Top Websites and Apps to Send Anonymous Text Message

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Do you want to prank you friends by sending them anonymous messages? Well, you are in the right place. Sending an anonymous SMS is a brilliant prank idea that will leave your friends guessing who you really are. In the Internet today, you can find a lot of websites that will provide you with free text message services. However, it is only a small number of these websites that will allow you to send anonymous text message and without any registration whatsoever.

Even though your identity will not be disclosed when you send a message to somebody, be warned not to use such opportunity to send anonymous text that are meant to insult or emotionally hurt a person. You will sure be traced using the IP address of your device. Remember use of anonymous SMS is meant for fun, just to prank your friends and to contribute to a discussion without disclosing your identity.

Top 4 websites

Below are top five websites that will allow you to send anonymous text message with no disclosure of your identity.


The website is one of the best website that allows you to hide your identity while sending a message. This website allows you to send a text message of up to 160 words. The url to this site is



  • • The message service of this website is very fast
  • • You can also check the delivery reports of the text messages that you have sent using this website.
  • • No ads will be added to your message


  • • The main disadvantage of this website is that its SMS services are only available for Indian Mobile numbers. You cannot send a message to any other number that is not Indian.

Top 5 websites to send anonymous text messages


This is yet another website that you can use to send an anonymous text. Just like, this website also allows you to send a 160 word text message.



  • • You can send anonymous messages all over the world. This is the only website that allows you to send anonymous messages to any part of the world.
  • • Its SMS services are free.
  • • You can send one message to several numbers at the same time
  • • It has a dynamic messaging option that will allow you to send different messages to different contacts
  • • You can also choose to display your registered business name while sending the message.


  • • Some countries may not allow the display of senders ID
  • • Sometimes you may be required to give out some documents before your Sender ID is approved.

top 5 apps to send anonymous text messages

3: Bollywoodmotion

Here is another amazing free SMS website that you can use to send an anonymous message. This one is almost the best of all websites as it gives room for you to write up to 500 word (other characters included) text message.



  • • The message you send will be delivered in real time.
  • • You can send along message of up to 500 words per SMS
  • • It is free to send the message
  • • No ads will be included in your message.


  • • This service can only be used by Indian mobile numbers

apps to send anonymous text messages


You can also send anonymous SMS text messages to prank friend or to comment on something using


It has a capacity of 140 characters only


  • • It services are fast
  • • You can send free SMS messages
  • • You can access SMS marketing.


  • • The only disadvantage with this website is that it allows you to send only one SMS on a number per day, that is, within a 24 hour period.

websites to send anonymous text messages

Top 13 best Text Message Apps for Android Devices

Top 5 apps

You no longer have to worry about being spied through the messages that you sent.

There are also several apps that can be used to send anonymous text messages. These apps allow you to send and receive texts, videos, images and any other kind of data that you may want to send.

Here are the top 5 apps that you can use to text without disclosing your identity.

1: Snapchat

Snapchat is a free messenger app that offers you to send an SMS or any other kind of message with no display of your name or identity. The recipient will not be able to know who has texted them.

It has a capacity of 140 characters only



  • • you can send and receive anonymous texts
  • • The sent messages will not be traced after some time.


  • • It only works on android devices

Top 10 apps to send anonymous text messages

2: Mustache Anonymous Texting

It is now easy to make a lighthearted joke by sending an anonymous text to a friend. This is true with the use of Mustache Anonymous Texting app. This app allows you to send and receive anonymous texts. Your identity will be completely hidden from whoever you sent the message to.



  • • It works very well on tablets without sim cards
  • • It is completely anonymous
  • • It cannot be trace at all


  • • It only gives you 5 free texts then you pay credit after that

Top 10 websites to send anonymous text messages

3: Burble

This is an anonymous app that lets you to send a message to anybody. This app will also not display your identity to the recipients of your message.



  • • Secure. It is completely anonymous
  • • It is Faster
  • • It is free


  • • It can be used for mischief, for example being threatened by unknown persons.

apps end anonymous text messages

4: Yik Yak

Have you ever wondered about what is going on in the minds of the people around you? If only there was a way to know! Thankfully, there is a messaging app which now makes it possible to see what other people may be thinking -- since they can share their thoughts anonymously.

iTunes Store:
Google Play:

Advantages of Yik Yak

  • • It combines the capabilities of GPS and text messages, to ensure only the people in proximity can see your "Yaks."
  • • It has "Upvote" and "Downvote" buttons, hence you get to see only the most interesting posts shared. This keeps things interesting.
  • • It is completely anonymous, hence you can share your message without fear of being discovered.

Disadvantages of Yik Yak

  • • It has an obnoxious potential to be used by cyber bullies.
  • • Sometimes its user accounts have been compromised by attackers who had the expertise in gaining access through its security layers.

send anonymous text messages apps

5: Whisper

This is another app that you can use to send and receive text with a lot of privacy. No one can know who you really are unless you choose to tell them!



  • • Text without displaying your identity
  • • Your messages remain private as even the app owners cannot access it
  • • You will not be disturbed by ads


  • • Its services are a bit slow

send anonymous text messages websites

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