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Is it Possible to Unlock Apple Watch iCloud? How to Unlock?


Apr 17, 2023 • Filed to: Remove Screen Lock • Proven solutions

Activation Lock is considered one of the most protective layers of any Apple device that keeps it off the hands of any user who would misuse your data. While ensuring the protection of all the data of your device, it offers a unique set of security-enhanced environment that helps you manage all your data over a single identification protocol. This identification protocol interconnects all the Apple devices with each other. Such an example can be taken from the Apple Watch that interconnects its structure with your Apple devices that are operating under a similar Apple ID. Under such circumstances where you accidentally lock your Apple Watch iCloud, several techniques can be adapted to cover the issue efficiently. To regain your access to the iCloud of your Apple Watch along with the data it holds, this article provides you with a set of instructions that can be implemented to unlock the Apple Watch with ease.

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Part 1. About iCloud activation lock on Apple Watch

Apple presented a unique security system with a single identification tool to operate with. The Activation Lock is considered as the core of the complete system under which the associated devices function. Major Apple connections, including iCloud, iTunes, and other identification-oriented features, require the basic Activation Lock. Furthermore, this system is not restricted to smartphones and tablets but leads onto other Apple Devices such as the Apple Watch. The Find My service presented by Apple is taken further with the Activation Lock. This not only protects the data and the attached applications but prevents the devices from being wiped out and re-sold to the black market. Hence, if any user intends to change the settings of the Apple device without having it disconnected from the previous Apple ID, it is far more than impossible to be executed successfully. Activation Lock ensures that all the data present on your device is typically protected and kept safe from nefarious hands. Apple Watch operates over the similar Apple ID that you have used across other devices, making its recovery and removal quite similar to the conventional methods that are adopted by people throughout the market.

Part 2. Can you unlock an Apple Watch that is iCloud locked?

Under such circumstances where you get an Apple Watch that is typically locked and requires a primary identification to function, it is important to understand the dynamics of having an Apple Watch unlocked. Several scenarios are involved while understanding the procedure of unlocking an Apple device. In such cases where you have bought a used Apple Watch from another owner, there are high chances that the device would still be connected to the previous Apple ID. This simply should be covered through contacting the previous owner and obtaining their iCloud’s Account and Password for activation. No other method would guide you in bypassing the iCloud credentials. Following another case where you own the Apple Watch and have an original receipt of the purchase, the issue can be solved by contacting Apple Support or going to your nearest Apple Store to get the work done.

Part 3. How to unlock Apple Watch iCloud if you're the owner?

The Find My service proclaimed by Apple is a very special service that keeps extra protection from illegal or unnecessary use of the device if they are lost or stolen. Apple Watch iCloud can be bypassed only through the original credentials of the account. To keep your device secure, you may consider using the Find My service and Activation Lock that can only be catered through watchOS 2 or later, which gets automatically synchronized and activated over pairing an iPhone that has an activated security service. The Activation Lock is quite important in several cases, where it requires the owner to unlock several Apple Watch features, which includes:

  • Unpairing, the Apple Watch from the Apple device, was previously connected.
  • Pairing the watch with a new Apple device.
  • Turning off the Find My services on the device.

The presence of Activation Lock ensures a chance that you can recover the device over losing it. The only thing that holds this pillar is the Activation Lock and the associated Apple ID and Password that allows you to surpass the Apple Watch iCloud with ease. You should also keep this mind that in cases where the user intends to sell the Apple Watch or give it away for service, it is necessary to turn off the Activation Lock by following a set of various steps, which are described as follows.

Step 1: You need to keep your Apple Watch and the connected device close together and access the Apple Watch App on the device.

Step 2: Tap on the “My Watch” tab and access your name on the screen that opens next. Tap on the “Info” button to open up a series of different options.

Step 3: Select "Unpair Apple Watch," followed by the option of "Remove [Carrier] Plan" for cellular models of Apple Watch. Provide your Apple ID password for the confirmation of the process and execute it successfully.

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In such cases where you are unable to access your Apple Device or Apple Watch through the above mechanism, you need to cover it by turning off the Activation Lock as declared below:

  • Open iCloud.com on your desktop and log in with your Apple ID.
  • Access “Find My iPhone” and tap on “All Devices” to open up the list of connected devices with the Apple ID.
  • Tap on “Apple Watch” and erase it by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Select the “Remove” button to erase the device from the Activation Lock permanently.
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Part 4. How to unlock Apple iPhone iCloud by removing Apple ID

Apart from focusing on these conventional techniques that would allow you to remove Apple iPhone iCloud from a certain device, the article presents you with the simplest techniques that can effectively cover all your requirements through unique protocols and mechanisms. Third-party dedicated unlocking tools are considered quite efficient in providing services for removing the Apple ID of an Apple device through certain means. While understanding the saturation that is present in the market, this article presents you with a very proficient tool under the name of Dr. Fone – Screen Unlock (iOS) that attenuates an impressive structure with the ability to recover your device from different scenarios with ease. Several reasons make Dr.Fone a first-rate choice for unlocking Apple iCloud, which are:

  • It is a very simple and easy-to-use platform with no requirements for technical skills.
  • Unlocks all kinds of Apple devices whose passwords are forgotten.
  • Protects the Apple device from the disabled state.
  • It does not require any typical iTunes to unlock.
  • Compatible across all models of iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
  • Works across the latest iOS.
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The following demonstration explains the operation of Dr. Fone that would guide you in unlocking an Apple Account with ease.

Step 1: Connect Apple Device and Launch

Initially, you are advised to connect your device with the computer and launch the respective platform on the desktop. Select the "Screen Unlock" tool from the home window and proceed.

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Step 2: Select Appropriate Option

You need to select the option of “Unlock Apple ID” from the list of given options on the next screen.

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Step 3: Access your Apple Device

As you open up your Apple device, you will observe a prompt demanding the user to trust the computer. As soon as you are done with trusting the computer, you can now easily access the Settings of the device.

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Step 4: Reboot the Device

Open the Settings of your device and proceed in the menus to reboot it. As you initiate the reboot, the platform automatically detects it and initiates the process of removing the Apple ID from the device. As the platform concludes the process, it provides a prompt on the desktop screen showing the successful execution of the procedure.



The article has focused on providing an efficient guide explaining the dynamics of using an Apple Watch, following its connection with other devices. Various methods can be adapted to unlock a specific Apple Watch iCloud that is either owned by your or another user. To get a more in-depth knowledge of the mechanisms that are involved, you need to go over the guide in detail and inherit all the appropriate knowledge that would help in catering to the issues involving your locked Apple Watch.

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