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Fix Samsung Odin Mode: Enter & Exit Guide, Troubleshooting, and FAQs

Jun 05, 2024 • Filed to: Mobile Repair Solutions • Proven solutions


Odin Mode can only be seen in Samsung devices and thus is known as Samsung Odin Mode. Odin is software used by Samsung to flash its devices and to introduce new and custom ROMs and firmware. Many users enter the Odin mode on their Samsung phones to flash it and others experience it accidentally and then look for solutions for how to exit Odin Mode. Odin Mode screen can be exited easily, but, if you encounter a problem such as Odin fail, i.e., if you are stuck at the Samsung Odin Mode Screen, you may need to consult the techniques explained in this article.

Odin fails issue occurs on a lot of Samsung devices, especially Samsung phones, and thus users are constantly on the lookout for its solutions. If you also see a Samsung Odin Mode screen on your phone and are unable to exit it, do not panic. It is a typical situation of an Odin fail error and we have all you need to know about this peculiar issue.

Before we move on to dealing with the Odin fail Issue, let us ponder over what exactly is a Samsung Odin Mode and the ways to come out of it in a hassle-free manner.

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Part 1: What is Odin Mode?

Samsung Odin Mode, better known as Download Mode, is a special boot procedure discovered in Samsung devices. Specifically for these smartphones, it is helpful while flashing firmware or introducing software updates. Odin Mode is associated with the Odin software, a dedicated tool installed on the computer for these purposes.

With the help of this software, you can effectively flash official software, recovery images, and other system files into the Samsung smartphone. This feature is effectively used for advanced users, including developers and technicians. When it comes to repairing Samsung devices, the Odin Mode turns out to be quite helpful in the process.

Though it carries risks, multiple issues are reported against using this service. If you face problems like a phone stuck in Odin Mode, the article will continue providing exquisite resolutions to all issues.

Part 2: How to enter or exit Odin Mode?

People getting introduced to the Odin Mode for the first time might need to understand how it operates. As an answer, this section presents a comprehensive set of steps explaining how to enter or exit the Samsung Odin Mode. Look into the steps below to understand the associated details of the process.

1. How To Enter Odin Mode?

For entering the Odin Mode, there are two different ways of executing the process. For that, we have processed the details below:

Way 1: Using the Combination of Physical Keys

The user can try getting into Odin Mode on their Samsung device using the physical keys. Follow the instructions below to figure out the type of Samsung smartphone you own and how it can be physically processed into Odin Mode:

  • For Devices With Home Button: Turn off your Samsung smartphone using the Power button. You then have to press and hold the "Volume Down," "Home," and "Power" buttons together until a blue-colored screen appears. Release hold of all buttons and press the "Volume Up" button once to enter Download Mode.

devices with home button

  • For Devices with Bixby Button: As you power off your device, hold the “Volume Down,” “Bixby,” and “Power” buttons to put the device in Odin Mode. As the blue screen appears, release all buttons and use the “Volume Up” button to enter the mode.

devices with bixby button

  • For Devices with Volume and Power Buttons: Being the latest Samsung devices, turn them off and continue to connect them to the computer. Hold the "Power" and "Volume Up" buttons to open the Android Recovery mode. Using your Volume keys, navigate to the "Reboot to bootloader" option and select it with the "Power" button. This will open Odin Mode on your Samsung smartphone.

devices with volume down and power

Way 2: Using the ADB Command

For the second technique, using the ADB command can be an effective way of putting your Samsung device in Odin Mode. To do that, connect your Samsung with a USB cable and install the ADB package on your computer. Proceed with the next steps to put your Samsung device in Odin Mode:

Step 1: Open the Command Prompt on your Windows computer and navigate into your device’s “adb” folder. Continue to type in “adb devices” as the command for ensuring the connection between the smartphone and computer.

connect adb with computer

Step 2: As you enable USB debugging on your Samsung through its “Settings,” continue to enter the “adb reboot download” command on your computer to boot the device into Odin or Download Mode.

provide adb command

2. How To Exit Odin Mode?

For exiting the Odin Mode on your Samsung smartphone, follow the simple process as guided next to exit the device according to the respective model:

  • For Samsung Devices with Home Button: Simply press the “Power” button until it restarts the device in a normal state.
  • For Samsung Devices With Bixby Button: Press and hold the “Volume Down" and “Power” button until the phone shuts off and reboots in a normal state.
  • For Samsung Devices With Volume and Power Button: You will have to press and hold the “Volume Down” and “Power” buttons for 7 seconds until the device restarts.

However, if these techniques do not help you come out of the Samsung Odin Mode and Odin fail error persists, you are advised to try the methods given in the other sections of this article, before you do that, it is necessary to take a complete back-up of your data, media and other files, stored in your Samsung device because making any changes to the firmware while fixing the problem could wipe off your data.

Backing up your data will prevent data loss and will provide blanket protection just in case you lose any data while fixing the Odin fail error.

Wondershare Dr.Fone comes as a great tool to back up your data with just a single click on your PC. You may try it for free and use all its features before purchasing the product. This software enables you to back up and restores all types of data such as photos, videos, contacts, audio files, apps, documents, notes, memos, calendars, call logs, and much more.

