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[2024 Guide] How to Resolve OnePlus Touch Screen Not Working

Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: Mobile Repair Solutions • Proven solutions


"I have a OnePlus 10 pro , I'm facing the issue were the touch screen doesn't work except for fingerprint, the physical button , back and home . does anyone know how to fix this?"

Nothing is more frustrating than your phone's touch screen becoming unresponsive. Given the importance of smartphones in daily work, a phone with a touch screen not working can badly affect your routine. It is an issue found in most smartphone brands, even among OnePlus phones, known for their efficient performance. If your OnePlus touchscreen is not working, it can be an exhausting experience.

Luckily for your, multiple ways are available to resolve this issue. This article will list six fixes for resolving the OnePlus touch not working issue. It will also discuss the reasons behind this issue in detail and provide a list of tips to avoid it in the future.

Part 1: What Causes OnePlus Screen Unresponsive?

Answering what causes OnePlus screen unresponsiveness is difficult. Many reasons, ranging from minor bugs to serious hardware issues, can cause it. To find out the exact or near exact reason, you will have to review your device's activity before this issue occurs. You can use the following common reasons behind the OnePlus 6T touch screen not working as the basis of your investigation:

1. Touchscreen Calibration

Excessive smartphone use can cause the touchscreen to go out of the required settings. It means until the touch screen is not recalibrated properly, the touch not working issues will continue to pop up.

2. Battery Issue

If your device's battery is damaged or is at the end of its lifespan, it can cause the touch screen not responding issues. Moreover, the low battery and issue with the charging port can also lead to this problem.

3. Corrupted System Files

The presence of corrupted system files is also a significant cause of such issues. These corrupted files can also lead to serious performance issues on your phone.

4. Conflicting Settings

It is also possible that the conflicting settings in your device are causing this issue. These settings can range from touch sensitivity to screen refresh rate. Unless these conflicts are removed, the touchscreen performance will continue to degrade.

Part 2: The Common Solutions to Solve a OnePlus Screen Unresponsive

Fixing the OnePlus touchscreen not working is easy as long as it is not a serious hardware issue. While there are multiple ways to solve this problem, we have chosen the 6 most common and easy solutions. Listed below are the 6 common solutions to solve a OnePlus screen unresponsive:

Solution 1. Restart the OnePlus Phone

As with any other issue or device, the first fix you should always try first is to restart your device. It is the best solution to fix the OnePlus 5T touch not working issue if temporary bugs and glitches are the reason behind it. When you restart your device, it flushes out all temporary bugs and glitches while resetting your device’s processes. Use this guide to restart your OnePlus device:

Instruction: Press and hold the “Power” button for a couple of seconds until it turns off. Wait a few moments and then use the “Power” button to turn on the device. In some of the OnePlus devices, you also have to use the “Volume Down” button along with the “Power” button to restart the device.

restart your oneplus device

Solution 2. Check the Charging Port and Battery

The issues with the battery of your OnePlus 5 can also lead to OnePlus 5 touch not working. It can be due to your device's low or near-empty battery. While in some cases, serious issues with the battery can also be behind this problem. Similarly, the reason behind your phone's touch not working can be charging port issues.

Thus, you should check and clean your device's charging port and see if it resolves the problem. Moreover, turn off your device, charge it, and then restart it to check if the touch screen not working issue is gone.

Solution 3. Contact the OnePlus Customer Support

Contacting OnePlus customer support can also help resolve the OnePlus 8T touch screen not working problem. It is especially helpful if you are unable to find the cause and want to seek an expert opinion. The OnePlus customer support will help you find the issue and recommend a solution.

It is an excellent option if your OnePlus device's touch is not working due to hardware issues. They can help guide you to a suitable service center to fix your phone and resolve this issue.

contact oneplus customer support

Solution 4. Wipe the Cache of Your OnePlus Device

A common reason for OnePlus Nord being stuck on the loading screen is the filled cache partition. If you do not clean out the cache partition of your OnePlus device, its performance will degrade. As a result, your device will experience issues like the touch screen not working or getting stuck at the loading screen. Here is how you can clear the cache of your OnePlus device:

Step 1: Turn off your device by pressing and holding the “Power” button. Once it is turned off, press and hold the “Power” and “Volume Down” buttons until you see the OnePlus logo.

wait for oneplus logo

Step 2: Now, enter your phone’s PIN or pattern and choose a language. After selecting the language, choose “Wipe data and cache.”

choose wipe data and cache option

Step 3: Select "Wipe cache" on the next screen and confirm the action through "Yes" in the ensuing window. Once the process is complete, choose "Reboot" to restart your device.

select wipe cache option

Solution 5. Reset to Factory Settings

Sometimes, clearing the cache partition doesn't help resolve the touchscreen issue. In that case, You have to factory reset your OnePlus device. It is the best and last solution if other fixes haven't worked and you can't pinpoint the reason. Factory resetting your OnePlus will delete all phone data. Thus, you should create a proper backup before trying this fix. Follow these steps to factory reset your OnePlus in no time:

Step 1: Launch Settings on your OnePlus device and tap “System” to select “Reset Options.”

select reset options

Step 2: In the “Reset Options,” select “Erase all data (factory reset)” and confirm the action by again pressing “Erase All Data.” It will start the factory reset process.

start the erase process

Solution 6. Replace the Old Screen with A New Screen

If none of the above-mentioned fixes have worked so far, you should replace the touch screen. Replacing the touch screen is recommended in case of hardware and severe software issues. However, it can be quite an expensive fix as new touch screens aren't cheap. The prices for new touchscreens differ depending on the model. These prices start from $20 and go up to hundreds of dollars.

Part 3: How to Avoid OnePlus Screen being Unresponsive?

Protecting your OnePlus device against system issues like touch not working is not difficult. While it is true that you can't 100% avoid such problems, the risks can still be reduced to a great extent. To prevent your OnePlus screen from being unresponsive, here are some tips you can follow:

  • Regular Updates:You should always ensure that your OnePlus device runs on the latest software version available. It can help prevent bugs or glitches that might cause the screen to become unresponsive.
  • Device Protection:It is also essential that you use a good quality phone case and screen protector. These will protect your OnePlus device from physical damage. Drops, bumps, or scratches can damage the screen and make it unresponsive.
  • Delete Unnecessary Apps:If you have too many apps on your OnePlus devices, it can cause screen unresponsiveness issues. Thus, you should only install the apps you need and delete the apps that are no longer needed.
  • Use Dr.Fone 13:Having a professional tool like Wondershare Dr.Fone in your arsenal helps a lot in protecting against system issues. If a system issue is able to pass through, Dr.Fone has the ability to resolve the issue in a matter of seconds. Moreover, it is a complete smartphone tool with data transfer, location changer, and system repair features.

A new version of Dr.Fone is expected to release in the latter half of this month. The new version will include many improvements, advanced features, and increased device support. Furthermore, it will also have a better and more user-friendly interface.

dr.fone phone toolbox


To sum up this article, it can be said that issues like OnePlus touch not working are part of life. These issues can occur anytime and are hard to completely protect against. Thus, having a problem solver like Wondershare Dr.Fone is the best choice. It will not only help you safeguard against system issues but also resolve them if they occur.

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