Everything You Want To Know About Restoring WhatsApp Data From iCloud

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WhatsApp has become the most preferred instant messaging app that allows us to chat with family, friends, and colleagues anytime and anywhere. if you have created a backup of WhatsApp data on iCloud, you can restore your WhatsApp data from iCloud backup. Restoring WhatsApp data from iCloud implies either you have accidentally deleted important WhatsApp chat on iPhone or bought a new device. Whatever your scenario is, this guide is for you. Continue reading to learn how to restore WhatsApp from iCloud to Android and much more.

Part 1: Detailed Guide to Restore Whatsapp from iCloud

As long as you’ve backed up your WhatsApp data to iCloud, you can restore it anytime. Whether it’s an old device or a new phone, you can restore your previously WhatsApp backed data from iCloud. Below is the step-by-step guide on how to restore Whatsapp backup from iCloud to Android/iPhone.

Step 1: To commence the process, you need to verify that there is a backup. To do that, launch your WhatsApp application and then navigate to the “Settings”>” Chats”>” Chat Backup”.

If there is no WhatsApp chat backup on iPhone found, then you have to create one first. To do so, open “WhatsApp”>” Settings”>” Chats”>” Chat Backup”>” Back Up Now” button. If the WhatsApp app is not linked to your iCloud, then you’ll be asked to log in to iCloud.

whatsapp backup

Step 2: If it’s a new phone, install the WhatsApp app. For your old device, uninstall the Whatsapp app and then reinstall it again.

Step 3: Verify your mobile number. Keep in mind that the mobile number for backup and restore should be the same.

Step 4: You’ll receive a prompt for restoring chat history. So, tap on the “Restore Chat History” to get your WhatsApp data from iCloud backup.

restore chat history

Part 2: Why Can't I Create or Restore an iCloud Backup?

There could be several reasons why you can’t create or restore an iCloud backup. No worries!! Read on to find out what could be the possible reason for WhatsApp won’t back up or restore.

In case if WhatsApp not backing up on iPhone, then ensure the below things:

  • Verify that you’re logged in with the Apple ID you used for iCloud access.
  • Ensure that iCloud Drive is enabled.
  • If you’ve enabled iCloud Drive, then update the software to iOS 9 or above to create a backup.
  • Ensure that you have enough space on your iCloud account for creating a backup. You must have at least 2.05 times the storage available in your iCloud account that your backup’s actual size.
  • Turn on cellular data for iCloud if you’re trying to backup using a cellular data network.
  • Try a manual backup by going to “Settings in WhatsApp”>” Chats”>” Chat Backup”>” Back Up Now”. And try the manual backup using a different network.

If you can’t restore a backup, then ensure the below things:

  • Ensure that you’re restoring data from the same mobile number and/or an iCloud account you used for the backup.
  • Ensure that you’ve enough space on your device to restore the backup.
  • If the backup was made using iCloud Drive, then you can restore the backup on an iDevice with iOS 9 or above.
  • Update software to iOS 9 or above if you’ve enabled iCloud Drive.
  • Try to restore from a different network.
  • Log out of iCloud and restart your device and then log back in to iCloud and try again to restore.

Part 3: How Do I Restore Whatsapp Backup From iCloud To Google Drive?

To restore WhatsApp backup from iCloud to Google Drive, you have to follow a specific process. You need to first restore WhatsApp from iCloud to iPhone, move restored WhatsApp data from iPhone to Android, and backup WhatsApp to Google Drive.

Of course, it is time-consuming and you won’t go through the hassle. Isn’t, it right? Well, we have good news for you.

With Dr. Fone-InClowdz by Wondershare, you can restore your WhatsApp from iCloud to Google Drive in just one click. The tool is specially designed to transfer data from one cloud to another with ease. You’ll be able to restore all folders and files from your iCloud to Google Drive service in no time. In short, it is an all-in-one solution to manage your clouds files in one place.

Here’s how to restore WhatsApp backup from iCloud to Google Drive using Dr. Fone-InClowdz:

Step 1: Get the software from its official website on your computer and log in to your account. However, click “Create an account” if you’re a new user.


Step 2: After the successful login, go to the “Migrate” tab.

Tap “Add Cloud Drive” and add the clouds you want to restore WhatsApp from and restore WhatsApp to. Then, follow on-screen instructions to authorized clouds.


Step 3: Tap the source cloud and choose the target files you like to transfer.


Step 4: Select the target folder you like to restore selected data to.


Step 5: Hit the “Migrate” button and in a while, selected data will be restored to the target cloud successfully.


Part 4: Fast Way to Transfer Whatsapp Data Between Phones Without Backup

The quickest way to transfer WhatsApp data between phones without backup is to take advantage of a third-party WhatsApp transfer program. Our top recommendation is Dr. Fone - WhatsApp Transfer. With the assistance of this tool, you can have a hassle-free WhatsApp data transfer between phones even if those working on different platforms. In other words, you can transfer from Android to iPhone or iPhone to Android in one simple click and with no need to create a backup.

Here’s how to transfer WhatsApp data between phones with the help of Dr. Fone - WhatsApp Transfer:

Step 1: Launch the program and select “WhatsApp Transfer”.


Step 2: Connect both of your devices to the computer with the help of digital cables. Let the software to detect your devices. Choose “WhatsApp” from the left bar and tap “Transfer WhatsApp Messages”.


Step 3: Ensure that the device you like to migrate WhatsApp data from is listed under “Source”. If not, then use “Flip” to correct the devices positioning and then hit “Transfer”.

In a while, WhatsApp data will be transferred to your new device.


The Bottom Line:

That’s all on how to restore WhatsApp backup from iCloud. If the whole thing is all about transferring your WhatsApp data from an old device to a new phone, simply use Dr. Fone - WhatsApp Transfer. The tool will help you get the job done without any hassle.

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