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Sending Free Text or SMS Messages Online or from Computer

James Davis

Jul 12, 2024 • Filed to: Manage Device Data • Proven solutions

Mobile users all over the world are obsessed with text message sending. It is a phenomenon that is followed by every person who is using the mobile phone. Sending text message is fast, easy and reliable. Above all it takes little time and saves the cost of the users. In this tutorial the best ways of sending text messages using the online terminology is discussed. It also lets the user know that there are certainly free ways to communicate with others. Sending text message has been taken to be next level with the help of the sites and the ways that are discussed here. The user is also advised to follow the tutorial in case there is no alternate way to communicate with the others.

Part 1: Top ways to send SMS free of charge all over the world

There are ways which can be used to send SMS to mobile users all over the world. The top 4 ways that are discussed here are the ones the usage of which is close to none. The user can apply the terminology to get the work done with ease and satisfaction:

1. Text through Email

There are certain domains that are provided by the telecom companies to every subscriber. Some of them are listed as follows:

  • • Alltel: @message.alltel.com (or @mms.alltelwireless.com for picture messages)
  • • AT&T: @text.att.net
  • • Sprint: @messaging.sprintpcs.com
  • • T-Mobile: @tmomail.net
  • • Verizon: @vtext.com (or @vzwpix.com for photos and video)

For instance the target number is 1234567890 and the number belongs to Alltel then the email address would be 1234567890@message.alltel.com. The screenshot that has been pasted as follows gets a better idea to the user:

Send free SMS from Computer

2. Text through the carrier website

Some of the telecom companies provide this facility to the users. The users therefore need to ensure that this is availed to get the work done. For instance the national SMS service has been introduced by the AT&T mobile company. It can be used to send the SMS free of charge. On the other hand it also ensures that the text message is sent for sure as it is considered as on-net message:

Send free SMS from Computer

3. The iMessage App

This app that has been developed by the Apple Inc is the one that is not just for the iPhones. The user can utilize the app and can send SMS to any friend. The only things that are required are Mac book pro and internet connection. The picture below gets the full idea to the user with ease and satisfaction:

Send free SMS from Computer

4. Google Voice

Backed by the Google this service ensures that the user gets a step ahead of others. Using this service the user can get their voice to any other user who is on this service. The text tab is to be pressed on the main interface and there you go. The text message will be sent to the Gmail ID or the phone number that has been mentioned by the user in the bar:

Send free SMS from Computer

Part 2: Sites to send free SMS

Below are some of the sites that can be used to send free SMS all over the world with ease and satisfaction:

1. Yakedi


It is an SMS service that is free of charge and can send text messages to more than 100 countries worldwide. The traffic and the site users are high and therefore it has been ranked as one of the top SMS sending sites of the world. The pros include the 160 characters in full, same phone number shown to be recipient, no advertisement at all, spam free and 100% secure and safe. The only issue with the service is that the user need to go through a relatively lengthy process to send the text message. For some users it might be frustrating:

Send free SMS from Computer



Yet another website that can be used to send free SMS to the number user wants to. They never store or pass the information to any other person. On the other hand the messages that are sent are ad free and site also provides a free phone book as well. The delivery time is the fastest as it has been tested to deliver SMS within 5 seconds. The website also provides a facility that can be used to schedule the SMS that are to be sent. The personalization of the idea is what belongs to this website and therefore it is used by many all over the world.

Send free SMS from Computer

3. SMS Fun


It is more of a social media network. The user ensures that the overall processing of the SMS  is done in a manner that is fastest. Joining this site also means that the user can interact with the people with ease. It is a site that has all the facilities that are required by the users loving text messages. On the other hand it is also one of the best and most advanced website that has a user friendly interface. It actually aids the process of SMS sending and therefore it is ranked as the best among the list presented here.

Send free SMS from Computer

4. Text4free


For the South Asian users this service is a boon and therefore it can be used to deliver the messages free of charge. It is a website that has featured almost every Indian and Pakistani telecom company. This is also of the sites that have made the process too easy. If a user is looking for a fast and reliable messaging service then this program is a boon and therefore it is to be used to get the best outcome without any delay. The site hates spam and therefore the data is never compromised. The user need not to worry about the number being forwarded to ad agencies.

Send free SMS from Computer

James Davis

James Davis

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