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The Ultimate Guide to iTunes Alternatives for Android Users

Alice MJ

Jun 03, 2024 • Filed to: Mobile Repair Solutions • Proven solutions

You're new to the Android platform after recently ditching iOS, and you’re looking for software like iTunes to help manage your Android phone right? You have come to the right place.

For many Android users, finding the perfect music management app that offers seamless functionality akin to iTunes can be a bit of a quest. Whether it's organizing music libraries, syncing with devices, or just accessing a wide range of music, Android users often look for iTunes alternatives that can match up or even surpass its convenience. In this post, we’re exploring the best iTunes alternatives for those on the Android platform, providing you with options that will keep your tunes perfectly harmonized and readily accessible.

Part 1. Top 10 iTunes Alternatives for Android Software

Discovering the right iTunes replacement can make all the difference in how you enjoy and manage your media on Android. Each of the following alternatives brings something unique to the table:

# 1. Wondershare Dr.Fone: Best iTunes Alternative for Android

Wondershare Dr.Fone is a powerful all-in-one iTunes alternative software for Android phones and tablets. With it, you can easily import music and playlists from your iTunes library and computer to Android devices easily. Besides, it lets you transfer contacts, SMS, apps, photos and videos to and from Android phones and tablets. Here, we list out the salient features to get you deeply understood.

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Wondershare Dr.Fone

Best iTunes Alternative to Continue iPhone-like Experience on Android

  • Transfer files between Android and computer, including contacts, photos, music, SMS, and more.
  • Manage, export/import your music, photos, videos, contacts, SMS, Apps etc.
  • Transfer iTunes to Android (vice versa).
  • Import contacts from iCloud to Android/computer.
  • Manage your Android device on computer.
Available on: Windows Mac
4,683,542 people have downloaded it

See the following screen which demonstrate all transfer options on this iTunes alternative.

itunes alternative android drfone

Manage Your Android Music on Computer

To manage your Android's music from your PC, find the Music section on the left under your device. Here, you can browse your music files and organize them. Use the Add button to import files, export them to your PC, or delete them. This platform supports a variety of audio files, such as music tracks, ringtones, recordings, and voicemails, for a complete music management experience.

manage your music

Delete All Duplicate Android Music Files on Computer

To remove duplicate music files from your Android, click Deduplicate at the top. A window will open, automatically finding duplicates by Name, Artist, and Album. Choose the files you don't need and press Delete Duplicates to remove them.

delete all duplicate music files

Safe downloadsafe & secure

#2. DoubleTwist

DoubleTwist is another iTunes equivalent for Android software that makes it easy for you to transfer music, videos and photos to your Android phone via WiFi or a USB cable. It works in a very simple way, meaning you can totally handle it on your own.

However, that's all it can do and nothing is more. In other words, it fails to manage music, videos and photos, such as deleting them or converting audio and video. Worse still, it doesn't support Android 4.3 and up. Thus, if you have a brand-new Android device, like Google Nexus 5, you can't rely on this software.

itunes alternative android doubletwist

#3. Spotify

Spotify is renowned not just as a streaming service but also as a versatile platform for music management. It allows users to create and manage playlists, store music offline, and discover new music through its sophisticated recommendation engine. Spotify's compatibility across various devices makes it ideal for users who listen to music on multiple platforms, ensuring a consistent experience everywhere. Its user interface is both visually appealing and functional, enhancing the music listening experience.

itunes lternative ndroid spotify

#4. iSyncr

iSyncr tackles the challenge of syncing music and videos directly from iTunes to Android via WiFi or USB. It caters to users who prefer a direct link to their existing iTunes library without the need for a complex setup. iSyncr is particularly useful for those who want to maintain their carefully curated iTunes playlists and listen to them on an Android device. The app also includes features like playlist creation and podcast management, making it a comprehensive tool for iTunes users on Android.

itunes lternative android isyncr

#5. SyncMate

SyncMate extends its capability beyond typical media files to sync contacts, calendars, and even reminders between Mac and Android. Its versatility makes it a valuable tool for those who operate across these two platforms regularly. SyncMate ensures that all important data is up-to-date on both devices, simplifying the management of personal information and media files. It is particularly useful for professionals who rely on accurate and timely data synchronization.