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Part 3: How to Get Out of Odin Mode with One Click

While the methods above should reset your phone back to its original working condition, sometimes your Odin fail will persist, and you’ll find yourself stuck in Download Mode. If this is the case, there’s a solution you can use known as Dr.Fone Android System Repair Tool.

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Dr.Fone - System Repair (Android)

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This is easily one of the best solutions available.

To help you get started, here’s a step-by-step to how you can get set up and running when repairing your Samsung phone (stuck in Samsung Odin mode).

Note: Please note that running this one-click solution might erase all the data on your device, including your files. Always make sure you’re backing up your device beforehand.

Step #1: Launch Dr.Fone and select the "System Repair" option from the main menu.

get samsung out of odin mode by android repair

Connect your Samsung device using the official cable and select the ‘Android’ option from the two boxes and click "Start".

connect device

Step #2: On the next screen, check your device information to make sure you’re repairing the correct firmware version, then click on the Next button.

fix Samsung Odin mode by confirming the device info

Step #3: Follow the onscreen instructions. As your device is already in Download mode, you will need to click through the menu options until you the firmware starts downloading. After downloading the appropriate firmware, your Samsung device will start repairing itself, and your phone will be back to its original working condition.

fix Samsung Odin mode in download mode
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Part 4: Fix Odin mode downloading, do not turn off target

Getting out of Samsung Odin Mode or combatting Odin fail error might be an easy task until you see a message saying “…downloading, do not turn off target..” When you pass the volume up button.

samsung odin mode-samsung odin mode

In such a case, you can follow some provocative solutions that can help you fix the Odin fail issue. Below are three prominent options that you can go with for resolving the Odin Mode downloading problems.

1. How to fix Odin mode downloading without using firmware?

Fix 1: Remove The Battery Of the Samsung Smartphone

If you are confused about how to exit Odin Mode from your Samsung smartphone, the best way is to remove its battery from the device. If you have an older model of Samsung, there is always an option of opening the back of your smartphone. Remove the battery from the space and re-insert it after a few seconds. Once you restart your Samsung smartphone, the device will be in a normal state.

remove samsung battery

Fix 2: Wait For the Battery To Drain Out

For those who own a newer Samsung smartphone, they do not have the option of removing the battery of the device. Since it is permanently attached to the device, you can only wait for the battery to drain out. After it drains out, you can easily charge and use the device normally.

wait for battery to drain

2. How to fix Odin mode downloading using the Odin Flash tool?

The above fixes provided have their respective implications of damaging the device. If you are not comfortable damaging your device, you can utilize the Odin Tool for flashing the firmware. Although the process takes time to execute, it will surely get you out of the state of the phone stuck in Odin Mode. Follow the steps below carefully to know how to use Odin Tool for flashing the firmware:

Step 1: Download a suitable firmware, driver software, and Odin flashing tool. Once done, right-click on the downloaded Odin file to select “Run as Administrator”.

samsung odin mode-download odin flash tool

samsung odin mode-run as administrator

Step 2: With the methods provided in the parts above, you have to put your Samsung in Download Mode. Once it is done, connect it to a computer using a USB cable. The Odin Tool automatically detects the connected device and displays the message showing the command "Added".

samsung odin mode-add firmware file

Step 3: Select the “AP” or “PDA” as per the availability of the software and browse the downloaded Samsung firmware. Once done, click “Start” on the bottom to start the process. The firmware will be flashed on Samsung and will operate as a normal device for a while.

samsung odin mode-start

Part 5: Fix Odin flash stock failed issue.

Have you been trying to flash the firmware using the Odin Flash tool? When you are using Odin software to flash your Samsung phone but the process is interrupted or does not complete successfully, here is what you can do:

To start with, visit “Settings” and select “Security”. Then find the option “Reactivation Lock” and deselect it.

samsung odin mode-turn off reactivation lock

Finally, once this is done, go back to Odin Mode and try to flash the Stock ROM/firmware again. Easy, isn't it?

Part 6: FAQs About Odin Mode

  1. Can Odin destroy the Samsung phone?

Odin Mode does not destroy the Samsung smartphone in particular. Although it is used to resolve some hefty issues with a smartphone, it can surely damage a device if it is not dealt with properly. Always assert great care on the device’s functionality.

  1. Did Odin do anything bad?

Odin Mode is still a part of Samsung smartphones and is prominently used by software developers who are seeking to flash the firmware of their devices.

  1. Is Odin actually good?

Yes, it can be exceptionally great for devices that are facing software issues and require a quick flash of new firmware. Odin Mode can be used for all Samsung devices without any difficulty.

  1. How to exit Odin mode without a Power button?

If you wish to exit the Odin Mode without the Power button of your Samsung, you will have to wait for its battery to drain out. If you can remove its back, try removing the battery from the device to turn it off.

  1. Can I factory reset using Odin?

Odin Mode serves as the bootloader for the Samsung smartphone. It is not used for factory resetting the device, but it serves the purpose of flashing new firmware on the device.


Samsung Odin Mode, also called Download Mode can be entered and exited with ease. However, if you face issue while coming out of it, the methods given above will teach you how to exit Odin mode safely. Odin fail is not a serious error and can be resolved by you by carefully following the tips and tricks explained in this article. These methods are known to solve the problem without damaging the phone’s software or hardware. So go ahead and try them now.

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