are numerous and appealing, but there are downsides too. One such inconvenience is caused by Google FRP lock in OnePlus smartphones. The facility keeps your device information safe against unauthorized access. However, users often report issues like lockouts not being removed due to several causes. Such scenarios raise the demand for OnePlus Nord FRP bypass solutions for seamless device access.

google frp bypass in oneplus phones

Part 1. What Is Google FRP and How Does It Work?

Google Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is an in-built security function in Android 5.1 and later versions. The feature protects these devices against intentional data loss on unauthorized access. The utility does not allow a factory reset of your device in case it is lost or stolen. Your data is hence, safe from unwanted mishandling. The feature also protects the device's data encryptions and screen locks. The functionality gets enabled when you register a Google account on your Android device. As is obvious, the feature gets disabled when the Google account is removed before beginning the Factory Data Reset process.

If your device is under untrusted access and the FRP lock is enabled, the latter will prevent the factory reset of your phone. It is because; the active FRP lock requires entering the Google account credentials registered with the device. Therefore, unwanted users will not be possible to factory reset the OnePlus phone. However, there may be instances when you need to factory reset your FRP-enabled device to its default settings. Ensure that the registered Google account credentials are available to you under such circumstances.

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Part 2. How to Remove Google FRP Lock on Any OnePlus Phone?

To remove the Google FRP lock on your OnePlus device, you can follow any of the methods discussed below:

1. Bypass Google FRP Lock on Your OnePlus Phone

  • Switch on the Wi-Fi network of the OnePlus phone and head to the 'Hello' screen.
  • Take the following path:

Emergency Call> Emergency Rescue> Add Contact

emergency rescue interface of oneplus phones

  • When the permission prompt pops up, click on 'Deny' and tap "Go to Settings".
  • Hit the 'Permission' tab and tap the 'Search' button.
  • Enter 'Settings' in the search field, choose the 'Settings App Info' option, and tap the 'Open' button.
  • Take the path given below to enable the system shortcuts:

System> Accessibility> Accessibility Menu> Toggle the Button to Turn it On> Allow> Got it

  • Head to the "Settings" app and tap "Apps and Notifications". Next, click on "See All Apps".
  • Find and disable the 'Android Setup' and 'Google Play Service' within the application list.

disabling android setup and google play service

  • Navigate back to the 'Hello' screen to completely disable the setup by taking the following path:

Start> Agree> Agree> Skip> Don't Copy> Ok> Agree

  • Skip the 'Set Screen Lock' task for completing the setup.

2. Using FRP Bypass APK

This is a quick and smart way to address the FRP lock removal issue within several minutes. Here's what you need to do:

  • Download the FRP Bypass APK to a PC or some other smartphone from the latter's official website, followed by copying it into a pen drive.
  • Use an OTG to connect the pen drive to the FRP-locked device.
  • Head to the destination folder of the downloaded APK in the "File Manager" application.
  • Install the APK in the FRP-locked phone by allowing the app permissions.
  • Navigate to 'Settings' and enable the 'Install from Unknown Source' option.
  • Reinstall and open the APK.
  • The 'Settings' menu will pop up. Head to the "Backup and Reset" option.
  • Click on 'Factory Data Reset', followed by "Erase Everything".
  • Tap 'Confirm' to erase all the device data.
  • Register with a new Google account to use the phone.

google frp lock bypass using apk

3. Deactivate FRP in Your OnePlus Phone

Removing the Google FRP lock using a computer is impossible in some instances. Deleting your registered Gmail account from the OnePlus device can help you in these circumstances. The downside of this method is that your device's data will lose protection from Google. Here's how you can delete your Gmail account from the FRP-locked phone:

  • Launch the "Settings" app on your OnePlus device.

launching the 'settings' application on oneplus phone

  • In the app's opening interface, click on the 'Accounts' tab to open the section.

opening the 'accounts' tab in oneplus phone

  • A list of all the accounts linked to your OnePlus device will be displayed. Tap on the desired Gmail account to unlink it from your phone.

google account selection for quick removal

  • The device data linked with the selected account will appear on the screen. Click on 'Remove Account' to proceed further.

removing the selected google account from the phone

  • A confirmation prompt will pop up to ensure a willful deletion of the account from the OnePlus device. Tap on 'Remove Account' to confirm the action. This will cause all data linked with the account to get deleted from the phone.

confirmation of the google account removal

FAQs about Google Lock Bypass

1. Does Factory Reset Remove Google Account?

There may be instances when you require wiping out smartphone data to keep it safe against unauthorized access. Maybe you wish to pass on your device to another user or migrate to a different device. It is important to make sure that all accounts linked to the phone are deleted from the device. It should be understood here that a factory reset will not remove Google or other accounts from the device. The process restores the default factory settings of the phone that you got at the first purchase.

2. How to Enable Factory Reset Protection?

Enabling the Factory Reset protection feature is a smart way to protect the important data on your phone. However, issues of unethical access in cases of theft or loss are quite prominent. You can enable the FRP functionality by taking the following steps:

  • When using a new device, sign in to the phone with your Google account. You can use an existing account or create a new one.
  • Set a pattern or password screen lock on your device. It is not advisable to use swipe unlock or leave the phone unlocked at all. If you forget the pattern or password, Google credentials can be used to unlock the device.

These steps will cause the automatic configuration of the Factory Reset Protection feature. The invader will be prompted to enter the registered Google account credentials on every attempt to access the phone.


Developments in electronic technology have brought a series of benefits, covering easy access, security, and everything in between. One such feature is the Google Factory Reset Protection to protect your device data against untrusted access. The feature is undoubtedly credible, but there may be situations that require bypassing the FRP lock. For affordable solutions to address the concern on OnePlus phones, pick the one that corresponds to your specific situation.

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