itunes lternative android syncmate

#6. MediaMonkey

MediaMonkey is ideal for those who need advanced media management capabilities. It organizes music, movies, and even audiobooks in an easy-to-navigate interface, and includes features like auto-tagging, media conversion, and automatic file organization. MediaMonkey's ability to manage large libraries makes it particularly suitable for serious collectors and media enthusiasts who need more than just basic playback functionality.

itunes lternative android mediamonkey

#7. Musicolet Music Player

Musicolet is a no-nonsense music player designed for those who appreciate a lightweight, ad-free experience without sacrificing functionality. It supports multiple queues, an advanced equalizer, and lyrics display, all within an easy-to-use interface. Musicolet allows users to navigate their music collection by folders, which is great for those who prefer organizing their music in a file-based structure.

itunes lternative android musicolet

#8. Apple Music for Android

Apple Music for Android brings the vast Apple Music library, including more than 70 million songs, to Android devices. Users can stream their favorite music, integrate personal playlists, and explore curated playlists and radio stations. Apple Music's integration with the Android environment is seamless, offering features like offline listening and the ability to save songs directly to the device.

itunes lternative android apple music

#9. Samsung kies

Samsung kies created by Samsung, is a Samsung equivalent of iTunes. With its help, you can transfer and sync contacts, music, photos, videos and podcasts to and from your Samsung phone. It also allows you to transfer iTunes music to your Samsung device. However, If you're worried about data loss, you can use it to back up memos, S planner, call logs, messages, contacts, email accounts, videos, preferences and photos to your computer. In addition, if you just ditch your iPhone or BlackBerry phone and jump ship to a Samsung phones, you can use the Back up files of iPhone and BlackBerry phone to restore data to your Samsung phone.

alternatives to itunes for Android

Note: It's only available for Samsung phones and tablets. Besides, it fails to manage apps, messages and document files. Furthermore, it doesn't transfer smart playlists from iTunes.

#10. VLC for Android

VLC for Android is a highly versatile media player known for its ability to play a wide range of video and audio file formats. Its open-source nature and lack of ads make it a popular choice among Android users. VLC also supports advanced features like subtitle integration, network streaming, and playback speed control, catering to a wide audience from casual listeners to tech enthusiasts.

itunes lternative android vlc

Part 2. Table Comparison of iTunes Alternatives for Android

Here's a comparison of the top 10 iTunes alternatives for Android based on features, user interface, and functionality:

Software Pros Cons
Wondershare Dr.Fone Comprehensive toolset, intuitive UI Premium features at a cost
DoubleTwist Syncs with iTunes, supports AirPlay Limited advanced features
Spotify Large library, offline storage Monthly subscription fee
iSyncr Direct iTunes sync, supports WiFi & USB Limited to music and video
SyncMate Extensive sync options Mac-centric, may not appeal to all
MediaMonkey Advanced media management Complex for casual users
Musicolet No ads, multiple queues Lacks cloud or network streaming
Apple Music Integration with Apple ecosystem Requires subscription
Samsung Kies Tailored for Samsung devices Limited to Samsung devices
VLC for Android Highly versatile, supports many formats Interface not as intuitive as others

Part 3. FAQs

1. What is the best free iTunes alternative for Android?

VLC for Android and Musicolet Music Player are excellent free alternatives, offering robust functionalities without a subscription.

2. Can I sync my iTunes library to Android?

Yes, software like DoubleTwist, iSyncr and Wondershare Dr.Fone specialize in syncing iTunes libraries to Android devices.

3. Is there an iTunes alternative that supports device recovery?

Wondershare Dr.Fone is highly recommended for its device recovery features alongside media management.


Selecting the right iTunes alternative for Android depends on your specific needs, such as device compatibility, desired features, and usability. The alternatives listed provide a range of functionalities from basic media management to comprehensive system recovery tools. Whether you are deeply embedded in the Apple music ecosystem but use an Android device, or simply need a versatile media player, there is an option available for you. As media consumption continues to evolve, having the right tools can greatly enhance your experience. Consider your usage patterns and specific needs when choosing an iTunes alternative for Android, ensuring it aligns with your overall media management goals.

Choosing the best iTunes alternative for Android will significantly improve your experience in managing, enjoying, and syncing your media across different devices. Experiment with a few of these options to see which one best suits your personal preferences and needs.

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Alice MJ

Alice MJ

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